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Can you restore old gas?


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you better make sure theres no phase seperation with the ethenol sitting that long
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Stabil does nothing to increase your octane, or even maintain it. It just helps to keep varnish down in your carbs. If you have fuel in the boat that has ethanol in it, for that long, get rid of it in your car or something else. It all seperates out and knocks the octane down. Gas is cheaper than pistons.
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Originally Posted by dyno View Post
You got some MIS go fast gas layin around you dont need???
Sorry, buddy ... that well dried up two years ago when they swithched providers to Sunoco. No "waste" fuel PERIOD. They put it back in the underground tank and re-sell it again for $5.50/gal.

Pretty good deal while it lasted.
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I was just yankin ya anyhow Chris!!You still workin at the track?
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Pump gas that is vented to the atmosphere starts to go bad, or loose the high ends within 30 days. Since your fuel tanks are vented, and the fuel is a year and half old get rid of it! Burn it in a low performance street car or lawn equipment. Don't keep it in your boat, and don't try mixing it with anything. It's not worth it, unless you really like your engine guy, and want to give him some money!
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I finally got my boat running after 8 months. There was about 60 gal in the tank. I dumped some octane boost and 25 gallons of 93 oct (I have a 525 and it runs off 87), then ran the boat. It was a little ugly at first but it didn't take long (few minutes) for the boat to be running back to her old self. Heading out this weekend to burn of more fuel
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Guys, I filled up at the end of October with 89 octane E10. Placed the appropriate amount of Sta-Bil in it. 79 gallon tank. I do this because when the weather breaks in the winter months I like to take the boat out. This year, only got one run in on November 28th. I've ran the boat twice now in the last couple of weeks. Got half the tank burned out. She still runs like a champ with no knock. I will now top off with fresh gas. I always wait until after I get the first tank ran through to change the fuel/water separating filter to see how much water was in the fuel over the winter. To date, I've never seen more than a couple of small water bubbles. Do this every year. So, my fuel goes 5 months with no ill effects. Your experiences may vary. Oh yeah, this is on a 496 MAG. Only needs 87 octane but I fill up with 89 at year's end to account for any drop off in octane.

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Originally Posted by dyno View Post
The gas in my boat is 18 months old,it has stable in it is it usable? Will PRI fuel additive help? or should I get rid of it?
No, No, and yes
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Originally Posted by Brad Zastrow View Post
I drain mine every year. I can store 30 gal at a time in cans. I fill my cars with it. Takes no time at all to get rid of a 100 gals.

I do the same ,Its not worth taking a chance.The girl friend likes the free gas and I also save it in drums just incase we loose power or have another Huricane,I got caught with no gas on that one

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This may be a stupid question but how do you guys drain the gas out of your boat?? What is the best way to do this?? Do you suck it out through the fill/vent?? Pull fuel line off and let gravity do it's job??
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Quick Reply: Can you restore old gas?

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