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Best 496 headers?

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Originally Posted by dana marine products View Post
I've got a set of 496 CMI's. If CMI is in agreement, I'd be happy to hand them and ours over to a dyno facility. Hell, I'll even get the engine. Westech seems to be pretty popular, Raylar has worked there and at HP Dyno. I can't speak for Ray, but I would love for him to conduct the testing, you won't find a more honest and candid opinion. He also already has the necessary equipment to perform the testing.

The testing could reflect HP and torque gains as well as ease of installation. If we could get 3 or 4 guys to participate it would only cost roughly $450.00 per guy.

Four sets of exhaust would need two full days on the dyno.

As stated in this thread as well as others, Raylar conducted our dyno testing, so he's very familiar with the Dana system and he has expressed his opinion on our exhaust.

We're not interested in a macho man contest, but we'd love to participate in a friendly dyno day that would result in some good comparisions with different exhaust systems on the market.
That sounds awesome I hope things work out so it CAN happen....even though I already purchased the Dana exhaust
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Default Full Stainless Steel 496 Headers

Originally Posted by Undertaker View Post
CP you threw out a price for the black and silver coated headers how about the stainless steel headers, I thought they were close to the same money as CMI....just curious
Everyday Low Price: Satin Finish or Polished Finish.

If you are interested please PM or call for special OSO member discount

800-225-9871 x11
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OK Bob(Dana Marine), we can make it happen. I've got the engine and a set of your headers. Send me the CMI's. I've also got a set of Lighnings that I may be able to test. The boat will be at my shop within the hour to begin baseline testing. I am going to lake test the boat today and get a good GPS number. Then propshaft dyno it. Install your exhaust and repeat the dyno and lake test next week. Then I'm pulling the engine and will put it on the engine dyno to compare flywheel HP data. From that point we're installing a Raylar kit and will repeat the dyno and in-boat tests. My engine dyno is plumbed to run complete wet exhaust all the way out of the building so it truely is just like in the boat. Any observers would be welcome. I'm in central Texas.


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Originally Posted by yesrej View Post
so for the lighting headers, you have to buy a whole new silent choice system.
If you were to purchase the Lightning's Silent Choice system the diverters are included click here for more info and to see a picture
NOTE: That particular part # is NOT for the 496
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Hey Bob - Sounds good, I'll get in touch with my Comp X rep (CMI company) and make sure they don't have a problem participating.

I know what you're doing is alot of work, so I as well as others here greatly appreciate your volunteer work.
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$3900 for the stainless Lightnings is very close to the CMI's are'nt they, I agree the best bang for the buck would be Ray's 103 kit. Sounds like the Dana headers are the real deal. You guys are doing the best thing in having them evaluated by a third party at your expense. Speaks highly of your confidence in your products. good luck
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Hi, how much would I be able to gain on a 377 Scorpion engine if I change to tubular headers? I have CMI silent choise today and want to continue to have silent choise. What wld you reccomend? Or do I need a blower kit?

Thanx for input!
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Any new news? Dyno day happen yet?
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Maybe I am a bit lost here...didn't Innovation do a header dyno test already on a HP500? How would that test cross referance to the 496?
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Wink More Tests? = More Consumer Education!

I think that too may boaters, especially here on the forum are getting to test crazy! You've got lots of tests on 496's with various manifold and header styles and brands. God knows we have done to many of them and I have the dyno bills to prove it! Let us as an industry and group never think that individual tests alone are the sole determining factor for a high performance boater to make his exhaust upgrade choice. There are so many different motor types, horsepower and model types, that what works for one will not always work for another. The boaters that are interested in changing their exhaust systems should use reliability, cost, looks, ease of installation, useful life and personal preferences in making their choices as well as how the systems really performed on their type and model of motor. No smart industry professional will guranty how a given boat is really going to perform with some addtional power added with exhaust changes. It just to much of a moving target with each boat size, weight, hull type, setup, water condtions, driver skills, etc. to sit here and say that someones boat is going to go exactly this much faster with some engine , hull or drive change! Manufacturers of header and quality manifold systems should substantiate there improvements with independant tests and correct published data. some have, most have not, therein lies another factor that potential exhaust system buyers should use to make an informed decision. If a manufacturer cannot or is not willing to prove his claims or results then "Buyer Beware" Its just that simple, game over!


Ray @ Raylar
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