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Default - Marine Engines Inc

Okay guys, for those who followed, this deal is finally over. Here is the story, I have already won, so this is not spilled milk, I am a little pissy about having to hire a lawyer, but in the end, I have gotten my pound of flesh, so this is just for general consumption.


One failed almost immediately after the install, everyone pointed fingers, so I hired a second mechanic to look at the motor install job, and a engine failure analysis guy to determine what caused the failure.

I was just writing checks, so I wanted to end the finger pointing. The engine failure guy and second mechanic (a Merc Master Tech) both were completely independent and had never seen the boat before this.

Both said the engine failed because it was not cleaned adequately prior to assembly, and the oil and other quantifiable measures prove it. A local machinist said the same, as did a second merc tech. Everyone agreed after independently looking it over.

John, the owner of 1800RUNSNEW (marine engines) was totally uncooperative, he cussed me a dozen ways to sunday, despite my being polite, professional, but direct in stating I expected a warranty claim paid. We found out the motors carry no warranty, GM does not stand behind them, and Marine Engines is NOT an authorized GM Reseller. He lied about a local machine shop who he said did engine failure analysis, he lied about where the motors came from, he lied about the warranty, and just about anything else he could.

He swore it was pre-detonation causing the motor to fail, that the carb was dumping raw fuel inthe cylinders, that the oil was full of fuel (oil analysis said less than 1%). The oil samples were pulled independently, he said everyone was lying, and I was trying to rip him off. The orginal installer was not allowed near any part of the boat because I wanted to keep everything seperate and no one could say any monkey busienss could go one. No one who did the analysis knew anyone else.

After the tenth cursing he said "sue me and I will make your life hell", at that point I was tired of placating him so I took the threat and did just that. I also protested the credit card.

I instructed my attorney to start turning the screws. Well, it ended with the attached letter and marine engines admitting fault. The credit card was refunded, and I am keeping the one good motor, it will go on E-Bay next week so I can get the money back I spent on the install and associated components.

Here is the reason for posting this, Marine Engines, aka does not have a warranty on their motors. They will fight you tooth and nail, they will lie repeatedly (they said over and again they had NEVER had a motor fail, and I find they did).

I do understand others have had good luck with them, I know most of their motors do not fail, I do not know their failure rate is any higher, or lower, than anyone elses, but this is what happens when one fails. I was damned and determined to keep this professional with him, to be straight, and reasonable, but to lay fault at the approperate place and deal with that person. The installer stepped up and said if it was his fault, he would take responsability, so I wanted to play straight with everyone, but none of that worked.

So if you are buying motors form there, you are rolling the dice.
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Default Re: - Marine Engines Inc

congrads , alot of money to just throw away , people need to be held accountable , instead of leave you hung out to dry !!
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Default Re: - Marine Engines Inc

I ended up the same way with a well established "marine re-power center" here in nj. I did work on his cars too and he never paid me for that! Had to take him to small claims on the money he owed for work on his porsche and his wifes tahoe. The engines were too big for that so off to special civil court we went. After recieving my money back for the engines I re-powered with gen mercs , blew one after 20 hours and there was no hassle on a claim there. The only question I got from the merc rep was "what oil were you running" , of course I replied mercury and the engine was replaced , labor covered and no hassle there. I'm sticking with merc and it runs like new!
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Default Re: - Marine Engines Inc

Congrats! Sounds like the rogue got what he deserved.
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Default Re: - Marine Engines Inc

Congrats! You more than deserve that!
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Default Re: - Marine Engines Inc

Congratulations! You are to be commended for sticking in there.

Most people give up- they realize that the fight will cost them whatever they'll recover, That's why POS's like this pull this crap- they know most won't sue. I just went through something similar- cost me every cent I recovered. I still "lost", $$-wise but I had the satisfaction of watching this turd's business assets be auctioned off to satisfy my judgment. He'll think twice the next time.
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Default Re: - Marine Engines Inc

Congrats Dean, I am curious if they are still advertising
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Default Re: - Marine Engines Inc

Good for you Dean, I thought it was hopeless after talking to the douche myself.

I really enjoyed the line on the settlement letter "Mr Owen shall retain title of the 420HP motor currently in his possession. Obviously there are no further warranties"!!
Chris G.
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Default Re: - Marine Engines Inc

Glad you won Dean. Hope 07 is a smooth year for you. Eric
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Default Re: - Marine Engines Inc

good job
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