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"Cigarette" boats attack US Navy

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The shoot-down of the Iranian Air A-300 came right on the heels of a flare-up in the Straits. An Iranian Mirage had just previously fired two missiles into the USS Stark, killing a number of our servicemen. Then, Iran mined international waters in the region, one of which was struck by a US frigate. At the time of the incident the US navy was escorting oil tankers through international waters, shielding them from the hostile actions of a rogue state. The airliner in question was not transmitting a proper identification signal and had just departed a shared commercial/military airbase. While unfortunate, the entire situation was created by Iran's belligerent behavior in the region. Had they not been antagonizing their peaceful neighbors in the region or fabricating international incidents just for the dramatic effect, we wouldn't have been rushing warships to the region. They were 100% responsible for the heightened tensions and the wartime postures. Then, in a further illustration of their cluelessness, they were threading civilian flights through a conflict region. While friendly fire incidents are unfortunate, they are a reality of conflict.

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Originally Posted by CAP071 View Post

Most people think we can just pull a trigger and shoot. HA What a joke. They have to strike first. You can't shoot just because a guy in a row boat comes too close.
Like the USS Cole?

A 30' boat with no visible medium-weight armament is probably going to get the benefit of the doubt. At 200 yards, there isn't any conventional weapon that could be carried on that craft that would pose a significant threat.

If they had attempted to come along side, I'm certain they would have been engaged.
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Originally Posted by jhiguy377 View Post
"why can't we all just get along?"----they're people too, ya'know
YA, the same kind of people that fly planes into building, and recruit women and children as suicide bombers. Back in the mid 80's when the USS Missouri was in SF bay, we took a ride across the bay to see her. Wife and kids in the boat, and long before these terrorists activities were taking place, and I was warned off while idling in a non threating manner. I would say the skippers of those Navy ships showed great restraint in refraining from defending themselves with extreme prejuidice.


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The entire middle east should be wiped off the map and made into a parking lot for China.
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Here is another clip they love to mess with us and then say its our fault we should of sunk them. We were in international waters and they were to close no if an or butts, then they might learn we ain't to be messed with. We are not like the British and we are not going to let them take some our boys hostage in international waters and play it out in the media like its our fault. I hope for there sake they mind our warnings.
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Originally Posted by CAP071 View Post
I heard all they wanted to do was put an OSO sticker on the Hull, and then raft up for a party!
Maybe they were thinking of jumping the bow wakes?
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Originally Posted by satisfactionII View Post
Maybe they were thinking of jumping the bow wakes?

If so.....I hope they had lanyards on!!!!!! Otherwise is something happened, there go our insurance rates!
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im told if we had shot at them ,they would have used their silkworm missles[chinese made and deadly accurite] on the 5-6 shore batterys near the straits ,then what should we have done?
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looks like we did shoot......

leaked info about other similar incidents that didnt make any news
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As I was watching the video I though they should be firing warning shots, I guess they did and it worked. You know they were just pushing our buttons, they wanted us to fire on them so they could escalate it thru fire power and the media. Why the PDFs? they expected to have to swim, they really thought we would sink them. The problem is these boats could carry a big payload and get there fast. It was very clear the boats were light, the way they rode in the waves you could tell they were empty but still it would be enough to seriously damage any size vessel. We did good, we did not stoop to their level and we stood our ground. I like the drone idea, just race along side, in front, on top, behind..all over the place. Maybe tape a Coran on the belly so they think it is some kind of vengeful know, the one who said to kill 10s of 1000s.....
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