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If you could get a deal on this one, it's the way to go:


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Fountain, the most bang for your buck. Love him or hate him Reggie knows how to make a boat run.
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Old 10-29-2007, 04:07 PM
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ACtive Thunder's are the Cadillac of offshore.Luxurious,fast and well built.
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Reggie reminds me of an obnoxious professional athlete....

Trash talkin' is one thing, but if you can back it up......well......

Well....Reggie usually backs it up....
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I can run 45-55mph down the main channel pretty much anytime I want in my 32 AT. Actually the ride is better at 50+mph most of the time when its rough.
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Just my opinion...
Bang for the buck: Fountain
Quality/Durability: Cig, Outerlimits and Nortech
I'd also take a close look at the Donzi ZR's.
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I owned a 2000 29 Fountain and loved it. Extremely well built strong boat. Over 235hrs and not 1 single stress crack or issue with the build or hardware of that boat.
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I have only been to LOTO once but stayed a while and got to see it in a variety of conditions. I was there with a friend with connections to a large marina and we were out on Cobalt, Carver, and a variety of offshore boats. It was choppy every day regardless of weather but none of the waves were large or dangerous, just annoying. The only boat that consistently rode well was the Fountain. It was dry and super smooth, much more so than the Active Thunder we were on which was new and rattled a lot. I would add that if you're not interested in hot rodding around, go with stock injected motors (horsepower costs money: fuel, repairs, insurance, etc.). The best way to turn an enjoyable, reliable boat into a nightmare money pit is to overpower it.
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Default The 29 Fountain with twin SBC's

Sounds like a good deal to me. 70 ish mile per hour, efficiency of the smallies and just plane old fun.
I wish I could buy it, I 'm just not in a position to this year. I always like to start research early. I know I love the small block in my boat. Anyway ,, I really appreciate all the advice.

I like the comment about Reggie, he may trash talk some to the other boat mfg's but, He really seemed to be a nice guy when I met him at Raymonds two or 3 years ago. He really was nice. I mean I have been to some things where the celebs are not nice or you could tell they were being fake,, he seemed pretty genuine to me.

I'm glad some fountain guys chimed in.
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Old 10-30-2007, 12:50 AM
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In your budget range I would suggest that you stay away from twin engine boats. Reason simple, they cost more to operate. Typically the least expensive part of boating is the initial purchase.

In your price range, your twin will most likely be an older boat, which also means more maintenance. You can find some great 25-30 single engine boats that will give you more performance than you have stated you are looking for with more reliability and less cost.

A final note, do your best to stay with stock Merc power. If the boat has been taken care of it will start every time and that is priceless.

Just my .02

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