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Is this For Real

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I guess this is what makes it hard to believe this is a post he wrote tonight after someone disagreed with one of his solutions. I guess it would be different if anyone would have known of him.

This is real easy, its not opinion its fact with hard data to back it up. For the hundreth time, I do this for a living, Last year I tested over 100 props on different boats. Ive designed props for a few people. Did You or any of the others I doubt it. I tested 4 different drive sets up in the past year on different style boats. I teach people how to drive boats, they pay me to do that. I get paid to test stuff to failure and then ask me to make it better. Nothing self proclaim if you read enough check enough im in over 50 magazines and some industry mags. Been on tv I hold sevral world records when I raced my flat bottom boat. I also directly responisbly for other world records. Im not going into any more detail, I should not have to prove my self, I feel lowered my self enough to even mention any of that. I test this stuff day in day out I already know what prop does what and how it afects the ride, I already know how the trims tabs are going to efect the boat. So when I say somthing people dont want to hear what I have to say. Maybe I need to sugar coat my answer but facts are fact data is data. Then they make comments that they have no idea on what there talking about.
Thers no axe to grind but I will speak up when people say crazy things and put useles and miss leading info in the forum. Its funny the people I helped in this forum love me and there is many, they know who they are. Its only the miss informed that cause me trouble in this forum. In stead of the few making comments ask me and say hey TD or Rich did you ever test this or what will happen if I run this prop on my deal. Dont you think thats the easer way
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Originally Posted by UNSANE View Post
He seems determined, that's for sure. Stingrays are fast little boats. But he got one prior to ther ZP hull and that would have added a few ticks. No Stingray will go through real 2-3 foot chop though. 1' was enough to beat me senseless in mine. I suppose if he throws enough power at it, he could break 100, but if he starts claiming that, and it bugs anyone enough, call his number and call him out with a GPS. See how willing he is to go then.
what model and year was your stingray?
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the guy is 100% full of sh1t, he's been thrown off at least 3 boating boards already.... he has NEVER been able to back up one iota of his claims, anywhere, by anybody, at any time, for any reason, of anything. He's 100% pure BS.
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haa haah its not a 22p or 24p thats for sure a 24p to hit 90 or 100 would have to spin 7700 to 8500rpms I would think lmao art

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Help me out here........... this guy cut up an Alpha unit with a bandsaw, welded it back together and presto, he has a shortie unit????
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Fabricator - It has been done by many different people.
BRAVOS also.
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I had a citation 22 which was not that much different and it was fast as long as the water was glass. 2 - 3 man that would be a snot knocker
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I say we kill him.

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The chop job on the Alpha is one part that seemed entirely feasible to me. Any above average machinist worth his salt could mark that up, cut it, fixture it, and weld it or get it welded back right. Shortening the shaft could be done in a bridgeport mill with a minimum of fixturing and the right hob. There are a few claims that seem to be a stretch, but that's definitely not one of them. I know I could do it if I had the desire to, and I marked his site for reference just in case I ever decide I needed to do it.

Remind me to never get on Mitch's bad side!!!

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Seems this guy has gone through an awfull lot of work making this site and cutting up alpha's and installing hyd steering etc etc if its bull.......or are you just saying his numbers are BS?

someone on here must know this guy.......
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