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Need Some Help

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Default Need Some Help

Hey guys,
Im trying to sell my excalibur in the swap shop, Its a 40 excalibur hawk, that I have done quite a bit of work to in the past couple of yrs, I had both engines redone (long blocks etc) and one of the blocks has issues now, I am curious what you guys think I should do as far as selling it?
1. replace block possibly $2500, and sell it retail? (I dont really want to wait around on selling it for a retail price or even expend the $$ fixing it just to sell at normal market value)
2. Sell as is for the price listed? (17,900)
3. Offer an option with out power, and sell for closer to $15,000.

Were else should I advertise? ebay yachtworld boattrader oso classified which would get the best results in this boats case?
Any advise you all could give is very much appreciated and valued.
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Default Re: Need Some Help

I have a 32' Excalibur that I've been trying to sell with one engine out of the boat (I have no time to put it back in) but its rebuilt and dynoed, and people run away from it like its the black death. If I was looking for a boat like that I would jump all over it for that cheap, but it doesn't seem like anyone really wants to do any work. I've offered it to a few people for half of what its worth and still get nothing. So then I had a bunch of people asking about the engines and seeing if I would part it out...So I gave them a fair price and they never respond. My next step is to light the f*cker on fire and jump in it. I guess I am no help because I am looking for similar advice, but I just wanted to let you know that I have had no luck selling for cheap with the option to do work on the boat, much like you are thinking. I guess I would say fix the engine and sell it turn key, but I can understand that you would rather have someone pick it up cheap and do the work themselves....believe me I can Understand.
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Default Re: Need Some Help


Offshoreonly classified
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Keep at it it will go.
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