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I Need To Vent!

Old 07-17-2007, 10:35 AM
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Default I Need To Vent!

Back when I was kid road my motorcycle in old peach orchard next to my house 100+ acres. Cops would come out with their cars and try to catch us (1970's). When I got old enough to drive got into lifted 4x4 trucks (1980's). Got hassled by the cops everywhere I went on and off road. Next got into standup jetski (1985) got pulled over just about every time you would pass the marine police. In 2002 finally I could buy a Skater after seeing them at the NY boat show in 1984. Is it just me or is anybody else notice that the fun police are everywhere especially at the lunch stops waiting. This cat and mouse game is getting old.
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Old 07-17-2007, 10:39 AM
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knock on wood, i havent been pulled over by the marine police in 4 seasons...22' big block Avanti, 29 Scarab, 30 Spectre w O/B's, 353 Fastec etc...

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When I was in my early twenties I used to get pulled over (18' Donzi), I think just because I was young and it was a Donzi (this happened primarily in the Avalon to Wildwood, NJ area). But, when I was boating in my father's 15' Whaler witth my friends, I never ever was hassled. And there were times we probably should have been hassled when I was in the Whaler. Noisy boats, or hot-rod looking type boats get the officer's attention.

Now my father had an excessively loud 27' Magnum, and he was only stopped once in 18 years (on Barnegat Bay, no ticket issued). If you are older they seem to cut you slack. Just my $.02
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Well they suck down here, you gonna get f'd with just about everytime you go to the sandbars.
They used to be scared to mess with the bigger boats with fancy paint jobs for fear of scratching them, that ain't the case anymore is it ROB

Hell they even tried to give our passenger a bui- lol dumb azz game warden didn't realize the wheel was on the other side of the boat.
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Old 07-17-2007, 01:29 PM
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I think it depends on where you are. Around here, I think the cops realize that most of the drunks are the ones with 9 people in a small cruiser, or a big cooler strapped to the swim platform on a bowrider. Most of the guys with the really fast boats are more responsible because they know they can get in trouble in a hurry.
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Yep - I'm tired of it. Give me back my freedom.
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Not to be a smart a$$.
But the only common factor in your "problematic encounters" with the police seems to be............

Sometimes it's better to keep a low profile.
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I can pretty much plan on being pulled over almost every time out whether I'm in my boat or my parents party barge. A group of young people having fun just seems to attract a lot of attention. Now that I've been checked a few times and the usual deputies and w & f guys know I have my schit together they don't bother me as much.
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My jet-ski buddies and I plan on getting pulled over everytime we are on the water,,, we are also all boaters and know and pretty much obey the water rules. They watch us like hawks and follow us around like lost children,, while boats fly in and out of the ramp, pass closer than 100 feet, makes wakes in no wake zones,, ridiculous.... We just dont stop for them anymore, pretend we don't see their little blue light and just plain ignore them..
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I got stopped this weekend past , said my regestration numbers were hard to see , black on red hull , guy was a a$$
it was a normal saturday and i had had 4 or so beers over the course of probably 6 hours , so doing the math i was a long ways from being impaired , but the 21 year old marine police man could not figure out how to use his breathaliser machine
he had the nerve to tell me that i had luck on my side , and wrote me up for abstucted view of reg. numbers and told me that he didnt want to see me on the water till i had that fixed , and the next time he saw me he would have figured out how to test my breath.
aint that some chit
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