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Quality of Boat Brands

Old 02-12-2007, 08:31 AM
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Bottom line is money. If you don't tell us what you're willing to spend our opinions don't matter.
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I guess I'll make my plug as well. If you may be looking for something different, and a little expensive, then the TUFF 28 is an option. It is mostly about being extremely fast, if it's not important it's not there. It has no cabin, IF YOU NEED YOUR WIFES PERMISSION this boat is not for you. It's all about ego.
Just another option.
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Originally Posted by TexomaPowerboater View Post
True, different boats for different folks.

I'll admit maybe I was a little out of line, but everytime I turn around someone, usually a AT owner, is trying crame a sales pitch down someones throat. Its like they had a bad day at the boat show or something.

If you could read, you wouldn't have to wonder what kind of boat I drive -its posted right under my name, just like every one else. So go ahead and poke fun of my weenie little boat. Maybe you can add to your "style"

You don't have to own or sell fancy boats just to have an opinion on this site. I like Active Thunders, they have got to be a great boat to offer a lifetime warranty. I just wouldn't buy one given the oppurtunity and thats my 2 cents.
I was not trying to cram anything down anyones throat or trying to sell. Just pointing out that I did alot of looking and reading and testing and I found the only boat that fit my needs in the A.T. What I said was it had the freeboard and cabin that no others in that size range had along with the rough water capibilaties that I wanted. I also feel they have the best looking deck mold out there in any size range but that is just me. Sorry if I offened you but I was just trying to answer the question asked. They are all good and I love looking at them all its all for the sport to each his own.
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Originally Posted by liboater View Post
I'm looking for an entry level sport boat to trade up to from a 27' center console. Still looking to stay single screw, so I figure 30' is the max size. I'm not familiar with the quality of each boat manufacturers. After shopping around I foind the largest single screw boats were the 29 Fountain Fever, the 27 Baja Outlaw, the 28 Donzi ZX, and the 27 Formula Fastech.

Out of these boats which would be overall the best in build quality? Performance wise, the fountain seems to be the fastest. Pricewise, the baja seems to be the cheapest.

we'll you've got lots of opinions now.
where do you boat? how will you use it?

Looks like you only know the big brand names that advertise alot. There are many smaller more customized builders out there that could build what you want.
IMO, get your azz on a plane to miami for this weeks show.
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I apologize for those offended. AT does make a great boat.

Jassman, by your previous post. I see that you do have style, I like it and I'm sorry. I should be a little more respectful of those that have been here as long as you have. Yes, boat is for sale here on OSO, and am looking to move up.

Love these kind of threads, best way to find a boat to fit your needs.
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Originally Posted by TexomaPowerboater View Post
AT does make a great boat.
The Best
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If you're considering a Donzi or a Formula, I'd look at Sunsation too. Their 288 is a big boat, styling cues somewhere between the two, but a build and customer service quality all its own!
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