Speed Vs. Safety

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Pudder my Avanti has both glassed together from factory
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I think the old Araski race boat was the first to be built using only one mold. It had no rub rail at all.

Puder, no disrespect intended. Did I spell that right? This is one subject that we don't want any treehugger to look into or as Rob says, the price will kill you instead of the boat.
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Im sorry guys - but if you let the "safety" guys control your life, you will have a very boring life. They will have you wearing a helmet in the shower.

Point in fact is the latest auto fatality accident in my neck of the woods. Mother with two small kids. She is leagally strapped in. The two kids are in the front seat not strapped in. She takes her eyes off the road for who knows what reason. She runs under an 18 wheeler. She is strapped, cannot duck and is decapitated. The air bag goes off catching the kids. They walk away.

Now which piece of safety gear worked. Point is you cannot know what type of accident is ahead of you. Dead because of a stupid decision by the driver is dead, whether you are wearing a PFD or not and as already stated - a vast majority of accidents are caused by the driver.

The only piece of safety gear that can really make a difference is a driver with the well being of the passengers and him (or her) self as a the main thought every second spent behind the wheel.

This is true on land as well as water.

Any person who can come up with a way to make this happen will have my vote for king.

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speel chekk this fokker!
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i agree with what youar esaying being a smart drier is themost important factor but some safety improvments would be good.

I have an old boat and have recetly installed grab handles becasue there was nothign to hang onto if it got rough and the olders baots don't really have them. Its the little stuff like taht that can help.

FYI i am gonna let this thread die. If you come up with any new ideas starta new thread that way tree huggers won't read this. F***ing Dirty Tree Huggin Hippies!!!!!
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Heres an idea Ive been kicking around: For the middle back seat passengers, mount some straps to the back seat base that would loop back to themselves to give the centre back seat passengers something to hold onto....Ive actually looked back and seen them reaching across and sharing the handholds with the person beside them.....(do you think I was scaring the **** out of them?.....naaaa, they were just fooling with the teeth gritting) I was going to cut up some tie downs, colour keyed of course....I was also going to mount some on the front edge of the sunpad also, so when youre sitting up there you would have something to hold onto....sometimes you hit cruiser wakes in the no wake zones and could use something.
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Twin 29 A buddy of mine mounted short dog leaches to the floor, between rear seat riders. Worked very well, helps hold you to the floor. You
r choice of colors
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I have spent a lot of years in offshore racing.
I went 144mph in a 44ft stand up cat in 1988. That was my intro to race boats. Since then I have been well over 150, I was too scared to look.
Looking back I was lucky, a lot of times, because most of the people I was with were the best there is.
From when I was a kid I remember Rocky Aoki changed from stand up to sit down and did some major internal injuries.
It is hard to remember that water is 6 times denser than air. What you think is protecting you is not. When you sit behind a canope you feel safe. Try sitting in the wind at 70 mph. you won't do it for long.
I have been gathering data ,working on seats, working on instalations ect.. there are answers to the problems some expensive some cheap. The easiest thing to do is slow down and have fun. Tech will catch up some day and take the fun away. Accidents will always be there it is down to lessening the damage. The things that have hapenened this year can only help us try to make things safer by analizing the failures and changing them.
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The ARASAKI 1 piece mold was quite expensive for the first boat. The only entry to the inside was through the cockpit and engine compartment. When the boat was finished inside the mold, they had to cut the mold off the boat. Having dinner with the designer and owner at Benihana in Key West he asked the waitress to get him an EGG. He then stated that was where he got his design from, because of the strength of the roundness. No doubt the boat was very strong, it's just that the tunnel design and weight of it were too poor to perform. A second mold was built, but I think at least this time they made a 2 piece mold that can be separated after the hull was completed. Having built boats and know the fumes involved, I sure hope those guys had a good OXYGEN SUPPLY. But now back to the topic...The boat buyers these days are quite informed, especially if they come to OSO first. More and more Manufactures are now glassing the hull and deck together maybe not because the want to, but the boating public is now demanding it. Yes it's more $$$ but I would prefer it too.

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I've seen alot of boats having repairs at Viscious one's shop, and looking at the hull/deck joint and the overlap is backwards as far a a safe design is concerned. The top half overhangs the lower half, which is how rub rails are set up to cover. Its all backwards. Overhang the lower half, and in the event of a stuff, it would really lessen the force of all the water pressure on the top deck only as the water would pass the joint cleanly, as opposed to catching the lip created by this "backwards" joint. Simple design fix...

In my cat, I mounted grab handles, and the middle back seat passenger was basicly on thier own. I took a bumper and looped the rope thru the bottom of the front seat so they at least had a rope to hang on to at 100mph+ in a 26' cat. Found out the rope was prefered over the grab handles.
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Default safety?

When you're racing, you are required to undergo a thorough inspection of all the connections and safety features of your hull and driver equipment - before you are allowed on the water. Is there a good reason why we shouldn't be doing the very same inspections of our own stuff before we go out to do speeds that are almost as high as racing speeds - and under much less controlled conditions? Don't think so. The best safety features is us!
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Quick Reply: Speed Vs. Safety

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