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Does Your State Have a Sound Law for Boats?

Old 09-19-2007, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by baditude View Post
luckily lake of the ozarks doesn't have one that i know of if they do they don't enforce it if they do theres alot of people including myself that will be in alot of trouble over it

The water patrol at LOTO has kicked off dozens of OSO members for loud boats.

It's like speeding on the interstate, most do it and only a few get caught but they do ask you to put it on the trailer at LOTO.

Griff got that invitation and the US-1 Freedom skater also got the boot also a few years ago.
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They have kicked 4 boats off of Lake Perry (Kansas) in the past 2 months. Our law is much more stringent than Missouri's. 86 dB's, water exit exhaust or unaltered mufflers and NO Captains Call. This new-this-year law has made about 1/2 the boats on our lake illegal. Wait until we power boats all get kicked off and we insist that they check all of the old house boats. Most have thru transom exhaust and few have mufflers.
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Originally Posted by CigDaze View Post
That's because in order to perform the test you'd have to violate at least one other law in most states, and I'm sure most sensible cops don't want to be within 50' of any boat operated at WOT.
I'd love to see that test done on say a 36 Skater with a couple 1150's.

Here is a description of California's law as published by the Southern California Marine Association. What's interesting is they can can ticket you within 5 miles of the Nevada or Arizona border, although it's not clear if inside or outside the border (sound like outside).

Oh, and you can thank that wonderful National Marine Manufacturers Association for endorsing these noise laws. Brilliant.

AB 1555 (California's new boat noise law) was passed by the State
Senate on September 2, 2003 and passed by the Assembly on September 5,
2003. The new law amends, repeals and adds to existing Sections 654, 654.05
and 654.03 of the Harbors and Navigation Code.
Essentially, California has adopted the “Model Noise Act” which is a boat
noise standard now law in about twenty states and is endorsed by the NMMA.
The key elements of the bill are:

1. Effective January 1, 2005 — all motorized recreational boats must
meet the following noise standard — (the J2005 test) — for engines manufactured
after January 1, 1993 must meet a maximum decibel limit of 88
dB(A) measured at idle speed one meter (39 inches) behind the transom.
Engines manufactured before January 1, 1993 are allowed a maximum of
90 dB(A). (the J1970 test) — no boat shall exceed a maximum of 75
decibels when measured at the shoreline (regardless of distance or speed).

2. This law now includes BOTH inland waters and coastal waters. It
also stipulates that a person may not operate a motorized vessel in or
upon inland or coastal waters within one mile of the coastline of the state
in a manner that exceeds the stated noise limits.

3. This law also states that a person may not manufacture for sale a
motorized vessel that is not equipped with a muffler or a muffler system
as of January 1, 2005. (SCMA fought for language which was added to the
law that states that thru-the-prop exhaust satisfies the definition of a
muffler or muffler system)

4. Nevada also operates under the “Model Noise Act” — however
Arizona does not. However, California law enforcement agencies can
enforce this law up to five miles from the California/Arizona border.


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i have 3500 in fines here in indiana for our nightclub noise ordinance. they are ruining boats and businesses .
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Originally Posted by Blewbyyou View Post
Has anyone put mufflers on their boats because of these laws? Does anyone WANT to buy mufflers because of these laws?
I had to install mufflers down at LOTO to comply with the 90db limit at idle... LOTO does stop and enforce the noise laws and I have a $125.00 Ticket to show for it, no warning just Sign Here and you have to put up the boat...

Found some on eBay and spent around $1K to install 6" GGB Inserts and it quieted me down enough...heck I even got stopped again the day I put them on by the same WP officer to see if I had done it...
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I would suggest everyone read their local laws I was surprised to find some very interesting loop holes in both the noise and speed laws on my lake. My local lake patrol is more worried about speed as they cannot test correctly for noise as they don't have the certification or the tester. i never really understood the cutout or switchable exhaust being illegal in NY?? when I am up in lake george they seem to enforce noise more than speed and we dodged a bullett this season on my lake as the local gov't wanted to decrease the speed limit at night, the local marina and restaurants ran a grass roots campaign and stopped it nice to see democracy still works now and then
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My local lake is 88db, no switch, but the noise restrictions are lifted for: Poker Runs, Hydrofest, antique hydro demo's, July 4th., Labor Day, last weekend of Sept. and Oct. for some reason. I dont think our cops enforce most laws. Like no wake 100 yards off shoreline or docks. People do both all the time, even water ski from the launch ramp dock in front of our lake lice riding deputies!!!!
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