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Why Apache are so expensive?

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Originally Posted by Stormrider View Post
asking asking asking....

but what's it take to sell?
So true
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Originally Posted by Strip Poker 388 View Post
Kinda like a rare muscle car?
Not very many made?

That is exactly it. I had a guy come up to us at a poker run this spring and say that our Apache was his favorite boat at the event (it was the only Apache there with 120+ boats registered). That obviously made me feel great to know that somebody appreciated the boat and all the work that went into it and continues to go into it to maintain it. He said that our boat was like a unique muscle car while the new stuff was like a new sports car. It's funny that he used the same analogy you did.

The Apaches that are still around and in good shape have a lot of time, patience, love, sweat and money tied up in them, like a restored muscle car. The new boats require only the money to purchase them. It also requires more time and attention to maintain the older boats. It is truly a labor of love; otherwise nobody would own or maintain them. I think that's why, for the most part, Apache owners will not part with their boat for a low ball figure.

That is why I am where I am right now. When I listed the boat for sale this past spring I figured that 155-160 would be my absolute lowest number. My feeling was that if it sells at or above that number, great, but if it doesn’t sell at that number, that is fine too. I had a few offers below that number this summer that I refused, so it looks like the Apache is gonna stick around and undergo some changes. They are certainly unique boats that, in order to sell, require a unique person that appreciates them for what they are and somebody that is willing to take the time and spend the money required to maintain and operate them.

Please don't take this the wrong way. I have owned several new boats and have to say that I would be proud to own any of the newer boats out there, but I am equally proud of my old Apache.

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I doubt if "Chief" is for sale, didn't they get it like month or so ago?

List price and sales price are two different things. You might be surprised what you can get one for. My 1995 36' is heavy and it is slow, however it is a caddy when you get in snotty water.

Two weeks ago after the OSS race was over at LOTO all of the spectator boats take off to head home within about an 8 minute window. On my way back to my condo I ran between 45-55 mph with my 18month old son sleeping on the back bench (He did have his pfd on and there was an adult seated next to him holding on to him in case I miss read a roller). He slept the whole way home (15 miles). While this was going on another one of my passengers commented on how funny it was that all of the baja owners couldn't keep their boats in the water and that they looked like corks bobby about in the ocean.

In addition to the apache heritage and history it was the safety associated with rough water that got me to really lookin at Apaches. We had a small child and we needed a boat that we could use safely in the roughest conditions at LOTO (otherwise we would be sitting at our dock each holiday weekend).

Everytime we use our 36' I comment on how smart we were to get an Apache.
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Because they don't do this

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Before I bought my 21 I looked at Scarabs,Pythons,Bajas,Velocitys,and Donzi's in the 21-22 foot range.
I opted for the Apache because; They are rare in this area,they are well built boats,they are heavy so they ride good,the name Apache with any other performance boater will instantly get a good conversation going, Bob Saccenti built it,and it just attracts attention!
I'm not a big money player. We were looking for something that would be fun on the lake that everyone did not have already.
Did I mention Bob Saccenti built it in 87 and I can still contact him for advice and troubleshooting?
I'm a sucker for cool old chit!
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Originally Posted by Airpacker View Post

Attached Thumbnails
Why Apache are so expensive?-anna-kourkikova-bikini-pictures-18.jpg  

The Only Time You Have To Much Ammo Is When Your Swimming Or On Fire.
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I have owned a few boats and have had family that owned many some fast some not. What ever I owned I was always looking for another, reading threads on boats' looking in the classifides at boats, looking for somthing sometimes not knowing for what exactly, catching rides in different brands. Well now I just dont look anymore lost intrest. Most of the time I only search for Apache threads some tech stuff and for the most part thats it. I just sit here thinking for the last 20 minuites trying to explain why. I think its like what you see in a childs eyes and the slight shiver that runs through there body when given there first taste of ice cream.
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Originally Posted by baywatch View Post

In addition to the apache heritage and history it was the
Everytime we use our 36' I comment on how smart we were to get an Apache.
I wanted that boat so bad, just couldn't do it,great deal. The ride---- the ride----- the ride Like you said everyone else is bounceing and banging while you could cruse and be sipping a martini. They may not be the fastest all the time but when it gets rough,,, they don't slow down.
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I always liked those Indian boats. But.. again.. I like Indians to.

But for a bit lower price I got an Avanti. Also rare, also handles rough water, and not just a nother typ. go fast boat.
It would be nice to get some more speed out of this, and working on it.
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then, I guess we could say, according to what I've heard and know, that compared to other boats, an Apache rides smooth in rough water, just like a Formula compared to other performance brand. It's just that the Apache is a notch above all! Right?
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