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active thunder vs. outerlimits

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Default Re: active thunder vs. outerlimits

Yes, Cosmic12, that is my point. Single step AT (or the earlier OL) is not a bad thing, on the contrary, a good thing.
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Default Re: active thunder vs. outerlimits

Originally Posted by carcrash

Early stepped hulls (used to be called hydroplanes) sometimes had as many steps as OLs, and were called shingled hulls. They sucked severely. They porpoised, bucked, spun. Kinda like OLs today. The ones that worked best had one step.
Remember the 36 Apaches made around 1990 with the forward facing step? What was the purpose of that?
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Default Re: active thunder vs. outerlimits

Originally Posted by Sydwayz
That boat is for sale right here, but I know of at least one OSO'er who on it like stink on tuna.


i know this boat very well. has been at my shop for viewing. and now reside at my friends house in hewlett. theres a couple of guys coming to see it this week.

get this he's willing to take a trade.

so if your looking ,,,, look no more.
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Default Re: active thunder vs. outerlimits

Exactly Like Nothing Else..
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Re: active thunder vs. outerlimits

You are a car CRASH I was at that race and it was rough they were in first overall. I think it was one of John's 1st races. T he water was rough day before also a 42 fountain spun out in the same area a friend of mine who had twin 1000's in it. Thats a rough area one out of the last 3 races were canceled there. I like wording IT'S A PLANING HULL NO SH#T IF WAS SHIP IT WOULD BE A DISPLACEMENT HULL ps bass boats are planing hulls too.
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Default Re: active thunder vs. outerlimits

Car crash,

lets start by clearing one thing up, The video you put up of the AMF boat spinning was clearly the fact they went to hot into the corner in a very rough water race. As admitted in the original thread about a year ago by the driver.

I was the owner of the boat prior to it being turned into a race boat powered by turbine power, and I can tell you that it never handled funny, never chine walked, and certainly nerver spun out. WE completed over a dozen poker runs in all types of water, and never had any problems.

Second of all, if you are such the expert on boat design, give us your credentials, let us know how many boats you have designed. You base your opinion of a hull design based upon kilo speeds? I guess that we should rush out to buy the fountain because it is superior to everybody else in a kilo run!!! But you are missing the point, their kilo boat is a potatoe chip built for one purpose straight line in a kilo. Our kilo boat (XXX) was a production boat, with full interior, and ran 20 poker runs with no major problems (until the 1550 sterlings finaly let go with 300 hours on them)

Ask anybody in attendance at this years chicago poker run if the 47 gtx was a poorly designed boat? It ran circles around everyone else in the monster water and did it quite comfortably.

Did you notice when the turbine AMF spun out that it stayed upright and the drives and all hardware were still there? That spun occured at over 95 mph. How many poorly built boats would have sunk due to the hole left in the transom from the drives being ripped off?

You have no clue on what you are talking about. The outerlimits' steps are placed for purpose and function, most boat builders place them wherever they think they look the best with no concept of how they are supposed to perform.

I have had enough seat time in every model outerlimits they have built, and can assure all who doubt that they are fast, dry, stable, and chew up rough water better than anything out there.

Show us your credentials in hydrodynamics and we may believe you, but judging from your 23 posts you are new here and are looking to ruffle some feathers.
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Default Re: active thunder vs. outerlimits

Once agian a terrible comparison of two completley different boats. OL, no comparison!
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Default Re: active thunder vs. outerlimits

Ok, so getting back to the subject...I took a ride some years ago on a 37 AT with Pat at the helm. At that point I owned one of his 28 non stepped hulls. I was so impressed with the ride, I decided right then and there that the 37 AT was my next boat.

Well, almost 3 years later I was given the opportunity to purchase the first 33 AVH hull. I had no doubt that Harry Schoell's design would be perfect on the 33. I now own the first 33 AVH AT produced. As I thought, Harry nailed it.

My first real experience with the boat was in VA, during the Jamm'n on the James poker run this July. I had Pat's experience along with the Jay Ross' for the entire run. Needless to say, the grins from the entire crew, were from ear to ear.

Nuff said.
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Default Re: active thunder vs. outerlimits

Personally, I like all the A/T.(but that's just me) On the other hand I find this thread to be completely humorous,(sorry for laughter) but carcrash you realize you are trying to convince people that have spent a half a million dollars or more on a product that you are saying is flawed. What did you think they would say. This is some funny S***
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Default Re: active thunder vs. outerlimits

It just baffels me that these things get so far off the orignal subject that the poor guy that starts it never gets his question answered
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