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Selling the Chief Powerboat

Old 06-20-2007, 06:46 AM
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Default Selling the Chief Powerboat

The owner of the Chief powerboat " First Mohican" (And only Mohican) is working most of his time in England and wants to sell his boat

Listed here on OSO


He has only run this boat once this summer so far and that was just a clean out run from being stored all winter

Owner will consider any type of trades or any RESONABLE offer

The boat runs fantastic in the rough water (and calm seas) and has a stunning paint job done by Mitcher T

Boat is powered with 950 EFI Chief engines hooked to #6 drives

Boat comes with a custom Integrity trailer with hydraulic jack stand, drive guard, and many interesting upgrades as well

Boat is kept in inside rack storage In Michigan

Do we try putting it up on e bay ????? Has anyone had good luck with bigger boats selling them on E Bay

Any one with questions or interest feel free to contact me at
616-846-1569 or
email [email protected]
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Old 06-20-2007, 07:10 AM
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What year is that hull?
I can't talk about it right now, it's being handled by the Postal Inspector. Those guys don't mess around!
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Do we try putting it up on e bay ????? Has anyone had good luck with bigger boats selling them on E Bay

I have never sold a boat on ebay but it did generate some interest outside of ebay. With a boat such as this, I don't know that it would really do anything for you.
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i will give him 100000.00 that sounds reasonanble to me or trade him my 28 skater straight up deal or no deal just kidding hay marc how ya doing
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Old 06-20-2007, 08:45 AM
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My guess is with EBAY you are going to get some tire kickers but not really anyone willing to pay what the seller needs.

Hell, even my 1995 36' Apache was on Ebay before I bought it and I never once bothered to contact the seller. It was two months past he had it listed on Ebay that I decided to give the seller a call.

That boat needs a buyer that really appreciates it for what it is and the creativity that Bobby put into it. I wish I was in the market for an upgrade like that but it just isn't in the cards at this time.

Another thing is the fact that there aren't any others out there. It is the lone chief. For many buyers that would concern them with regards to resale.

As far as the price point is concerned It seems to me that the asking price is reasonable enough to at least warrant some offers. However, I would guess that once she finally goes it will be more in the upper 200k's.

It definately is a piece of art. I wish I could swap that out for my 36'.
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The boat is stamped as a 2006

The hull was molded a few years prior to it being built out and rigged

The hull sat indoors un completed after being molded for a number of years under a different name (I belive the company name at the time was Nu Tec) The boat was built from a modified Apache mold by Bobby Saccenti

When Chief bought the molds they bought this bare hull as well as one other one set up for trips

The boat wasnt rigged or registered until 2006 when it saw water for the first time

It runs incredible

It has small steps in the bottom with a reverse chine that makes it turn like it is on rails

The boat is capable of living up to its lineage and will make some one a great ride

True the company is apparently not building any other boats but this boat is still a great 43' Modified Apache with all the performance and durability that goes along with the backround of these boats

The owner knows that being a one off is not a great selling point but if it was a main stream boat it would be selling for a lot more money

For the right person this boat would make for an incredible boat that will run in the toughest water out there

I have personally driven this boat in 6 to 8 footers in Lake Michigan and it absolutly spanks the water
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I sold my Formula 382 last year through eBay, after advertising here and other boating sites. All the calls from OSO were bottom fishers with no cash.

Believe it or not, there are boaters (like my buyer) who have never heard of OSO.
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I find it amusing all the experts on the board and who "know it all"... seems everyone is an "expert"

If I had the cash or was in the market for a bigger rough water boat, I would be all over it. The price is right and the boat runs great.

For all the naysayers, just stay out of it...

Marc, I too listed my last boat on ebay... Although it didn't sell as a result of the auction, a few months later someone who saw it on there contacted me. Everyone who called me from the OSO add were just fishing, no one had cash...
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Regardless of all the jibber jabber, it's a beautiful boat. I've seen it first hand and it's stunning. I sure wish I was in the league to own it.

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If you want to sell it you should list it as many places as you think potential buyers look for boats. E-bay OSO, powerboat, if there are local publications in Fla and CA and so forth. Maybe an open listing to a few brokers?

As you know to get $400K for a one off boat you are going to have to find the right buyer. Each month the boat sits your opportunity cost is $2,593 as that is the amount of interest you would get on $389K at 8%.

If it sits for a year you lost $31K.

A 2006 Cig 42X in the classifieds is $489K with 850's and 6's and would be in the same class as far as lookers I would think. $89K difference for known brand VS a one off, is it enough? I don't know. 46 Rough riders for low $400's.

I'd also check to see if there are publications over seas that you could list it with.

Personally I think the mid 300's and you'd probably get a lot of interest. For a boat in the 80K to $200K I think you get a lot of tire kickers, when you're talking a $400K boat thats above most of the middle class's range and people that have money are your buyers. It needs to be a "good deal" to them.
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