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Ottawa County Sheriff on the loose

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Originally Posted by MitchStellin View Post
We were there last nite, Larry says the rest of the dock is going to be slips next year, no more Oral Gables I can't believe they sold out to the dock sitters, we used to get 50+ boats on that dock. Saugatuck is now closed and dead. Go to Pigeon Lake (Port Sheldon), it has become a good spot but no nite life.
We all had more fun in Saugatuck this year then Grand Haven!!
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What was the ticket for?
Sound, 97 db, 93 db w/ slient choice on (496's)
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Originally Posted by BL6 View Post
Sound, 97 db, 93 db w/ slient choice on (496's)
Wow! 93 with silent choice on? How are we suppose to get under 90db?
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Originally Posted by Magic Medicine View Post
I would tell the cop to get bent before I would pull off the beach to do a noise check!
The problem with most Cops is their us against them mentality. In their mind your already a criminal and everyone lie's, etc. Cops are trained to take control of situations, argue with them and they will step up to the level neccessary to maintain that control over you; someone in their head that's already "guilty" of something.
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Originally Posted by Phknlwyr View Post
When a police officer orders you to start your engine for a db test, politely refuse. It's not like a breath test that counts against you if you refuse. I would love to see what they try and cite you for when you refuse. I'll take that citation before a judge every day of the week and have the officer explain that he ticketed you for refusing to pull your boat off of a sandbar and start it up.
I totally agree! The only problem is he'll probably be waiting for you when you leave, now that you have do a thorough job of pi$$ing him off. These guys have a new toy (db gun) and agenda given to them by the homeowners who bought next to the railroad tracks and can't stand the noise of the trains.
The REAL crime here is not allowing the use of switchable exhausts- a lot of $$$ is spent to have these systems, and most use them in an effort to be respectful in the marinas and other noise-sensitive areas. It's the area of the law that needs the most work, IMHO.
Everyone is sensitive to noise of one type or another- I've been working on private jets for 25+ years and can't stand the noise of them anymore, and I don't care much for cars that have been turned into vibratory spam cans from hip-hop playing subwoofers. And, sorry to those that own them with open pipes, but I can't stand Harleys-they easily exceed 100+db, and the law is doing nothing about them. I live on the river on a scenic route, and I can hear them coming from miles away (BTW, I have no problem with muffled ones)

I still love the sound of an offshore performance boat , and I don't see the problem in just letting us enjoy them as long as we are respectful. Kevin is right- politicians are stupid, and if you do the work for them, some good might come from it.
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Originally Posted by J.B. Marshall View Post
You are kidding about Vermont.... They are one of the toughest states going, if you sneeze to loud they will write you up and then if you don't use enviroment safe tissue you will get another violation.

Vermont, Above 82 decibels Prohibited = Civil Violation $300
82db my dog barks louder than that
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We got warned while touring Lake Michigan a month ago. I sent an email to the mayor and all of the city council members expressing my dispeasure, and that i would not spend money in GH again.

I got no response. Zero. Nada. Nyet. Nothing.

They don't care if another performance boat ever goes there.
Retired! Boating full-time now.
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Originally Posted by onesickpantera View Post
I agree up north is great! I boat on the Bay and Torch lake 90% of the time and the cops don't even give me a second look. But I am concerned that this may spread throughout the state.

And the fact that these cops are pulling this crap and getting away with it irritates the chit out of me!
I have a friend who is a State cop. He has a Pantera with a 468 and 4 in exhaust. Loud for sure. He was kicked off Torch and told by one of his H2O brothers that he could only run on the big water on tues. and thurs. Reason: All the "cotton tops" around the Marina didn't like the sound of his boat. He can't be loud but they can stand on thier porches and flip him off as he goes by?!?!? I can see the noise being a problem at night but....

You guys are right, it is a money thing. But society is getting soft too. My opinion, keep your loud exhaust. Don't conform to today's society. My .02
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Originally Posted by Playn View Post
You'd think these clowns would be kissing your azz for spending money there. Just what Michigan needs...egotistical cops driving tourists away along with the jobs
WOW - ain't that the truth!!! I have been in the south for about a month now and here is just another reason why everyone is from OH & MI.

That's amazing that they are doing that.
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The following is a list of DECIBEL INTENSITIES taken from Encarta 2005.

0-Threshold of hearing
10-rustle of leaves, a quiet whisper
20-average whisper
20-50-quiet conversation
40-45-hotel, theater between performances
50-65-loud conversation
65-70-traffic on a busy street
75-80-factory noise( light/medium work)
90-heavy traffic
110-140-jet aircraft at takeoff
130-threshold of pain
140-190-space rocket on takeoff
This Cat is trying to keep up with the Big Dogs
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