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Ettore powerboats?

Old 01-07-2002, 10:03 PM
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Guys, guys, lets get back to the facts here. I was just asking a few questions on the integraty of the "Ettoare" boat. I've heard alot (pro and con) about the hull. We are looking at several different boats for the 2003 season and I think the hull has alot to offer but I've been listenting to you guys for insight, not to get into a pissing match.
What are your thoughts on what needs to happen to this design to make it work??
Dave, F2-07

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Just tuned in to this thread....Ryan B- One of the better personal attacks Ive seen here in awhile . Greg R is right,if you got things like that to say why dont you personally email him. sheesh
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Good point....

I have spent a lot of time watching raw footage of the Ettore Boat and other Extremes run, as well as seeing them in the water in racing conditions. They have a very, very difficult time turning, when you roll it up on the chine, it does not stick, it falls back to center.... violently at times. Every one has rolled and sunk in varying conditions, all with what I consider to be very quaified people at the controls.

The Teague boat and the Ettore #1 and #2 boats both had very significant bottom design changes AFTER they got the Boat from Mark Spates (Estreme Boats Foundre/Builder).

Mark is maybe one of the most talented laminator's / fabricators out there, but this boat, Designed originally by Michael Peters just seems to have problems that are worst case, "unfixable", or at least have not been fixed as of this time, and a lot of very qualified, very smart people have tried to fix them. mark knows its a problem, and he is trying to improve it, but so far, it has proven to still be a problem.

The Ettoree Group is trying very hard, Weisman Drives have helped in keeping the rear-end stuck instead of coming around to the front in the turns, and much better straight line speed, but they are still dialing and not competative as of yet, with more bottom changes going on right now in So. Calif.perhaps they will see some fruit at some point, but the cost has be astronimical... one boat thrown away, numerous re-riggs, etc.

Safety was thoght to be unparalled in the Extrme but after the Ettoree stuff and winsheild/canopy failure in KW, now I'm not sure. I personally examined the boat the next day, I am told that Mark says the windows were put back in with incorrect tension on the bolts after removal for the custom paint-job.

Super V has been completly dominated by Fountains with #6 drives and proper power since the class 1st began. Nigel Hook had moderate success with the Scarab, but not when any credible competiton was around and I don't think you could get another boat like Nigels even if you wanted one, which, given its performance, you shouldn't.

I'm not a giant Fountain fan but they have earned the recognition in that class as "the boat to beat"

My $02

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Hello Gang,

I'm pleased to see some constructive talk about this boat and we appreciate the good things people are saying about our drives and our inline package.

As much as I wanted to test this past year, we had to get in 3 races to be able to run the Worlds in KW. That was the goal, and we made the best of what we had to work with in the short amount of time we had.

Since this was the first attempt at the inline setup, we took a stab at it, and judging from some of the handling issues we had just in a straight line, we didn't get it perfect. This is a new and innovative program and everybody involved knows that. Mike Smahlik is behind us 100% and that is all that matters. I believe that we have the best Super Vee ever, and it will only be proven on the race track.

One of the things against us is we only have one boat running the inline package. If we had another boat, a different one but with the same inline package, then once they ran back to back, one could then sit back and make intelligent assumptions about what works and what doesn't.

Since we don't, all these opinions flying around don't mean anything.

Nice shot by your girlfriend, thanks!
But hey, if you think that maybe what is wrong with the package is the inline motors, well back up your statement with some reasoning, maybe you are on to something that we have missed- you never know. Please don't just rip off statements like that- you guys ought to know me by now!

Bob Teague has been working on his boat for a long time now, and we were almost 4 minutes clear of him on the 4th lap in Ventura! He runs Extreme class with blown motors, so he should have been in front of us! With all the experience he has with that boat, he still swaps ends. I would hardly say his boat is running perfect. I also heard his reasoning for not running fast was he was selling the boat. Doesn't make much sense to run a boat that you are selling in water like we had that day.

Boats never lauch the same way twice from what I've seen. Sometimes they fly like the space shuttle, sometimes they land on their ass and rip the drives off. For the most part, this Ettore boat lands on it's rear- we know that, and we'll adjust that. It won't cost the Ettore team alot of money to do so either. Fixing the hull, well that's another story.

It is true that Mark thinks the windshield was not properly fastened. Regardless if it was or not, when he moved the windshield back 3 feet, he should have moved the bulkhead back with it. There was no support for the windshield where it meets the deck and when it stuffed, the water caved the canopy in. In this case, there is NO excuse for not doing a proper job.

Enough said on that.

Now some little know facts about our Ettore friends to help with some of the confusion.

Mike Smahlik's father-in-law was named Ettore. Ettore was a window washer and he is the one that invented the squeegee. I can't remember his last name was, but he sold his company with the last name. When he bought it back, he was not allowed to use the last name for some reason, so he renamed the company Ettore. Mike loves powerboat racing and he is doing it purely for the enjoyment, not the exposure. However I think he will be pleased to know that Mr. Offshore bought a squeegee because he recognized the name. A good product no doubt.

Again, we appreciate the comments, good and bad (I think). I am working on a new Ettore page on my website with detailed pictures of the boat from the ground up. It's not up yet, I will post something when I'm done.

Good night all.
Chris Weismann

ps. while I am used to seeing our name spelled every which way, here is a simple way to remeber how to spell it. WE IS MANN.
Two N's for Pat and I.
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Reply appreciated.

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Chris, I wasn't rippin on the set up bro. I was saying maybe the inline motors had to do with the way it was running, and addressing some of the peoples negative comments about the boat. As you can see from my previous post I feel that Extreme is a well built boat as attested by the stuff. Your boat re-amerged mostly intact, enough to drive back to the dock. Most boats would amerge bow-less with that much of an "extreme stuff" (no pun intended)

Of course I'm just a spectator. What the **** do I know!

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Please excuse me, I understood your post. No harm done I hope

I just gave those negatives to my friend to see about making a poster out of the "space shuttle flying shot". There was also a pic of the 46' extreme cat launching off a big swell. In that picture you can see a huge splash coming from beyond the swell. That was the Ettore boat landing! Pretty incredible to think we were leading cats thru those swells. I'll have to post that on my website as well. Great shots.
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So the Ettore boat led the race?
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boatless, I just got off the phone with with Scot Conrad,he said that they were hosed down in the corner by Honker Cut. He was that close to the lead. It sputtered and continued. He was 100 ft off by the end of the 1st lap. 3rd overall 2nd to 4th laps, he let Furgison by and so on. So tecnically no.
pat W.
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