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Why such a short life span?

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Originally Posted by Mackattack View Post
I brought it to Dealership, and wsa told by mechanic that they are having alot of trouble with a internal water cooler that gets stopped up, causing pressure to build up, and causes to puke.

Truck is a 06 model, 6.0, and is supposed to have a improved head gasket from the earlier 6.0's. I have to bring in my truck to have the cooler replaced. He showed me one, have to take the top half of the engine apart to change.

Then again, may be the head gaskets too. I have an Edge programmer, but I always turn it to stock while towing. Only leave it on level 3 for regular driving. Increased fuel mpg by 3.4 mpg.

Mechanic also told me that the new 6.4's have to have the cabs lifted off frame to work on anything major on the engine.

I can imagine how many rattles you will have after having that done at a local dealership

I was going to sell my Dually 2002 with the 7.3 and decided to hang onto it its the last of the mohican's

I saw the cab removed from the frame at my local ford dealership and thought holy chit! It is much easier and faster to unplug the wiring harness and take the body off.You have to remove the fenders on the 2008's. Ihad 2 6.0 fords and no trouble thank god.Sucks either way
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Originally Posted by ZP'd View Post
Unless it's blue I'd expect to get at least 1500-2000 hours MINIMUM out a bigblock before needing any freshing. Seems most underestimate the duribility of the black bigblock.
Yes, maybe if it was idling around the harbor it's whole life, and it had a roller follower cam (flat tappet cams don't last long idling). I spoke to an engineer who use to work for GM Marine Engine group. He said their engines have to pass a durability test of 300 hours with 55 minutes of that at full throttle, and 5 minutes idle. That's tougher than most users usage, but some on this board put their engines through similar usage. They build the long blocks for Merc black engines.


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[QUOTE=carcrash;2346624]On diesel engines, "they say" that the time to rebuild is really based on gallons of fuel burned more than on engine hours. That is probably true on gasoline engines too, because fuel burn equals work which probably equals wear.

Say your truck gets 10 miles per gallon. After 150000 miles you have burned 15000 gallons. On a boat that burns 40 gallons per hour per engine, that is 375 hours. Not far off from observation for factory engines run in a fast boat. Boost it up and burn 100 gallons per hour, and 100 to 150 hours and the engine needs a rebuild.

That's probably the key issue.

You're right on the money. GM now uses fuel consumption to guage oil consumption, because it is indicitive of load. I have seen a charter fish boat with gas small blocks go 3500 hrs, still runs well. BUT mostly idle time vs WOT. I think the average pleasure boat will get more hours from its motor than we do from our performance boats, as shown by our increased fuel consumption. Guys with bayliners aren't usually blowing through 100 gallons a day.
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Originally Posted by ZP'd View Post
Unless it's blue I'd expect to get at least 1500-2000 hours MINIMUM out a bigblock before needing any freshing. Seems most underestimate the duribility of the black bigblock.
If you run the boat every day, I'd agree. For the average pleasure boater though, with long periods of sitting, I'd say black big blocks should get to 1,000 hours if taken well care of, and not pushing a mega load.

What I mean by load is there's a big difference between pushing a 22 Donzi classic and pushing a 27+ foot boat with full cabin.
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