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Old 01-27-2002, 01:19 AM
why wait
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just got home for the show. i have to differ with you guy the show was great! talked to marc he tried to sell me the black thunder, think i'll keep my fountian though, wife loved it. riverview was real nice, so was the guys for eleminator. look forward to smoke on the water, and next years show. gary
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Show sucked!!!!!!!! Sorry guys, I didn't wait until 2:30 to meet everyone. I agree that anyone associated with an offshore booth forgot to check their ego's at the door. The only decent gut was the Powerquest factory rep. I looked at the Sunsations for 10 min. and not one of the 3 goons standing around even acknowledged I was there( BTW, I didn't like them). I guess you are supposed to beg them to sell you one! The Black Thunder people never got out of the boat, WTF!!!! I guess people in Chicago don't have enough money to buy a boat built in Bum Fu-ked Hannibal, MO. If they worked for me I would fire all their worthless asses. I hear the show starts Jan. 1 next year, which is a good excuse not to go again. Also, they should have some vendors there. If you aren't interested in a new boat there is nothing to look at. I'm looking forward to St. Louis, I hear it is much friendlier.
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I wish I would have known there would be some OSO people at the show today, Saturday (maybe I should read the board more often). We were there (h2owarrior and Tbikini) at 2:30 sitting right beside the beer garden along with our two little kids.

This was one of the least stressful shows I have ever been to. Tbikini and I just bought an Active Thunder 37 AVH and went to the show to get the kids out of the house on a saturday.

What made it the least stressful was not having to deal with what some of you are referring to. Being blown off by sales people who don't think you can afford what they have to offer. I wore some faded jeans and a flannel shirt and Tbikini was wearing bibed overalls.

We have been looking to move up to "38" footer for over a year. Last year we started talking with Bald Knob, the Formula dealer. He actually said to me, if you are not buying today, you are wasting my time and probably can't afford it anyway. Way wrong answer.

I think it really depnds on the day and the salesman. We bought our first boat at the Chicago boat show from Krammer boats, a PQ 270 Laser. We dealt with the owner Vern Krammer and it was a great experience. He spent time with us and made us feel like we were important. It was on a Thursday, when the crowds were light and he had lots of time. We bought two boats from him.

I think Tim from Riverview Marine would give you the same treatment on a PQ, Donzi or Fountain.

Bottom line is these guy's need to do a better job of qualifying up front. Ask some easy questions, what do you own now?, what is your purchase time frame?, and work into the conversation what you do for a living. In a bout 5 min's the guy or gal should know if he or she should spend more time with you or make you feel good about talking to them and move on. Its sales 101. Insulting someone that may buy in a year to 18 months (typical for large purchases) is making a mistake. That is even more true with something like a boat that is a true luxury.

It was nice to see PQ, Baja, Sonic, Black Thunder, Cigerette (even if they would not talk to me), velocity, Envision and Donzi at the show. We (kids and all) got in every one of them and loved it. I would like to see more performance boats at the show. No Formula or Foutain, only one Scarab (Same boat that was at the show last year), no Hustler, no PowerPlay, no AT,. But what was there was pretty good.

Life is good
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I didn't see Tim there, don't know Keith, I'm not sure who he is, but I did deal with Tim and his wife a lot when we bought ours. Some guy named Earl? I saw a name tag. Guy really should have been wearing a light "chartruse"(SP?) green jacket and some paid pants. "what's it gunna take tuh git ya in this here boat today?"

6 years ago, we went to the Fountain booth, told they werew out of brochures, watched as 3 older guys walked up and each got brochures. Not confident it was Riverview, but I think that was teh Fountain rep 6 years ago. I didn't ask, and wish I would have. I wound up buying the 32 there, but that was because I delt witha guy named Lance, mostly via email. Nice guy, didn't judge me, just geniune.

I'd rather buy a boat from guys at GSC, or I was impressed with National Marine in Miami, and the Hustler reps. But National in Chicago....

I disagree with H20. Shouldn't have to fill them in on anything at all. They should treat me like anyone else.

