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Engine Hours to Car Miles Calculation

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Originally Posted by THLWL View Post

I have a couple of posts going on this (see General Tech Support where it starts out at "Corsa...)". Merc. says it was the "modified exhaust" (Corsa Capt. Call) and not their baby. Corsa says there is nothing in their exhaust causing this. Machine shop says valve stem to guide tolerance it too tight. 4 weeks later and I finally get tired of all the finger pointing and lack of acceptance of responsibility and proceed to (hopefully) repair the motors at my costs (for now). This is a big issue locally (2 other 525's are currently failed with similar symptoms which were built about 6 months before mine) and the local Merc. Rep. is of little help. I would think that Merc. would have flown in someone from the factory for these issues which are located about 1/2 mile apart.

Wow, the whole situation just stinks. Did it end up dropping the valve? It is very strange that 2 other 525's are having the same problems that were built around the same time period.

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General rule of thumb, i'd say 100 miles in a car = 1 engine hour on a boat. But like any rule of thumb, it's not applicable to everything, and in most cases, it really doesn't mean anything. my old mans boat has 1800 hours on the 454's, but it's a cruiser. 180,000 miles equivalent and still going strong, by my rule of thumb.

Take a supercharged big block engine in about the only automotive application where you'd find that nowadays - drag racing - and your 112 hours is the same as 11,200 miles. Figuring half of that in the car would be 1/4 mile at a time, that's not too far off. Although I do agree that a failure at 112 hours is unacceptable for a 525. For a 1075, that might be acceptable.

Put a blower on your car engine, the life will shorten dramatically. Run your boat around N/A, and spend 95% of the time under 3500 rpm, and it'll life a long happy life.
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I still say the miles to hours conversion doesn't make any sense.....

So if X hours is equal to X miles...... what's the difference between these boats that are kept on lakes? The lake boats are "highway miles" and the ocean boats are "offroad hours"?

I really think it's a silly comparision...I'll stick with hours, more importantly the type of hours (cruising vs. WOT).
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My truck, 06' silverado, has aprox 950hrs and 25k miles.
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With some guys 1 hour of running was a lifetime for that engine.
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The calculation could balance out if the car side of the equation had the car going uphill, towing a trailer at its tow limit, floored, going through 6 inches of water, in 100 degree air temp. Add a full tank of gas, a trunk full of beer kegs, a canoe on the roof, and a deer strapped to the hood.

Add some ladies in the front and back seats for good measure. Those car to boat hours just might come close!

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Originally Posted by THLWL View Post
...Machine shop says valve stem to guide tolerance it too tight...
That certainly doesn't sound like anything CORSA did. Exactly what happened/failed in the engines?
Retired! Boating full-time now.
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The end result was 1 valve on each engine struck a piston.
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I don't think you can compare the two.....unless your car weights 5000-10000 lbs and you are pushing it thru flood water at 60 plus mph at WOT. IMHO
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