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What used to be boat of choice for smugglers in the 70's/80's????

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I have a 28 seahawk build by Willy Falcon from the good old days great offshore boat,however 38 cigs,36 mirage and midnights were kings
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I wish my hull could speak of "back in the day"
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Originally Posted by BUIZILLA View Post
boy, this topic could get me in trouble...

Spill it old timer..... CG
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This Midnight Express was on a few of the LEOPA poker runs. Talked to the owner a bit and i believe he said it had a history or running before he bought it. it was set for buisness with a giant deck hatch, throw through cabin access and like a 500 gallon fuel tank. it was set up with big power and speedys, i was doing about 80 in the Donzi and he shot buy at a buck and change. The boat was very cool, i believe it is from the Cumberland/Cinci area.
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This Guy made Ben Kramer look stupid...
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I forget if I had mentioned this documentary here befor but if anyone is interested in this topic you have to see this is GREAT!!

and here is the trailer on Youtube.....

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Originally Posted by jayboat View Post
A friend of mine knew some people who knew some people and they recruited him and his 28 Scarab (I think, may have been 26?) to bring some product in from the mother ship back in late 70's when he was living in West Palm. They lash his immaculate boat to the side of a rusty freighter and it's draggin up and down the side as the Columbians are tossing bales onto his deck from 30 feet above him-- wham! wham! wham! (he didn't care too much for that part)

Told me they would run 50 or 60, sometimes with no lights to private residence to offload. Said it was the biggest rush he ever had. Never got paid in cash- 10% of what you carried was yours to keep.

It was probly different back then.
sounds exactly like the story cozzi posted a few years back.
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I have a friend of a friend that used to do grass with a sailboat from Mexico.He did it forever until 7 years ago.He has been out of the Mexican jail for 2 years now.He lived quite a life doing it for the last 20 years.I have know him for that 20 and he is not the rich playboy /smuggler he used to be.He used to live like a playboy until he was getting low on cash and than it was off to Mexico to load up again.

The last load he was on all loaded and fiberglassed into place and ready to leave when the federales decided to come on board and pay him a little visit.Someone snitched him out because they knew right where to look.Anyways he jumped overboard and made a swim for it in the dark, he was greeted by a dozen guns in his face at the shore.

He did 5 years in a mexican prison.My buddy used to visit and bring him some money to help out.He lived pretty good and long as you had money you could get girls ,booze ,drugs, good food, etc.Without money you were living like a Rat.

He was extradited to the U.S. after 5 years and did a year here. He said he would take the Mexican time over the u.s. time .
any day.

My 2 buddies had their sailboat and trawler in the Bahamas at the time and because they had kept their boats next to his in the U.S.
they were under suspicion also.
The lady at the Marina in the Bahamas that was looking after the boats called and said the Coast Guard had a warrant to search the boats and what should she do.My buddies said let them on.

Anyways the girl told us later that the inspection team of ten showed up in white coveralls and spent hours on the boats tearing into them and found nothing.

2 days later they showed up again and spent the day and found nothing.They endured a lot of questioning from various goverment agencies for months to come.

Anyways i have a close friend who was caught in the late seventies who tells me tons of stories.These guys were not large gun toting organizations ,just hippie boat bums on a adventure that payed well if you succeeded.
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Originally Posted by offshoredrillin View Post
sounds exactly like the story cozzi posted a few years back.
It's exactly like the story I posted a few years back.

You obviously have long term loss of short term memory from smokin too much mexican dirt weed from Tommy's buddy.

Great story, Tommy. It reminded me of a guy I knew who drove to Mexico in the 70's with a motorhome, packed it to the ceiling with bales and drove all the way back to NC. Said he did it 3 times and made a LOT of $$$ but the stress was unbelievable. He quit while he was ahead.
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