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Speed Limit On NH lakes

Old 03-08-2007, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by DoTheMath View Post
Cool - thanks for the update... I'm going to be there next Friday to support "our side" to kill this garbage!
Before you go I strongly recommend you read the thread on "How to stop speed limits laws" or something like that. It was posted only about 3-4 weeks ago and it worked for them. Even had a link for boat accident statistics. I'll try to find it.
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Those of us not from NH should definitely try to write and let them know that the economy of Lake Winni will be effected. Let them know that you were going to spend a 2 week or more vacation on the lake purchasing goods and services from local businesses and that with this law being considered you have decided to go elsewhere like Lake Champlain or the Cape. You could follow it up with letters or calls to large buisnesses in the area and let them know you were going to stay and play at their establishment but due to their lawmakers you aren't going to be giving them any money.

Most people only get it if they are hit the pocketbooks.

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Back in 2002, NJ tried to impose a 35mph speed limit on all of the inland tital and non-titdal waterways. After a year long battle, we (and we were the minority in numbers) won and instead convinced the legislature to put through a mandatory safe boating law. All boaters must now show proof that they have passed a safe boating class.

How did we win our fight?

1) Stick to the facts and present them with proof! See the attached file outlining the 2005 USCG Boat Accidents Report. 70% of all accidents nationally were cause by lack of formal boating education / knowledge (not speed) . 70% of the fatalities died by drowning (not speed), etc..

2) It has been proven that Radar / Laser does not work well on boats (see attached testimony from me and a State Police Trooper confirming this)

3) Not all boats have speedometers and if they do most are inaccurate unless they are GPS (see attached testimony).

4) Pick a local radio station with morning talk radio and EMAIL BOMB the radio station with your boat club members. This will hopefully get you PRIME TIME exposure to debate this issue (it worked for us!)

5) Call and make an appointment to visit your local legislators. Present the facts and figures to them (you are in their office and they have no choice but to listen!)

6) Offer a different plan for a solution (like mandatory USCG Safety Course for all boaters)

7) Bring up the potential economic impact of less boaters coming to the area to boat because of speed limits.

See the attached USCG Report on Statistics and the Testimony from 2002 when myself, my dad and Rick Engstrom testified before the pannel here in NJ.

Link to USCG 2005 Boating Accidents Stats:

Attached Files
File Type: pdf
2003 Speed Limit Testimony.pdf (229.5 KB, 30 views)

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For information on this bill and to find out how you can help, please visit.
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The next hearing in Concord is tomorrow and sorry to say I will not make it, too busy with work.
Chris G.
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Anyone have any idea how it went? Anything new or more "I remember one time...." rhetoric from a few island real estate owners?
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Old 03-17-2007, 11:53 AM
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Hmmm look hear MOM the Democrats want to take away our rights and the republicans do not..... GO FIGURE. Well this is a step in the very wrong direction
Put your best foot forward!
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Default Help!! Speedweenies at it again!!

Boat speed pilot plan proposed

[email protected]

CONCORD A proposed speed enforcement pilot program on Lake Winnipesaukee is giving lawmakers a new option to consider as part of their decision on the boat speed limit bill.

The proposal was put before the House Transportation Committee during its Friday morning hearing on HB 847. The bill would place a speed limit on boats with a proposed 45 mile an hour limit during the day time and 25 miles per hour between a half-hour after sunset and a half-hour before sunrise.

David Barrett, director of the Division of Safety Services, said a petition in support of boat speed limits was submitted to the Department of Safety on June 21, 2006. Under RSA 270:12, the department was required to answer the petition and held internal discussions.

On Sept. 25, following discussion on the petition, Commissioner Richard Flynn proposed a decision that would put in place a pilot speed monitoring program on Lake Winnipesaukee.

According to the proposal, two speed zones would be established this year. One would go from Bear Island, southwest of the mainland to Pine Island, while the other would start at Rattlesnake Island and run southeast toward Sleeper Island.

Barrett said the department will collect data on the program to see if it is enforceable. Implementation would depend on the House's decision on the boat speed bill. If the bill is retained, Barrett said the program could be implemented on the committee's decision.

At the request of Committee Chair Jim Ryan, Flynn spoke with the committee over the phone to explain the program.

While Ryan originally expressed trepidation over the Department of Safety's proposal presented "at the 11th hour," he later said it gave the committee a third option besides killing or accepting the bill.

"(There is) new discussion of retaining the bill and watching very carefully and seeing what happens," Ryan said. While one of the biggest arguments against the bill is that it is unenforceable, Ryan said if Marine Patrol is able to enforce the zone "than maybe it is enforceable. Retaining a bill does not kill a bill. Clearly what they're looking to do it develop some data."

