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What would you do

Old 08-19-2006, 09:21 AM
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Default Re: What would you do

My question is-- Does anybody really know how he drove it on his first trip out. Maybe he aired the boat out and over revved the motor and that caused the breakage. I would have a tough time paying for anything here, especially since it is a high performance boat/engine.
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Old 08-19-2006, 09:21 AM
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Default Re: What would you do

Even though this was your private boat, you are now a dealer and a bad reputation (founded or unfounded) is a very bad thing. I would split the costs if possible. You owe him nothing, but you could lose future business at your dealership if this person takes a stand and throws your good name under the bus.
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Default Re: What would you do

I'd help. don't know if I would go 100% but probably parts and leave labor to him.

If you look the tread I started for me

I'm actually trying to get the previous owner to help me. Since I've owned the boat, trouble. open engines... not even the engine advertise... 365 sick engines instead of healthy 420. I don't think he's gonna pay for new 420's, but at least help a little bit since I only had problem with smaller engine than advertise.

Good luck!

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Default Re: What would you do

did he sign anything at time of sale " sold as is no warranty "
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Default Re: What would you do

I'm sure to the buyer it may look suspicious. Now, if you give him $1000.00, is this an admission of guilt on your part?? If you felt good about selling a trouble free boat and feel bad for the guy, I don't think $1000.00 is a big price to pay, and definately a sign of good faith.

If this has been a friendly negotiation, and you make it clear that you had the intention of selling it knowing there was no problems, then give him the money.

If the sea trial was acceptable it is your right to say sorry, I have no control over what happened once it left my posession.

It's up to you.
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Default Re: What would you do

If you sold the boat for "all the money" pick up 50% of the repair bill. If you sold the boat cheap, tell the guy he got a deal on it and the problem is all his.

Since the boat was used and 10 years old (think it was a 96) and the fact it was your personal boat you shouldn't feel that your reputation is on the line. Dealer's probably get more bad deals than they sell. How many people have traded a car, truck or boat because something was wrong with it or soon to be wrong with it?
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Default Re: What would you do

I know Mark,and he loved that boat,and he takes care of his stuff.I also know that he is a Gentleman and a man of his word.The guy bought a performance boat with over 400 hrs on it,was informed of its condition,wet tested,etc,its his baby,thats the chance you take when you buy used. I bought a used Top Gun with Vor Techs on it,took a huge risk,so far so good,I love it. But I also took my Mechanic with me,twice,leak down and many other tests done before the deal was made. If it was me,I would offer some help,but I would suggest the new owner agree to sign an agreement that the offer to help at agreed amt is final,if he *****es after that,Mark has a good faith agreement they both signed,back to business as usual.1000 sounds right to me,he ran the boat after the problem arose,big mistake,most of us know better than that.
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Default Re: What would you do

All good comments. Thanks for keeping this infomative and positive even if you dont agree with everyone else

Just some clarification

1) boat was a 1998
2) Boat had 600 hours on it (420 hours was the rebuild) Customer knew the boat date of rebuild. He was given name and number of mechanic that did the work
3) Boat ran flawless even on sea trial
4) Buyer and girlfriend are good people and he is not demanding anything just indicating i should be responsible for the damage
5) Had this been shut down immediately the whole job would have cost maybe $1000
6) I have "as is contract signed"
7)Guy has never owned a performance boat before
8) Boat had survey done but not mechanical
9) Motors are Merc 600 SC's
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Default Re: What would you do

The motors came apart in my Top Gun right after I bought it..Never thought to call the previous owner....I do think his engine builder is an incompetent POS tho.....

How long should you warranty a "As Is" boat ?....1 trip ?..2 ?...5 ?....
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Default Re: What would you do

When I bought my boat I blew the drive big time the second I owned it. What are you going to do! It's the nature of the beast. If they said they would give me a grand towards repair I would of been very grateful. Again every ones different. Good Luck
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