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Apache Kicks Some Seroius Butt!

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Re: Apache Kicks Some Seroius Butt!

Man, I was leaning on the pool railing at the Ocean Key with a Rum-Runner in my hand when Predator came by at the end of the first lap. H*ly Sh*t Batman! He scared the living cr*p-out-of-me! What a boat! I don't think he was more than 50 ft. from the bulkhead and going balls to the wall! He was screaming and just beating the crap out of everybody! Oh my God, he was flying. In the first lap... going into the turn by the Galleon… there were 3 boats abreast going into the turn, but Predator was in the lead... but coming out of the turn, Predator pulled away big time. With the exception of Rio Roses who ran in the 2:30 heat, Predator was the most amazing boat in the race. It looked liked he was hitting a buck ten when he passed me. His engines were incredibly loud, but the crowd was cheering louder. We were all going nuts at the Ocean Key. Congratulations Predator... what a boat! You guys never let off once. It definitely wasn’t your water yesterday. It favored the smaller and so-called faster boats. On Tuesday the water conditions were 6 to 8. But, yesterday it looked like 2 to 4. I’m sure it got pretty rough out by the far buoy? I know it took some heavy duty b*lls to come screaming into that narrow channel in Mallory Square at full throttle.

It looked to me like Predator turned off early before the end of the race with engine problems or maybe I misread the finish line and Predator actually won the race. I hope he did! Someone said he had chief engines, but Predator was a -P- boat!? Those engines sounded like they were turning around 7 grand with about 1,500 hp each. I really haven’t been following the SBI race circuit rules for several years now. Can someone shed some light on this for me? I can’t believe that they can get a big heavy boat like that to be so fast. I have seen older and smaller –V- bottoms with 900hp engines that don’t even come close to this speed. If those engines were Chief Engines, I think some of you guys had better have a talk with Chief for your next re-power.

On another note, Rio Roses was unreal also! His acceleration was incredible for a high top end boat like that. That team really knows their stuff. That boat actually beat the MTI (M12) who was trying to catch it the whole race. I would have never believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes. There was a point in the race, however, where they were neck and neck and then the MTI just kind of died (engine problems) on the last lap. I don’t know if Rio Roses was playing with him or he was playing with Rio Roses… but it was a cat a mouse act all the way. Both boats kept pouring it on for the whole race. The MTI’s engines had a deep thud type of sound while Rio Roses engines sound like Paul Bunyon cracking down a forest.

The real race was between a Skater (Pour it On) and an MTI (DMI I believe). I don’t think 50 yards separated these two boats the entire race. They were battling for 3rd place. It looked to me like the Skater was always in the lead, but the MTI was right on his a** all the way. One tiny mistake and the MTI would blow right by him. Going into the Galleon turn the crowd was all leaning over the rails to see who would come out first. There was spray everywhere. These guys were smokin’ all the way. Nobody let off for nothing. This was real racing.

It is hard to estimate how fast these guys were really going, but it was unreal if not downright scary to stand 100 ft away watching them blast by with their engines wide open and them running bow rail to bow rail and jumping out of the water! I can’t wait to get the tapes!

On Tuesday, I met a fellow from Tampa (sorry I forget his name) who built a 32’ cat called D.V.C. It has twin 2.5 outboards and has run 115.8mph in the kilo. It was a gorgeous all white low profile boat with a 10ft. beam and an awesome bottom. I won’t go into details here… I will let the builder do that if you call him. I learned a long time ago from my friend Ted O. Jones that the real secret to tunnel boat design is to be low and wide in order to increase the SIGE (Self Induced Ground Effect). This gives the boat proper lift and stability and obviously more speed. I can vouch for this because I ran one of his 21’ boats back in 1980 and I used to beat the cr*p out of the 21’ Superboats on Long Island. In any case, at the 2:30 race yesterday, the D.V.C. was pounding his closest rival which I believe was a 30’ or 32’ Skater with twin 2.5s. The Skater was dancing all over the place while the D.V.C. just kept marching in a straight line with a little bit of sponson walking… which is perfect for a tunnel. I have to say, I was most impressed again. I think the Skater only won because the D.V.C. broke with engine problems in the last lap. Until that point, it was D.V.C. all the way! I have to hand it to the team driving the Skater because they never gave up… not for one second.

My hat is off to John Carbonnel and SBI for putting on a most thrilling and well organized event. They said the first race would start at 10:00 AM and it actually did start at 10:00 AM. The second race was supposed to start at 2:30 PM and it did start at 2:30 PM. What a pleasant surprise that was for me. BTW – I was also impressed with the Yellow Florida Poker Runs Fountain, the patrol boats and even the police boat. Everybody was highly efficient and professional. Thank God, nobody was hurt in the race. The area in Mallory Square was so narrow and the turn area was surrounded by reefs and spectator boats…. One mistake or spin-out and it could mean big trouble!

Unfortunately, we had to check out before the next race. Alas, it is back to Virginia for us…. Brrrrrrrr. You can bet your bottom dollar, I will be in Key West next year for this event. I wish someone would confirm next years dates for me, please?
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Default Re: Apache Kicks Some Seroius Butt!

Originally Posted by Spectre Man
On another note, Rio Roses was unreal also! His acceleration was incredible for a high top end boat like that. That team really knows their stuff. That boat actually beat the MTI (M12) who was trying to catch it the whole race. I would have never believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes.
Cat Killer

cool vid Cuda....tnks awesome Apache
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Default Re: Apache Kicks Some Seroius Butt!

Originally Posted by TRICK
a) The other guys thought it was a poker run.

b.) If they new the Apache was fast, they would have run race fuel.

c)They slowed down for good helicopter photos for their sponsors.

d) Those damn Apache guys cheated.........
Sorry to get off topic but where at LOTO are you guys setting up shop?

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Default Re: Apache Kicks Some Seroius Butt!

Predator. An Apache winning these small water races.
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Default Re: Apache Kicks Some Seroius Butt!

3rd try....did Preditor run in the P3 class by himself or what other P3 boats raced him?!?!?!?!?
Thanks for the great post Spectreman. I stopped by the races in Destin today to check them out and you can not get close like you did to the boats here.
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Default Re: Apache Kicks Some Seroius Butt!

What power and drives are they running in Predator?
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Default Re: Apache Kicks Some Seroius Butt!

Originally Posted by Biggus
How about that smack down today in Key West!!!!!!

I gotta say, I've never seen such a superior case of beat down than what we witnessed this afternoon in Key West.!

The old school 41 Apache Predator gave it to all the comps in a huge way!!!! Nice job boys!

I've read about the superiority of the mighty Apache for years but its just beyond words to see it in action for yourself.

Shut up Kurt...

Just wait till that 145 MPH 35' 502 MAG MPI Bravo One Fountain shows up...He'll eat you raw.

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