Ryan said the committee will likely have a decision on the bill by Tuesday.

Friday's hearing saw hours of testimony by a number of interested parties, most of which were from the Lakes Region.

Rep. Sid Lovett, R-Holderness, said the bill was "essentially a way of keeping order. It's a way of saying the Marine Safety Division is in charge"

"Think about everyone, not just a few privileged ones who can afford these machines,"said Rep. Henry Parkhurst, D-Winchester, who said he was nearly run over by a motor boat while on his kayak and given a rude gesture by the boat's driver in response. "I hope this attitude can be changed by a law."

Rep. Chris Christensen, R-Merrimack, said there has not been any immediate urgency to correct safety issues from the safety agencies requiring the speed limit to be put in place. "I find it curious that many of these people say 'I've been boating for 30 years, I'm afraid to go out on the water.'" Christensen said the bill may be more of a way to manage congestion on the lake.

Rep. Al Baldasaro, R-Londonderry, said while he has seen speed abuse on the Broads on Winnipesaukee, "I just don't see enough accountability on the lake" with one to two patrols in that area. He said having a boat speed law would create more court cases and "I hope we are holding equal account to the laws we have."

Ryan said he has received over 1,000 emails and dozens of calls regarding the bill.

"This has been a very citizen engaged process," he said, saying the group of supporters and opponents of the bill was "fairly evenly divided" at the hearing.
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Things you can do to help now.
1. Contact the Transportation Committee tonight if you haven't already.
2. Contact your local Representatives and Senators This will go
the whole house end of the month. Calls and letters work best, then
3. If you haven't already, sign a new petition at to be updated on status
4. Contact the local businesses your frequent that oppose the bill and
them to get involved.
5. Pass this onto everyone you know.

Your freedoms are being taking away without justification! Please
the Transportation Committee members and your local representatives.

Thank you,

Here are the members of the Transportation committee:

Jim Ryan
11 Cricket Hill Way
Franklin, NH 03235-2060
Phone: (603)934-2703
email: [email protected]

Robert W. Williams
149 East Side Dr #183
Concord, NH 03301-5410
Phone: (603)225-9283
email: [email protected]

Peter R. Cote
68 Bowers Street
Nashua, NH 03060-3927
Phone: (603)882-9003
email: N/A

Brenda L. Ferland
267 River Road
Charlestown, NH 03603-4139
Phone: (603)826-5034
email: N/A

Jennifer M. Brown
9 Baldwin Way
Dover, NH 03820-4673
Phone: (603)743-0988
email: [email protected]

C. Pennington Brown
153 Old Hedding Road #40
Epping, NH 03042-2348
Phone: (603)679-1766
email: [email protected]

Howard N. Cunningham
358 Wentworth Hill Rd
Ctr. Sandwich, NH 03227-3330
Phone: (603)284-7778
email: [email protected]

Carole J. Estes
77 Pleasant Street
Plymouth, NH 03264-1114
Phone: (603)536-1274
email: [email protected]

Paul H. Ingersoll Sr.
49 Gordon Avenue
Berlin, NH 03570-1006
Phone: (603)752-4754
email: [email protected]

Maureen A. Nagle
137 Huse Road
Manchester, NH 03103-3000
Phone: (603)622-3047
email: [email protected]

Michael B. O'Brien Sr.
4 Woodfield Street
Nashua, NH 03062-2056
Phone: (603)888-8051
email: [email protected]

Stephen H. Nedeau
PO Box 436
Meredith, NH 03253-0436
Phone: (603)279-4794
email: N/A

George N. Katsakiores
1 Bradford Street
Derry, NH 03038-4258
Phone: (603)434-9587
email: N/A

Sherman A. Packard
70 Old Derry Road
Londonderry, NH 03053-2218
Phone: (603)432-3391
email: N/A

John W. Flanders Sr.
28 Danville Road
Kingston, NH 03848-3406
Phone: (603)642-3640
email: [email protected]

Jean-Guy J. Bergeron
184 Marsh Road
Pelham, NH 03076-3354
Phone: (603)635-7005
email: [email protected]

Mary M. Allen
39 Pond Street
Newton, NH 03858-3415
Phone: (603)382-5665
email: N/A

Peter F. Bergin
PO Box 6295
Amherst, NH 03031-6295
Phone: (603)673-1885
email: [email protected]

David C. Dalrymple
7 Penobscot Avenue
Salem, NH 03079-1531
Phone: (603)898-4527
email: N/A

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