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Trickle Chargers...

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Sears. About $50.00. Works great. Has all the features you want. Even good for a lawn mower battery.

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Sulfation is the #1 killer of batteries!
Scientific basis for de-sulphation process/circuitry
Every element known to man has a magnetic moment at a resonant frequency ie. a point at which the chemical bonds that hold the molecules together to form a crystal can be broken. Sulphation, the number one cause of early battery failure, is simply crystals of lead sulphate (PbS04) which have formed on the lead storage plates in a lead-acid type battery.

When a battery is improperly charged (over/under) or allowed to self discharge as occurs during storage/non-use, these crystals build up on the battery's storage plates preventing the battery from ever being fully charged and therefore able to deliver their full power/capacity.
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I had a ProMariner transformer-type multi-bank charger in my Formula when new. It would boil down the batteries if left on for long periods of time. It went feet-up on me, and I replaced it with a ProMariner Flyback (electronic three-stage) charger on ProMar's advice. Have been able to leave it on and unattended for weeks at a time without boiling down the batteries.

On my cruiser (diesels) I had a large ProMar charger. It was also the big ferric core unit. I was adding water every two weeks (we're talking a half-gallon or so at a time on the 7 batteries). Finally got serious about finding a superior charger for it. Goal was to find a charger that would monitor and charge the batts in the three known stages, but would also function to supply 12v current to the boat up to max capacity AND STILL keep the charging stage it was already into. Looked at TrueCharge by Statpower, but after buying one, found that it would not function as a power supply, but would simply work towards bulk, then drop to float until ther batt voltage dropped below 12.7v, then swap back to bulk. The Flyback ProMar would act as I wished, but I found a Newmar unit that while expensive, would do what I wished, PLUS had a temperature sensor to stick on the case of the house batteries to adjust the float voltage targets to match the battery temp (which drops with increased heat - the engine compartment of my boat gets dang hot and stays hot, aggravating the problem).

End result, bought the Newmar ($100 more than anything else) and a whole set of new batteries (AutoZone Gold 3-yr free replacement - they are all going in my collection of trucks, of course for the warranty which is voided if they go into a boat). I am now 2 months shy of the two-year anniversary of this swapout. Two weeks ago or so, I was at the boat and was dewinterizing the toilet system and checked the water in the batteries. The batteries have used NO water in two years. I do not really know how to get you guys to believe this, but I am Not pulling anybody's legs. Last May when I checked them it had been a whole year (figuring I would be using the warranty to replace the Sahara batteries), and a few of the cells that I had accidentally overfilled a tad when I installed the set, were still overfilled. I guess there are no longer any OVERfilled cells, but there are no cells below the plastic water ring and certainly nowhere near any cells with plates in the dry.

I have had such a remarkable experience with this combo I felt I would let you in on it - Oh, yes, the charger has been on for two years nonstop.
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