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What do you guys think about this?

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Default Re: What do you guys think about this?

respond back to him using his grammar:

I have all my money, he have all my boat!

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Default Re: What do you guys think about this?

what about a wire transfer is that a 100% sercure ?
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Default Re: What do you guys think about this?

Originally Posted by IDRPSTF
Simple, you get an out of US cashiers sheck. You put it in your bank and they say its good (BS and the bank actually has 0 liabuility later). You pay out the money for the shipper. The boat sits... and sits...and sits... and you wonder WTF is going on. Your bank calls you after about a week or two and says they have bad news. You first show shock, yell at the bank, threatin to go after them in court, they have you talk to a manager, you realize they passed the buck and you have no recourse, you end up having to explain to your wife that you not only have not sold the boat, but you gave away $7500.00 and now need to pay storage fee's on the boat before it gets leen sold. Your wife realizes that a bunch of scammers have taken advantage of the man she once loved and respected, she packs up the kids and heads to her mothers, you fall into a deep depression, your boss fires you for not concentrating at work, your wife finds out and files papers, you try to find someone new but with no money, no job and no boat (leen sale) the best you can do is an abused single mother of 3 with a bad smoking habit and an affection for latex you try to redeem yourself with a hooker, you cant perform, you take 6 viagra and seven shots of whiskey and pass out on the local railway tracks, you awake just in time to see the train coming but cannot roll out of the way due to the viagra kicking in. We on OSO set up a fund for you that ends up going to your wife that has sence remarried a guy who sold his boat through a broker and didnt get scammed.
Its an old story, dont let it happen to you! Im just sayin!
HAHAHAHA! Wow! What a sad turn of events!
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Default Re: What do you guys think about this?

Seriously respond and tell him to suck you nut

I hate scamers
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Default Re: What do you guys think about this?

tell him to send you the check as well as a copy of his passport then just turn it over to local authorities. i had a guy try this with a car i was selling and my local police actually went as far as following it all the way to his country's auth's...dont know what happened after that

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Default Re: What do you guys think about this?

"Mr. Know it all" is completely wrong in his assumption. As your wife gets half of your property after the divorce and your lawyers get the other half because you tried to sue the scumbag (which means you lose much more to the lawyers than to the scumbag, ooops, how comes ???? ) you will have no money left at all neither for the hooker nor for the six-pack-viagra. Only because of that you will lay down on the railway track. As there are still open bills left the judge will decide that the OSO fund will not go to your children but to your lawyers as they have nine children, three old and sick mothers and a bunch of young dogs to feed - according to the statements of the lawyers.
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Default Re: What do you guys think about this?

Actually you WILL get a check, and it WILL clear, and then about 45 days after it clears you will get a knock on the door from a US Marshall.

This is an insurance scam, these guys have someone on the inside of an insurance company and when that company starts to cut a check they intercept it, reprint a check, and send it to you. Once it clears they HOUND you for the money you now "owe" them, so you send it, thinking all is good, and then the marshal’s show up.

Had a client do this, they got a comparable e-mail, I was the eternal doubter, told them "just get the check, it will never come". Well, then it did, I said "well, just deposit it, it will bounce", I called my banker buddy and told him what was up and he did a "demand payment" on the check, the insurance company authorized the check with no questions ask, $499,750 BAM!!!

So then they started with the phone calls, screaming for the money, louder and louder, I immediately called the US Marshals and ask them to step in (at this point I had told a client to help laundry half a million bucks, so I was freaking HARD).

He explained the scam in detail, how it worked, what questions to ask the issuing bank, all that stuff.... money went to the right place after all....

The insurance company was paying off on a claim for an airplane that was destroyed in a tornado....

Remember, just because you may not understand the scam, does not mean it is not a scam..... the crooks are smart, and if you can't believe they can come up with a slicker program than you can understand, then you are ripe for the picking…
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