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Do you help other boaters?

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Boaters and Bikers are in my eyes the nicest people around. I've been helping and getting helped out since I first started boating. My stepdad taught me that it's easier to go to sleep at night when everyone has gotten home safe. I couldn't bare to think that some family got hurt or worse because I didn't stop to see if they needed me. Have fun and be safe!!!
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You bet!!!!
I have always helped boaters in trouble. Last summer a guy on a PWC pulled up to us as we were anchored and told us a family of 6 was stranded on the lake, they blew their out drive and needed a tow. We scrambled to pull up anchor and off to rescue we went. We towed them to the ramp and helped get it loaded.

I just hope others will rescue me if I get in that position.
As satisfactionII said "Do unto others = good karma".

Besides, it's also a federal law if you know of a boat in trouble you must render aid. If your boat is not capable of helping then you must stand by till someone who can help comes.
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I always help but sometimes wonder why!!

Was coming in and there was a storm looming big time. You could tell it was going to be a nasty one. I saw two guys in Kayaks looking clueless. I drove over and pointed out the storm and asked them if they wanted a tow in. They looked at me like I was nuts and said no. I just stayed close for a while and the wind picked up and they were paddling backwards. They finally relented and I towed them in of course now we got drenched from the rain and wind.

The worste one was two years ago. My wife and I were going across the lake in the early am from the cabins we rented to the house we were building. Looked to the right and something seemed wierd. I drove over to find a lady and her daughter in the water with a jet ski flipped over. The daughter was shaking bad and the lady was looking a little frantic. They said they were in the water for 15 min. So I dove in forgetting my brand new Mui Jims on my head!!! Got the ski flipped over and restarted again. I went back to the jet ski place and told them what happened and that I was pissed that they sent people out on the water with no training and if it was not for me the ski would have sank yada yada yada. The ladie that rented the ski looked at me and said I don't care about your glasses and who pays 250 bucks for glasses. She could have offered me anything even a free rental some time and I would have been happy. So next time the people get on my boat and I leave the ski to sink!!!
Put your best foot forward!
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When I was a kid, we lived at Sauble Beach on Lake Huron. My dad had the best rough water boat on the river. The police asked my dad once to help a blow boat cat that had blown up on it's side and was headed for the rocks, the crew could not right it. The police only had a 16' aluminum boat.

Another time he went out to help a ski boat that didn't even make it out the inlet, when she submarined to the bottom.

I guess I was taught at a young age to help whenever possible.
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Absolutely without question. I always maintain that you can't ever beat the water, the best you can hope for is to break even with it and go home safely. I can be a dangerous place at times and lives are at stake.
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I help whenever I can…”hatch up. need help”. towing or docking. We were at the Jax PR last weekend and trying to back into a slip, the current was running pretty strong. I was having a lot of trouble, and there were people in boats in both slips next to where I was docking…..they just watched at the comedy of errors I was making. I was trying for at least 3-5 mins. Then a women from another dock came running to our rescue. She helped with the ropes…and that was all we needed and got backed in the slip with out further problems…So not everyone helps…but for the most part most boaters do. For the rest of the weekend, my daughter and I helped anyone we could dock their boat.
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You guys will love this.

It was a beautiful day on the ocean. I was in my 1981 31' ChrisCraft w/330's & TRS. A guy with a 34' Coyote loaded with Bikini-clad babes and loud pipes starts racing us. After about a mile or so he slows down and is finally dead in the water. I turn around and go back to see if I can help him.

He said the port engine started losing power first, then the starboard shut off instantly. He has no mechanical savvy, so I offer to take a look. The starboard engine had no spark, so I pull off the distributor cap and a piece of the advance spring that had broken had shorted-out the points. That was an easy fix and the girls went nuts when that engine fired back up.
The port engine had spark, but no gas in the carburetor or the fuel separator. The port tank was empty. No crossover fuel system, but the starboard tank was only about 10 minutes from being equally empty too. I towed them in Hillsborough Inlet to a gas dock.
The rest of the story would have to be in "Uncensored" if you catch my drift. (yes, this was a long time ago and I was a much younger man!).
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Originally Posted by offshoredrillin View Post
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Originally Posted by bouyhunter View Post
I always simply thought this was just a rule of the water.
No matter what kind of boat you're required to help. Maybe not legally (but maybe).
I think it's Maritime law.
At least that's the way I've always looked at it.

Taken from the Wisconsin DNR boating Regulations handbook:

"When observing a boat or person displaying a distress
signal showing that such a person or boat is in need
of help, it is the duty of any boat operator observing
such a flag or signal to stop and render aid. No such
signal shall be displayed unless assistance is needed."

I'll always help a fellow boater as long as it's not a sparkly fishing boat
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I always try and help.

Heres one i have for you. I could spend my entire time on the lake doing nothing but helping people. I was at the ramp with a guy saying his battery was no good, but if i jumped him he would be fine. Those people are all over the lake broke down. I see people ALL the time.

So everyone that helps everybody, do you spend your entire time boating helping people? Just curious where some of you cut it off. I am all about helping, just dont want to spend all my lake time doing it.
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