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Fountain New Kilo Record by Miami Show!

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Old 12-14-2006, 01:55 PM
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Default Re: Fountain New Kilo Record by Miami Show!

Originally Posted by Rippem
spend the rest of the day looking for a post of mine "gushing" over any of this.

All it's gonna do when physics innevitably catches up to man's challenges (which it has been for thousands of years) is that people are gonna die and yet another black eye will be placed on the interest of recreational performance boating which any of this has very little to do with.
Unless the boat has capsules, a 180 MPH failure is simply not survivable.
Please remember also that 99+% of the world knows little or no difference what this is vs. what we do every weekend, and would like nothing more than to lump it together.

as far as customer service, well...some just have a well known better record of satisfaction than others, deal with it.
So what are you saying Rip....that if someone crashed
at the salt flats trying to break the land speed record
that it will put a huge black eye on the auto industry?
Or does that only hold true for boats?
As long as there are records, man will try to best them.
Fact of life.
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Default Re: Fountain New Kilo Record by Miami Show!

I'm late to this thread and what I'm gonna say is probably irrelevant, but:

I seem to remember a few years back in F-2 racing when a certain manufacturer that I know something about raced for one year. As I recall, they "dominated" the curcuit that year; six for six. As you know, F-2 is about same motors, sealed, and the best hull design wins. I think there were some Fountains racing in F-2 that year...

If we're going to expand and benefit "our" sport of recreational offshore boating, we need to make more sense to the new prospective buyers. And, in my opinion, that has nothing to do with very specially built boats that no one can buy, claiming to be the "fastest". Clearly, there's nothing wrong with guys like Reggie and others wanting speed records for advertising purposes. But the confusion between boats that a new guy can actually buy and one-offs doesn't do any of us any favors.

Hell, why don't we have a contest for "fastest 100 yards from a dead stop"? I'd enter my clunky Midnight in that one LOL.
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Old 12-14-2006, 02:29 PM
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Default Re: Fountain New Kilo Record by Miami Show!

I want to make clear, I am in no way against all out run whatca brung world record speed attempts. I think my problem lies in the advertising and marketing of these records once they have them....not just Reggie mind you. I don't like to read the ads that state "YOU too can buy the same World Record setting hull"....when in reality you can't. Even Bonneville has different classes of competition.
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Default Re: Fountain New Kilo Record by Miami Show!

Any one know what the current record is for V Bottoms?
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Old 12-14-2006, 02:47 PM
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Default Re: Fountain New Kilo Record by Miami Show!

Originally Posted by deanpp
Any one know what the current record is for V Bottoms?
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Old 12-14-2006, 02:51 PM
Enjoy the show
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Default Re: Fountain New Kilo Record by Miami Show!

For the last two years, Haggin and AMF have held an open kilo with an APBA certified course in Crescent City FL. Everyone is welcome and a good time is gaurenteed.

Last year OPA was the santioning body for this event.
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Default Re: Fountain New Kilo Record by Miami Show!

#1 Fountain again. This is getting boring, is there anyone else out there that make a fast boat ?

sorry, I had to chump in somewhere

I'll bet 100,000 buks Warbird won't beat 'em
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Default Re: Fountain New Kilo Record by Miami Show!

Originally Posted by 9 Lives
Well, at least one thing we know for sure after Reggie's public announcement
during the Jacksonville Poker Run of the unsafety of the catamaran design,
that he won't be trying for one of these crazy speed attempts in one of those
dangerous contraptions.
Now thats some funny $hit
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Default Re: Fountain New Kilo Record by Miami Show!

i was checking out the callan websites after i heard about this boat sitting in a field, and i see that they make a v and a cat, but they they set the records with a cat, hmm wonder what they know?
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Default Re: Fountain New Kilo Record by Miami Show!

I just read this whole, so called thread. Let me see if I get this straight.

Reginald says he's going to break his own "record" .......for unlimited power in a monohull. He hasn't actually done anything but put out a press release..yet he's stirred up more useless noise and smoke than an old Oldsmobile with a bad muffler.

Some of you believe that this will prove that Fountains are better than anything else...including vees, cats, F-1 Ferraris, F-16's, and sex with Swedish twins.

Others believe that he is still pushing the envelope in spite of his age...... a sort of modern day Moses racing up Mount Sinai..... a beacon of light for those poor souls lost in the darkness of powerboat performance oblivion....a veritable inspiration for both the washed and the unwashed masses to follow..... The Pied Piper of Propeller driven speedboats.

The sad thing..... many of you actually swallow this hype, proving yet again that clever marketing trumps fact every time. This is a simple example of less and less lbs per HP going faster and faster regardless of hull design........until and unless stability is lost. I hope that the Fountain team are sensible....and lucky. If not than that "better than anything else" Fountain Uber Hull will become just so much tragic trash.....

My advice for those of you who find your identity by hanging on every word and idea emanated by the Tarboro Flash.......

or anyone else for that matter..............

Get a life.

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