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Fixing something that may not be broken

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Default Re: Fixing something that may not be broken


I don't disagree considering where you are from.I too enjoy using my boat in non Poker Run events.
But here we have a 14 week season if no rain which you can count on for 3 f the weekends to use our 750,000 toy.I can't wait or won't wait to ship my drives or whatever out of town to get fixed. We rely on two shops basically and one more than the other to get back on the water asap. These shops rely on repairing stuff that breaks during Poker Runs where people push that little bit harder than if just cruisin. Without this business they would not be able to keep the specialized people who have chosen to work on hot boats nor could they afford to stock the parts that ensure quick turnaround for poor slobs like me that bust things periodically.
I enter poker runs for the comraderie since other than MY WAY and two OUTERLIMITS there is no one to race anyway even if I had the interest which I don't.
My perfect weekend , poker run or not includes NO REPAIR BILL.
Your extended season changes the whole picture economically.
I go back to my other comment re insurance affordability.
I get to use my boat up here 45 hours a season. My insurance is 24000 per year. At 533.00 an hour just for insurance I consider insurance a significant cost. Totally different if I got 150 hours of use.
Not arguing with you Just different conditions. Won't like it much if I were to lose the folks that support me namely no insurance availability or a shop to fix my toy.
Anyways going to the last Poker Run of our season maybe I'll
blow something up and help support those that support me!
Enjoyed the chat be well.

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Default Re: Fixing something that may not be broken


I win the STUPID contest.... I have been racing Offshore one and off since 1992, Super V Light, Super Cat, Super V.

I appreciate your math about the cost, I stopped looking at that around 5 years ago and I was able to get off my PREVICID medication for heartburn.

My wish for you is that you get 2 more boats to beat up on, if I were in your situation I am not sure I would be as dedicated.

You ROCK !.
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