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Filling Up Fuel Tank Before Winter Storage

Old 09-26-2007, 05:02 PM
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everyone around here puts in seafoam. never heard of any problems
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Originally Posted by Pwrbt33 View Post
Thats correct! With the new E-10 fuels you want to get as much fuel out of the boat as possible.
Have done so the last couple years and will be doing to both boats this year. Then fresh fuel in the spring.
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Yes, get it out, treat what is left and add new in Spring. Gas looses its pop in as little as a month, there is no way to preserve it.
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Last fall, many stations around here were advertising ethanol free fuel. Can't seem to find any this fall. If I don't find one, I'm not going to fill it up as I used to do.
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If your fuel has ethanol, here is what the Environmental Protection Agency says.

"Water vapor, however, dissolves in gasoline very slowly,
even at very high humidity. For example, at a constant
temperature of 100 degrees F and relative humidity of 100%, it
would take well over 200 days to saturate one gallon of gasoline
in an open gasoline can (assuming the only source of water is
water vapor from the air). Water absorption from the air is far
slower at lower temperatures and humidities. (At a temperature
of 70 degrees and relative humidity of 70%, it would take over
two years to saturate one gallon of conventional gasoline in the
same gasoline can.)"

"Water phase separation in any gasoline is most likely to
occur when liquid water comes in contact with the fuel. (Water
in the form of moisture in the air will generally not cause phase
separation.) Water which is in solution with gasoline is not a
problem in any engine, but as a separate phase it can prevent
an engine from running or even cause damage."

"For any gasoline, simple precautions to prevent phase
separation from occuring should be taken. First of all, gasoline
should not be stored for long periods of time, especially during
seasonal changes which usually have large temperature changes
associated with them. (For both oxygenated and conventional
gasolines, gumming can also occur which is detrimental to any
engine.) If it is unavoidable to store gasoline for a long period of
time, one should be sure that the tank is full to prevent condensation
of water from the air, and the addition of a fuel stabilizer should
be considered. Lastly, care should be taken not to allow water
into the fuel sytem while filling fuel tanks or operating
the engine -- in the form of rain or a spash, for example."

Here is more info EPA Paper on Water Separation in E10


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Old 09-26-2007, 11:08 PM
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My tech said as little as possible. I have about a 1/4 tank. Previously added Startron and tech to add stabil once winterized. Should I add more Startron?
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