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what would you do? (boatme)

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Default what would you do? (boatme)

Well, Im the guy that bought Marcs boat, and its funny that you guys in here dont know the full story of the transaction that took place but you can say im a scumbag and tell him to f***** off, Everybody knows there is two sides to a story so i will tell you WHAT really happened and then, not that i care what you guys think either.

!) Marc said he aquired the marina (warf) a month before i flew in to see the boat. even told me that he kept the previous owners dad on (retired school teacher) to help out. Mike the REAl owner calls me to ask me what happened I told him and he said ill call yo back in 30min. He did and told me Marc no longer works there. Marc was upset that Mike called me and asked me what happened. wonder why??

2) I took only one test ride in the boat when i flew in, We agreed that there would be another final test ride when i pick the boat up if i buy it. He called me 8 time from my drive from florida to michigan. when i was in cincinnati he called me and said where you at buddy, i said ill be there by 4:30 or 5pm im hurrying as fast as i can because i want to go for a ride in the boat. He then called me 1hr. later and said hows it going I said the same as an hr ago. he then said well me and cheri have decided to go on to our poker run its a 2hr drive, I then said WHAT im driving all the way up here to pick a boat up and your leaveing for a poker run, he said the boats on the trailer and ready to go. I said I dont feel comfortable picking up a boat that there is no final seatrail. he assured me that the everything is fine and if i have a problem just call and he will take care of it. So he wasnt ther for the final seatrail ( would you guys pick up a boat with without a final seatrail )But i trusted marc. he owned marina and put on the smoke on the water poker runfor charity why should i not trust him.

3) Marc assured me that BEN the warfs mechanic had done all the work on the motors and ther is nothing to worry about.
Well Marc even said the out drives where updated in 03 and they havent been. thats the only name he said no numbers or anything not even reciepts showning the work.

4) i have owned powerboats before a 40ft excalibur and a couple of fountains. so Marc lied again saying i never owned a powerboat. we even talked about them.

5) would you guys allow somebody else to do your survey?? well marc had mine done for me and faxed me the survey and i said whats this?? he said i had it done for you. I didnt even get a chance to pick the surveyor, I just asked him for a list of surveyors in the area. so once again i trusted marc he called the guy set everything up and paid for it too. i never talked to the surveyor.

6)I picked the boat up reluctantly, but i was there and marc once again assurd me that if i had a problem to call him when i got back to florida. Now here is what marcs not telling you the whole truth again. I put the boat in the water on the trailer and fire the port motor up first, everthing is fine. i fire the stb motors up and there is a ticking noise, I shut the port motor down and listen to the stb motor i call marc and tell him on the phone there is a ticking noise he sounded dumb founded of course. and i said thats why i didnt want to take the boat without you there on the final seatrail he again assured me that everything is will be ok. I told him the boat motor wont go over 3000 rpms he thought a plug wire off so i said im on my way back up there Ill see you in 26 hrs he goes ooohhh no you dont have to do that, take it to your mechanic and we will go from there, Innovation did the work on the motors and just to let you know the pics marc posted if i would have been running the boat, dont you gear heads know that there would have been a block involved and much much more just not one lifter and a cam shaft. Marc lied to you guys again.

The bottom line is If marc would have been there at the time of delivery and If we would have gone out for the final seatrail it would have happend at his dock and i would have said well fix it or come down off the price, woudnt you???
When the motor was done he went over the bill with innovation and paid what he wanted to but not the labor. and i said you would have had to pay for the labor up there pay it here. He told me that there labor rate is to high there and the warfs labor rate is 65 or so an hr. and i said ok pay that and ill make up the difference he said no. He said he hads been email freinds and they are telling me to tell you to pound sand. i said your not telling them the whole story.

bottom line i know what "as is means" i didnt call marc two weeks or the a month later, he refused to be there for the final seatrail and he assured me that everything is ok to take the boat with out the final seatrail.

So after all this marc no longer works at the marina and he has gone on to new adventures whatever. Even oldschool thought he said fresh power LIE and updated drives in o3 LIE
IF you read boomers blog he even thinks marcs owns the marina beacuse he says NOW THAT YOU ARE A DEALER NOW.
and PURE Energy I agree if with you if everything was fine on the final seatrail you bet its all on me no question but its funny marc dosnt tell you guys there wasnt he was on his way to a poker run when im 3 hrs away.from comming to get if. and even Marc (boatme) says in a entry on new 43 sunsation WE TAKE OVER THE MARINA TOMORROW THINGS WILL BE CRAZY FOR THE FIRST COUPLE OF WEEKS.

