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Only Friggen Me!!!!!


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Originally Posted by LubeJobs42 View Post
This is definitely a first! I heard of people having mice in their homes, old boats, old cars that have been parked. How about one in a lamborghini, that is driven almost daily, never left out overnight unless at a hotel and never eaten in. We'll I got one! Just cleaned the car yesterday and everything was fine. This is what I just found!
Please don't take this the wrong way, but I was having a bad day- - dealing with BS. I pulled up OSO and saw "Only Friggen me!!!" posted by LubeJobs42- -I got a smile on my face, I knew it would be something good. And it was, A lucky mouse had snuck into the Lamoo and had been racing around town- look'n up skirts, had a quick snack ect. Man, you can't make this stuff up. Apologies and good luck finding the lucky mouse!

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Your mishaps always make me feel a little better about mine. I left all my vehicles outside until I built my garage last summer. Nothing was ever bothered. Until I parked my Z06 in the driveway. Then I had a mouse eat the injector harness. D-conn works great.
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Originally Posted by MOBILEMERCMAN View Post
I never did find the wet spot.
I never did find the wet spot. JIM JIM JIM left yourself wide open on that one BIG DADDY
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Originally Posted by X-Rated30 View Post
No -- his prized possession is his lucky rabbit's foot.
. Thought this was that MTI Lubejobs guy, named Gino's thread!!! My bad!
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Originally Posted by LubeJobs42 View Post
I wouldn't believe it either. I tell people stories and I know they think I'm exagerating them. I never leave the car outside. The windows are always up. I don't have any dog food and have never had a mouse problem in my garage. The inside of the car is about the size of a shoebox. I looked under the seats and didn't see the little bast**d. I'm just afraid he's going to chew through a seat. Imagine what that would cost to replace a seat!!
cold weather usually attract mouse to the interior of a car, they can go in for any little hole, i had that problem with a customer that keep having mouse inside his car , after we repair the car i when to toys r us an bought a couple of rubber snakes he put one under the car in the garage and another by the blower motor vent, he never had that problem over the winter again, thats may work for your situation .
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Originally Posted by Audiofn View Post
Gino if we ever get together PLEASE do not be offended if I do not want to shake your hand for feer that some of this "luck" will rub off on me
I could live with Ginos kind of luck!!!
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You can always retake a class, but you can never relive a party.
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I worked at a mercedes shop 20 years ago and would see this all the time except back then the cars had alot of vacum controlled devices.We had this b**ch of a customer once so I went down to the pet store,bought a mouse and let it loose up in her dash!Never heard from her again!
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Gino, Its wasn't a mouse, it was renea's heel that was digging into the carpet all the way to Palm Beach when you would not slow down
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It could have been a lot worse Gino. The little SOB could have eaten a hole in the middle of the drivers seat, made a nest and had a litter of the little sh!ts!!!!
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