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What is it about poker runs?

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It's about being with 3-4 friends, running 60 mph, with 30 boats running side by side across Biscayne Bay, and thinking this is just the coolest day you've ever had boating
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I've had as much fun (or more) cruising at 45 mph with a group of friends at the back as I have running with the lead pack. Just decide before you go that you're going to have fun, and you will.
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Originally Posted by WARPARTY36 View Post
This is a subject we need to kick back and discuss over a couple of cold ones It's all about being around the like minded people. Yes, you find the occasional douchebag, but that is rare.

It's about(and it pisses me off while they are doing it) people damn near stopping next to you on the interstate just to get a picture of your rig.

It's about people asking the dumbest questions that you've ever heard at gas stations. Last week I had MC's 44MTI Hammertime and this guy walks up and says "God that's got to be a 24 footer" or "that thing must of cost $50,000".

It's about running through the mangroves on the way to Key West like you are in a dream.

It's about walking down Duvall in Key West and from 2 blocks away someone screams "OU Want Some?!!" and you reply "OU Know it!!!"

It's about having dinner and drinks with Randy Scism, Mike Fiore, Skip Braver, or Trond.

It's about seeing and running with the finest hardware imaginable.

It's about getting the E-Dock crew together with the SBRT crew(when their junk runs long enough to show up ) and talking smack over a few cocktails and having the time of our lives.

But most of all, it's about the people. We have met some of the best people in the country(from Canada to south Florida to California and everywhere in between) and consider them friends.

Well said bro. Nothing beats the stories from the runs. You can meet someone on Friday morning and by Sunday have a friend for life. It's the only environment that I feel comfortable in (Besides Blue Martini of course ). Good seeing everyone.
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Originally Posted by insptech View Post
It's about being with 3-4 friends, running 60 mph, with 30 boats running side by side across Biscayne Bay, and thinking this is just the coolest day you've ever had boating
Ditto! It's about being with your friends, running 55-70MPH with 30-35 other boats (and some run 80+ so you're not in the front of the pack by any means).

It's leaving the first port and hearing the roar of 30+ boats.

It's seeing the faces of people standing at marinas taking picture after picture of 30+ fastboats all coming in at the same time, tieing off one another and row after row after row of beauty!

It's making friends, making memories and having a blast.

I would highly recommend a smaller run first personally. We are doing 1000 Island's this year. My husband has been boating for 10 years and me, 4 years. This will be our first big poker run from what we've been told. While I know we'll have a great time, I don't think it'll be anywhere near the fun we experience with the two poker runs we do in our area (thanks to Stevo and Scott!).
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here is our team We are in it to see the real fast boats go by and party. Everyone is in it for a differnt reason, and like others have said each poker run is differnt, some bring out the big dogs with all the HP and some have a bit of that but a lot of the average joe's, been to both types and each has been fun.
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Originally Posted by t500hps View Post
I'm going to use that some day....tape measure is a good analogy.
I've got a decent boat but don't need to be the center of attention. When our last PR started I was 1/4 mile behind the start swimming in the water with a few other friends. About 10 minutes after the start we climbed in the boats and headed to the first stop. Some consider it a race, I consider it a party!!!! Have fun and BE SAFE!!!!
Russ, must be some party if you drink like you did when Neil and i came down to look at the Tiger.....
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Like has already been stated,there are all types of Runs and all types of particpants, from the freindly folks that dont care your driving a slower/older/smaller boat, to the "tapemeasure" ones that look down on anyone who doesnt have a $500k 100+ mph monster.
Like any motorsport some people are always gonna take it to the extreme. Some poker runs IMHO have gone too far when the boats are running 140+ mph especially on lakes that are open to the public . Eventually one of these is gonna wreck into a family boat out for the day and end up having most poker runs banned or insured out of existence.
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Hey bubba..thanks for the input.. That put it into perspective for me..I got to experience a lot of that on my way back from the Great Lakes towing the banana.. Ill be up at bruhouse tonite, you gonna make it out?

Ill definately be signed up for the next poker run that I can get involved with..

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Originally Posted by omerta one View Post
One band camp, err I mean poker run.........

That's good stuff right there!
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There is nothing like hearing a large group of performance boats nailing it for the first card stop. Even if you're at the back of the pack.
Seem's to me there are two kind's of Poker Run's.
1) You wear your Life Jacket the whole run, 'cause you're gonna run hard.
2) Wear the jacket to the first card stop, and cruise with some short burst on the way to the rest of the stops. You don't even have to make all the stops - they'll give you make up cards before dinner.

Have a good time, see the hardware, and everything else there is to see.
There is only one that is gonna be the fastest, and there is only one that is gonna win the Poker Hand. Highly unlikely they will be one in the same. Don't expect to be either of them. Just have a good and safe time on the water.
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