So guys i dont care what your opion really is I just thought you should know the other half and would really like for you to be honest in the question??? WOULD YOU HAVE PICKED A BOAT UP WITH OUT A FINAL SEATRAIL???
Yes i probably should have turned around but I trusted him beacuse of the business he had and the charity work the kids on the smoke on the water poker run. so why would he try to screw me its a small town their he has a business ill trust him. well things didnt work out that way and Ill i wanted was for him to do the right thing like I really believe you guys would. I came off a little strong but im not a scumbag and i do sleep good at night. My name means everything to me ITs my business and i have a good reputaion. I have fixed things on this gunn that marc said was ok and werent.

Well I think you have heard enough again i just wanted to let you guys know the rest of the story but you guys shoulld try to hear both sides of something before you make comments of something you dont know about. just like in the real world not just in cyber because nobody can see you. I dont think you guys are ass*** or scumbags you just didnt know the whole story and know you know part of if.

You all be safe out there,

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Default Re: what would you do? (boatme)

Wow...what did i miss this weekend!

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy horsepower. And I've never seen a sad person hauling a$$!
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Default Re: what would you do? (boatme)

Buying used (even new) can be tough. Sometimes you get lucky.

Did you hear the engine tick the first time you were in the boat?

How many days from first trial to picking the boat up?

Seatrial means seatrial. If you make arrangements for a second seatrial then you should have made him wait. I would have been to excited to tested the boat on lake that you picked it up at.

BTW, I saw the boat in Key West on a trailer in 03 because the drive broke.

Sorry to hear of the problems. Another day of boating.
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Default Re: what would you do? (boatme)

So,, where is the 1st thread on this problem ,, its hard to understand ,,, from just one side of the conversation!

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Default Re: what would you do? (boatme)

I have done business with fubard (chris) and became friends with him at the same time. I have known chris through this whole ordeal and what he said is true!! We can all make judgements but bottom line if I or any of you had a guy driving all the way from FLORIDA to hand me a check for over 100k Wouldn't you be waiting for him !!!!!!!!!! I mean come on a fellow boater hell I would probaly buy him dinner!!!!!! I have been in the industry for 15yrs and yes as a dealer for Baja, Powerquest, Fountain and oh yes the #1 boat Cigarette !!!!!!!!! I just wish Chris would of called me when this happened because you guessed it I would of said turn around!!!! It doesn't make sense!!!! Well we know how opinions are everyone has one, But Chris truly is a stand up guy, I also Know Marc and I'm not saying anything bad about him. But if you couldn't do the final sea trial then I think you have some liability in this matter.
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Default Re: what would you do? (boatme)

Right here
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Default Re: what would you do? (boatme)

so what was the outcome? Did you send $1000 or pay half?
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Default Re: what would you do? (boatme)

Sorry to hear of your problems and I hope you two can work this out. I have no horse in this race but I do know of two minor things that are not entirely true in your post.
The owner of the Wharf never called you. You called in asking for the owner of the Wharf and when Mike answered you asked why Marc did not answer because he was the owner. You were informed that he was never the owner and you would need to take up any problems you had directly with Marc. The Wharf had nothing to do with this sale and Ben, the mechanic installed one fuel pump on one motor. Nothing more.
I am sorry to hear of any miscomunications or misunderstandings between you two and again good luck.
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Default Re: what would you do? (boatme)

i bought my cafe racer in Viginia in 02 and it was advertised with "less than 200 hours" with merc 420s. I seatrialed it and had a non-mechanical survey done...every thing came out fine and the motors sounded fine as well...

i got the boat home and blew the starboard motor in less than 15 minutes. Had a mechanic pull it apart and he told me that that the block was shot. It had been resleaved and was done...pulled the port motor for good measure and got the same much for that "low hour" boat...

I paid 45k for the boat with a myco trailer while at the time, others were selling for I felt I got a good deal. I also figured I would be repowering after a season of use anyway...just thought i'd get more than 15 minutes out of it...

I never went after the seller even though I felt he misrepresented the motors and becuase I still felt I got a good deal...

bottom line... buyer beware. your situation sucks, but it sounds like the boat was properly represented and there is no way the seller could have forseen a cam failure. at 400-600 hours, you are on borrowed time...
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Default Re: what would you do? (boatme)

Well i wasnt going to get in a he said she said but naughty kitty whats funny why would i ask for the owner, the receptionist said let me let you talk to the owner and i said what i thought marc was the owner?? no response on would you pick a boat up with out a final seatrail??? And marc said that ben did all the motor work .and besides how would i know bens name if it wasnt told to me?? i dont care who put a fuel pump on ??? sorry i deleted my anwers to other question like i said i wasnt going to play this. I know Marc knows and the warf knows the surveyor knows i didnt call him Marc did and they took off to a porker run and said dont worry. im bad.....and ms. kitty i have a phone record of mike calling me so .... there is no reason what so ever for me to lie in this matter i just want the truth told not one side and im a scumbag and all that **** that was written sorry....
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