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How much on avg

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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
The monthly boat payment is usually the cheapest part
Thats very true in most cases, I spent just over $700 in gas last month I only have a single 7.4mpi. But I use the HELL out of it
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Originally Posted by V i p e r View Post
for the up keep of a boat......

I went out and looked at a boat today..... and while there i asked about the up keep on a boat....

The sales guy told me $3000 a month(not including gas of course)... is that about right.... sounds like he was talking about the slip, storage, maint......

I need to find a way to get out on the water.....

What size boat was this, a 100 footer?

I think you really have to do your own math on this. Different areas of the country have different costs for the same thing. A new boat will require less in repairs than an older one, but an older one is less expensive. A new or newer boat will have a warranty. Single engine boats cost less to operate and maintain than twins. Dry storage can cost a lot less than a slip or rack storage. Purchasing a used boat that has been well maintained will cost you less when you get it than one that has been neglected. As someone mentioned, you can do your own maintenance. A smaller boat is less expensive than a big one. A faster and/or more expensive boat will cost your more in insurance.

Good luck!

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OK, let try this....

Can we list the cost...... i'm clue less with regards to the maint of a boat.....

Boat loan
Storage(dry, slip, rack storage)

Now that i think about it, maybe that not a good idea......

Think i will be-friend some-one who already has a boat......

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Storage will vary tremendously depending where you live and what kind of storage you want.
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I have a friend with a older 50 something foot yacht,he says his annual maint cost is about 10% of the price of the boat,about 35,000$,Smitty
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Viper, always remember that if it....Floats, Flys or F*ck's it is cheaper to rent it!

A lot of what you are asking depends on the size and cost of the boat. SeaRays and other cruiser type of boats will require more maintenance because they have more things on them (refrig, tv, generator, sink, vacu-flush, converter to make hot water and so forth) to go bad.

Figure out what type of boating you will like to do and the size of boat with the payment of said boat you can afford. Then go to your local marina and find out what the charge per foot to store your boat. If you know the fuel burn and MPG you can figure out approx. what you will spend in fuel. Then call you insurance agent and find out about insurance. If the boat is new you will have warranty but if not maintenance depends on the boat.

If you by a used boat get it professionally surveyed!!!!!
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Originally Posted by FeverMike View Post
...SeaRays and other cruiser type of boats will require more maintenance because they have more things on them (refrig, tv, generator, sink, vacu-flush, converter to make hot water and so forth) to go bad.
To some extent, that's correct, but not really.

Performance boats get run a lot harder than cruisers. And most of that "extra" stuff on a cruiser requires very little maintenance.

On a performance boat, your outdrives are getting worked a lot harder, you have more expensive hardware, such as steering and trim tabs, to take care of, and everything just gets beat up more. Most cruisers run around at 3000 rpm all day. My dad changes the oil in his boat (38' Chris Craft commander) once a season, whether it needs it or not, and he's got about 1800 hours on those mills. On a performance boat, you change the oil every 20 hours or so, and the higher-dollar motors get torn down every 300 hours, if not sooner, and you spend big bucks going through them. On a cruiser, if you have outdrives, you change the oil once a year, maybe every two years. And a lot of cruisers have inboards. Most people never touch the transmissions in their cruiser.

Props are more expensive on a performance boat. Gauges are more expensive. Everything has to be bling-bling, that's big $$.

It's just a totally different level of care and maintenance to keep a performance boat running well and running safely.

Maintenance is more critical on a performance boat as well. If something goes wrong at 60+, it's can be a big problem. On a cruiser, you're loafing along at 20-25 mph, and if the **** hits the fan, well, you're only going 20-25 mph.

A cruiser has more systems to winterize, but most of those systems don't require much work, other than winterizing them. Change the oil in the generator once a year, and winterize it in the fall. Dump some antifreeze in the fresh water tank in the fall, flush it out in the spring. Not too much work or maintenance involved. If stuff breaks it costs money, but a lot of times you can go without those extra systems, so it's not like you're done boating until you can get your generator or your refrigerator fixed.
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Boat payment, Insurance, slip, winterize and shrink wrap and oil change. $943.00/month.27 Fountain. Include gas and beer? Yikkes! JC
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In Oklahoma we are paying $8 per foot for a slip. Basi cost will be:


The gas and maintenance will vary depending on how well you take care of your boat and how much you use it. I figure $1500 for my 35' Cig per month.
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