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Did you know that you can get as much as .22 cents PER gallon refund on watercrafts!! :ekk: Below is a link that takes you to that page. MA residents get .21 cents. CT residents get .18 cents. ect.... Go to this page and see if your state is listed. And if it is........ start saving those receipts.
They also supply the forms, just download them and print.
I might be to lazy to return bottles and cans for .05. But for .21 a gallon, I'll start saving my receipts.

Boat Gas Refund
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dammit.. michigan has the most boats and we are not listed.. ahhhh gonna have to get my 5 gallon can, my siphon hose and go visit some nearby cars
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Delaware is not included on your list, but also has a refund program for boat fuel of $.23 per gallon.
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The mrs. is an accountant, so she was aware of the program when we bought our first boat. After saving all of our fuel receipts, we finally tracked down the necessary paperwork. It turned out that this was really limited to a commercial application, not the average joe. Bummer.

P.S.- I also believe that it was limited to only the federal taxes, not the state.

Kanook-to answer your other question...if you go and delete the first post of a thread, you can delete the entire thread. OK?
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This applies to all boats. In MO you pay the fed road use tax and that you can take off of your taxes. Many marinas at LOTO will keep track of your fuel purchases and fill out the forms for you if you buy fuel from them. Forrest
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Virginia gives you 17.5 cents a gallon. Bonus.
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Just for clairification-I'm refering specifically to the federal refund.
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Notice how the 4 states with the highest boat resistrations do NOT have this
FL, MN Ca and NY
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The owners of the gas dock we use keeps track of all the receipts and fills out the required paperwork. All we do is sign and send in. BTW, this does not have to be sent in with your taxes.
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