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the bill

Old 10-11-2006, 09:30 AM
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Default Re: the bill

The only annual expense I know each and every year is my federal income tax return is used for gas and it isn't enough.

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Default Re: the bill

Let's just say I didn't have any lunch money this summer!
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Default Re: the bill

I feel much better amongst my peers, (not counting Wrink )
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Default Re: the bill

I know what you mean about the 'bill'. I did this a couple of years ago and about had a heart-attack.

You guys are going to laugh... I kind of found a way around it last year when my better half pointed out how much fun she though it would be to try going out on a catamaran (sailing) after she saw a couple of guys all hiked out on the trapezes of some beachcat. Agreeing with her, I thought about it later and decided to see what one costs. After seeing they cost peanuts, I decided to say WTF... why not. I never considered myself a sailing kind of guy (and I still wont get on a monoslug!), but I have to say I've learned a lot and we have had a blast with the little cat! It's just so much fun to hang out on the wire on those things! Anyway, the big boat hasn't been in the water once this year and frankly we've had the time of our life on the beachcat. Is it the same as ripping around on the big cat? No. Do I think anyone on this site would 'convert'? No. Is it as much fun as being out on the big boat? Yes, but in a different way...

Oh yeah, total cost of boating this year for us has been <$100... and most of that has been for fuel in the car (yes car) dragging the beachcat to different distance races.
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Default Re: the bill

I'm not laughing now but I'm sure lot's of people laughed at you this summer as they blew by you!
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Default Re: the bill

I understand the attempt with the beachcat very well, I rent frequently a little motorboat for about 20 $ each hour as it gives the allowed max speed on our smaller lake and a go-fast doesnt make any sense there. It is so comfortable to rent - no sick experiences with hauling, at the ramp... even no extra gas money. Well I better dont mention the "speed" in hp or mph.
But I have fun on the lake !!!
A real boat on the larger lake will be a must for me, even though I will go only with more than 22 knots in the night when nobody will be able to read my registration number.
It is one of the most gorgeous lakes I know.
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Default Re: the bill

I have all the bills for the new engines right here at my desk....I refuse to total them up....I'm to old to cry.....
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Default Re: the bill

I don't want to know.
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Default Re: the bill

I don't know what it costs. Don't want to know what it costs.

What I do know is that it's cheaper than regular trips to a mental health professional and all the drugs associated with that sort of care.

So yeah, it's a health care deduction.....

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Default Re: the bill

Originally Posted by CigDaze
About 2K a month. But the rewards are priceless.

WOW,, 25K per year,,, I knew I should have become a Rocket Scientist..

Dang,, now you got me sitting here with a calculator,,, I knew I didn't want to know the answer to this question...

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