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Relocating to Havasu ???'s

Old 01-12-2002, 09:43 PM
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Post Relocating to Havasu ???'s

Unfortunately it looks like I am going to be single again myself as is the current trend around here. With that in mind I have been thinking of moving back out west and Havasu is at the top of my list. I spent most of my summers on the Parker Strip/Havasu and have really missed the place since I moved east.

Anyone here from that area or familiar with it?

I have found tons of houses via but I really want to rent before I buy.
I am looking to rent a house, maybe 1500 sf or so. Pool optional but strongly desired!
Needs to have garage deep enough for 29' boat. Will I be able to find a place like that to rent? What neighborhoods/areas should I stay away from?

How dead is it in the winter with all the snowbirds there?
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Old 01-12-2002, 10:38 PM
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Fever: Make it a double wide garage and a big fenced yard for a newfoundland and a great pyrenees and you got a roommate
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Haha! Sounds good, as long as they don't eat my yellow lab!
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I would try this post on you will find some good info there.
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We have a house out there that we rent in the winter to the snowbirds - right now there is a couple from Ohio renting from us. It's pretty dead in the winter out there, but you'll still see a few boaters out there all bundled up.

We use the realty company Selman & Associates to manage the rental aspects for us. They are a big company (well, big for a little town) but you could call them for info at (800) 851-8082 ~ Vicky or Judy will take care of you. We don't rent our house out during the summer, because we use it then(duhhh ) ) but if you weren't planning on getting over there until next fall let us know. Good Luck
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Garry, Thanks. I have a message on another Havasu message board too.


Thanks for the info. I am hoping to get out there before summer.
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oh Fever.... I am not sure about this.
first question is how old are you..? (if you don't mind me asking..)

I love Havasu for vacation. But..that is about all I can handle.
My parents have a house out there, and durning this past summer I had utilize it. Well let me tell's much different living there than vacationing.
Basically the only thing to do besides boating and without driving 50+ golfing. I'm not much of a golfer.
I don't know much about you, you could love it.
but, since you are single now.....the ratio of single women to widowed women.....
it's a bit...eehhhh.....on the down scale
Don't get me wrong...I like it out there. Just not to live....
Now Scottsdale.....that's the place!!!!
It's beautiful, lots of things to do, and beautiful, single, young females....
If I had to relocate again, I would go to Scottsdale!!

but not cause of the girls....

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Old 01-14-2002, 10:52 PM
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Thanks for the info RG.

I'm 36 so the widows are outa the question at least for another year or so.

The reports I have been getting have agreed with what you are saying.

I need to have:
Place to ride my dirtbikes.
Twisty roads for my street bike closeby.
Snowboarding in the winter somewhat closeby.
Close to Havasu/Parker. Like not more than 4 hours.

I have been to Scottsdale. It's very nice but isn't it expensive?

I grew up (well grew older anyway ) in Socal - Calabasas, Woodland Hills areas. I love the area out there, it has everything I need really but the cost of living is just too much. I have been spoiled by what I get for my $$$ in NC. I need to be close to the River though.

My business allows me to live pretty much anywhere I want. I have Las Vegas on my list as well as some other areas in AZ.
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Rivergirl, you have good taste I moved to Scottsdale from New York twelve years ago and love it. Fever 500, you should come and look around. It's more affordable than you would think. I have dirt bikes too and there are quite a few race tracks around and trails to. Great boating localy and havasu is three and a half hours away . I wont even mention the most beautiful girls I have seen anywhere. If there is anything you need, let me know
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Since I was seriously considering moving to Scottsdale, I did the rental and such research.....

Now, I am a bit picky and since I have a son I need to make sure the schools are extremely good. if not public than private...(which would be 1st choice)
So...I search only in the newer parts of Scottsdale, and found some pretty decent prices in a really nice new area.

I do have a realtor friend whom lives in Scottsdale (and is an avid boater) and if you would like I can send him (and you) one anotherís information.
There is a lake about an hour away; they always go to every weekend during the boating season. So you don't have to drive 4+ hrs. (They go to Havasu on the big wkends and for the P.R's)

My friend is your age...and single, and could show you all the "hot pick-up-chicks spots" or at least all the "one dollar bars".... he he he... shoot me an email if you would like to exchange contact information.

Now see..... Allen...agrees...
and OSO buddy to help ya out!!

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