Voodoo...I looked at the 386 Sonic pretty well. I'd probably be torn between a 358 maybe and 37 AVH AT for our next boat in a few years. AT would be faster with similar power. I liked the 386, though. Only drawback is the small v-berth area. I'm not 135 lbs. anymore Sweet paint jobs on both Sonics and the 40 Outlaw.

My friend and I were talking about the way the salesman were "holier than thou". I told him, I should just buy a damn Outerlimits (or should I say, wish I could), take pics of it to the boat show, and when they blow me off at the 38 Cigarette, walk up and tell them "Yeah, nice boat, but, ya know, there's just too many of those damn things around. I think I'll keep mine." LOL!

I did want to walk up and ask "Hey, yo uget paid on commission?" If they say "Yes", say "well, you don't make very much money, then do you?"

I sure would htink in this economy and state of affairs, guys would be wanting a couple extra commission checks. And owners want to turn some inventory.

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Old 01-27-2002, 10:52 AM
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Hey Dan,,,, it get's worse, last year when Cheryl and I went to Ohio for our aniversary,,, I HAD to drive the 2 hours out of the way to visit National,,,, they werent much nicer there !!! As far as the show you were right, it more or less sucked,,, I spend my time drooling over the graphics on the 342 Baja at GSC,,,,,, but 160k for a 34,,,,, ouch !!!
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Old 01-27-2002, 11:20 AM
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I hadn't been to the Chicago boat show in at least 10 years. My wife and the couple with us never had been. We had a good time, although a little awstruck by MSRP on some of those boats. We may have to keep looking at boats at least 2 years old when we upgrade next year.

Wsa cool to see Wally, Waterfowl, Cord and his betterhalf, BadHTM (nice meeting you) and Boatme. See all you guys on the water this summer.

The couple we were with kind of wanted to get going seeing the show or we would've stayed and talked a bit more.

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Anybody see the deal for the Lodge of Four Seasons???...3 days and two nights..for $79.00 -no holidays- stay during the week and get $75.00 in certificates to use at the lodge...You must pay at the show and spend 30 min. looking at some empty lots for sale...which might be a good investement??
I signed up...maybe use it for the shootout??..Has anybody stayed there before??
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Old 01-27-2002, 12:26 PM
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I was the one asking about the 38 Sonic. The V-berth is useless except for maybe a child.
They have an option of making the U shape bunks into a bed. That would be the only way to go. I was talking to a couple who had a 33 Outlaw and traded up to the 35’ Sonic. His wife said that the 35 Sonic has an awesome ride compared to the Baja and doesn’t scare her. I like to hear what the wife's say because it's usually not biased.
The only downside on the boat is you need allot of HP, I'm sick of being slow! I'm also going to look at the 37 AT. If it's anything like they have been saying here it will be bought. Now I just have to figure out how to pay for another new boat. Do you keep your boat over at Pier 33?
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Old 01-27-2002, 12:52 PM
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We also had to buy the deal at the Lodge...three nights and four days for $139. The guy at the booth said if you know anyone interested to give him a call in the next few days and they'll still have that price! I've been down there before on the boat and it's a very nice place! Never actually spent the night there but is VERY nice...and for that price, I can sit through a presentation for 30 minutes...even if it is to say "No, No, and NO"! Planning on using ours for the shootout as well!!!!
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32Fever I definitly agree with you they should treat everyone the same. They are sales people and cannot afford to spend a lot of time with someone who is buying next year or are not qualified. A good sales person can find out what they need to know very quickly and whether you buy or not you walk away thinking they were the best. I typically do not see this capability at boat shows.

We were also very impressed with the Sonic 386. In fact went took a trip in December to visit Sonic for a test ride to finalize the deal. Since we were there, we also visited Active Thunder and PowerPlay. We did not buy the Sonic but did buy the AT. The new cabin, the efficiency of the hull and Pat and Steve changed our minds.

The Sonic is a great boat and handles big water very well. They are heavy and it takes a lot of power to make them go. There were some other things as well. If your interested, let me know, I'll send you and e-mail, I won't diss the boats as they are very nice, but can share our thoughts.
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