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Is this site still called offshoreonly?

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Well ... I must of missed those threads...
Usually when I see a thread topic that does not spark my interest, I wont read.
You guys khow if I don't like something, I make it loud and clear! As well as bring it to Jeffrey's attention if its way out of hand.
I will agree that is too much!
Maybe it was missed by Jeffrey....
As you guys know, he will say something if not liked. It just doesn't seem like something he would tolerate!!

Were there any emails sen't to jeffrey about this topic ????

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Baja Bob....those them thare best cheesecakes come from the City of Brotherly Love....Philadelphia!!!! How is it going??? Are you pumped up for the big game this weekend????? I have the Eagles winning by two points!!!!! In overtime!!! Yep, that is correct....the Eagles will score a safety in overtime to take out the Bucs!!! Now, that is what I call a prediction!!! Good luck Baja!!!!

DMan...and the D is for the Eagles main man, Donavan McNabb!!!!!
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D Man
Good to hear from you, Look for the stand out from UCLA to have a big day ( you were right about him )Sat is going to be a big day in Phila, First # 88 comes back for his first game as a Ranger the FU center will be rocking! Then we move across the street to the vet and knock off the Bucs. Now if we can on get those 76ers going in the right direction. Keep a eye on ST Joe's they will make some noise in march.
“He who is unaware of his ignorance will be only misled by his knowledge.”

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When it comes to the things of God, it's hard for me not to speak up. I usually don't bring it up because I understand that it's NOT always appropriate and I know and realize that. I know that a boating forum may not be the best place to do it, but it's when someone else brings up the topic of God(good or bad), that I respond because it is an interest of mine. Not only is it an interest of mine, but it's more like a part of who I's in my heart and in-grained in me. As a Chirstian, and though I am human and make mistakes, my intent is not out to condemn anyone, or call them names. Neither do I try to stuff God and the bible down anyone's is their choice as to accept it or not, but as long as they're willing to dicuss it I am only guilty of repsonding to others with what I believe is the Truth. I am sure most of you probably don't have a problem with that.

What does bother some or most of you is that it was brought up on a boating forum, and I truely understand that and accept some of the responsiblility with it, however I was not the one who brought up the subject of God or the Christians, but was merely responding to it as I believe. For that, I am guilty. I guess I try to look at the BIG picture and what life is really about...we can't ignore it forever and when these deep matters pop up it upsets people because they are the true issues of the heart. Even now I am sure that what I am saying is offensive to others but I truely mean no offense. As I have stated in an earlier post; 99% of the time I'm talking boat/engines on this forum...the other 1% is what I am talking about right now.
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Well said, KAAMA.
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Uncle Toys
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I agree with RiverGirl, if you don't like it, don't read it. It would be nice if people could put a little more explanation in their topic lines. This would help everyone find the threads they want to read.
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..when did everyone become so serious??..thought this was supposed to be fun? ..I think people need to take a breath sometimes!!

Life is too short!!

Just my .02, as they say..Have a Good Weekend All!!
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I'm witcha on this one 'Shot......
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The only reason I log in is to stuff more bull**** than I can humanly manage into the feeble space I call my brain... that way, work seems like a breeze.

Chatting with idiots like supercrumb make Lawyers, Bankers and accountants seem like Superstars... lotsa helpful "communication" tips, a virtual seminar of psych:

...Like how Manatees relate to the ongoing threat of terrorism. Great logic thread. Provided me an excellent foundation for dealing with patent attorneys later that day. Confused the heck out of 'em, didn't have to pay for the call! Got the answers I needed :-) Didn't need to use the "kick y'er teeth in lines, either! Bonus!!

The ongoing God-talk really provides a deserved break from cap-tables and funding traunches. Just think, the Mental Giants of Powerboating openly arguing the Foundation of Religion. The hierarchy of all human belief, Joe Campbell’s theological mythogy theory in all its splendid glory, a working metaphysical model on display for the common man.

This is all truly great stuff... let's not squash it!

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I agree that this is alot different from last winter. Not calling it a bad thing, just a lower number of topics that interest 'me' this year. Last year I spent at least 2 hrs to read the all the topics of interest, now 15-20 min, at most. I pass over 3/4 of todays topics in the Gen. section.
Always read the funnys though! You still gotta have laughs.
Some people are like Slinkies - Not really good for anything, but they
bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.
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