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As far as fuel consumption, a good(not great) way to estimate it is at WOT you will burn 10% of the horsepower. So if you have a 500 HP engine, you will burn close to 50 gallons an hour at WOT.
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Originally Posted by niceguy View Post
First off, just wanted to say hello. I found this site searching on google and man, I am glad I did. Love the site!!!

I am fairly new to boats (been a drag racer all my life) and am now looking to buy my first one. I really like the Baja's and would like something in the 25-27' range. Of course, having the craving for big power, I want something that will run low 80's. I am very mechanically inclined, although I know very little about boats, so I figured something with say a 502 and I'll either install a procharger or buy one already fitted with one.

Now, here's my questions.... I found a couple of 30' and 32's that I like, but they usually have two motors. What is fuel consumption like with two motors vs. one blown motor? On these type boats, how long will a full tank of fuel last you? Meaning one with two motors vs one blown motor.

The reason for the fuel question is two fold.... first and foremost, fuel prices. WHOA!!! And secondly, I like to be out running around the water.... taking my kids out, taking friends out, blah, blah. Obviously I know the two motors would use more fuel, but are we talking a whole lot more? Or just a little more?

Also, I figured a smaller boat 25' would be easier to run around the river, although, I have seen some 32's there. But not quite sure how they manuever some of the more shallow parts.... but anyways.

Last question and yes, you guys will probably laugh at me for this.... but can you realistically pull a tube or stuff behind say a 27' Baja? You know for the kids and stuff? Or is the turning radius and other stuff just too much to be drug behind this type of craft?

Please be gentle, this is my first post and I really want to learn about this stuff. Love these big boats and even more.... I love going fast.

I would be inclined to say that if you purchase a dual engine boat you effectively put yourself out of enjoyable tubing/watersports. It get's pricey fuel wise.

The age old debate of 1 engine vs. 2 is one that is discussed frequently. If it is your first boating experience you might indeed want to get a nice stock powered boat for the summer, and get your sea legs during this first year of ownership. The real thing to think about with 2 engines is maintenance and insurance - not fuel costs. Twice as much everything. The rest of the decision really depends on your boating circumstances.

Check out all the owner's forums below because there are alot of neat boats available in that size/price range.
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Originally Posted by kimmer View Post
I have a great single Scarab for sale
That looks like a great boat at a great price!
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Originally Posted by kimmer View Post
I have a great single Scarab for sale

That would be a fun boat for an "engine-head" like yourself Niceguy. It's a good brand of boat. A bit on the pricey side in my opinion though (Sorry Kimmer, just what I think).
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Kimmer's boat looks like a good one.

But, take your time and don't rush into something just to get on the water. Posting on here is good and you will get a lot of opinions. I would recommend bumming rides with people (pay for gas, lunch & drinks) who have different boats to get an idea of what they are like. Again, posting on OSO to find locals.

I agree with everyone on the 24/25 range but 80MPH can be pricey, both to buy and operate. We don't know what your purchase budget is so it's hard to recommend a boat but to get 80MPH out of say, a 25 Baja Outlaw, you will need at least 500 + HP. I had a 496HO (425HP) 25 Outlaw and it would do about 70. Horsepower can get real expensive real quick.

Baja's are good dependable boats, not the highest quality like say Cig, OL, Formula, etc but you're not paying those prices either. Some hulls are faster too, like a Fountain (their 27 would be a 25' boat).

I also recommend spending 70-80% of your purchase budget on actually buying the boat. The remaining 20-30% can then be used for accesories and upgrades that you will want to do (things like PFD's, anchor, dock lines, fenders, coolers, etc). Also, if you buy used you may need to do some basic maintenance such as oil change (motors & drives), impellers, plugs & wires, etc. and don't forget the trailer (bearings, brakes, etc). Then there is breakage. If you want to run hard you have to plan on breaking something eventually (as a drag racer I'm sure you are familier with this!).

The bottom line is buy the right boat, don't let your ego make the desicion for you (spend too much for too much power & bling) and don't over spend. Nothing worse than having a bad azz boat sitting in your driveway but no money to fix it or run it!

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Welcome to the site, you will be amazed with the amount of information & good quality advice that is available here, no matter what brand of boat you decide to go with.


This was a boat I was considering before I found my Sonic. I spoke with the owner, real nice gentleman, & was very specific as to what he's done to the boat. You mentioned Baja, with a 502 & future Procharger, this has it for ya....I'm not sure how flexible he can be with the asking price, but it may be worth a phone call.
I'm only a couple of hours away from him, if this is something you may be intrested in, I'd be happy to run up & take a peek at if for ya. I'm always into looking at boats.....

Good luck with your search.....
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Ditto to what everyone is saying. Go with a single engine boat in the 25-27 range and you can't go wrong.
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You will definitely benefit from the advice of other owners and experienced boaters on this site. I had similar needs to your own and I just bought a very clean Formula in that size range - though I didn't need 500hp. At least not right now.

I read a lot, listend to what people had to say, and looked at a lot of boats. Also fought the natural desire to buy the biggest damn boat I could afford. I saw lots of older twin engine boats in the 30'+ range, some very sharp...and very reasonably priced. But then I had to take a realistic look at :

a) where was I [mostly] going to use the boat?
b) my Durango's towing capacity;
c) my experience level;
d) fuel, maintenance costs & reliability
e) Okay - what my wife would let me spend....

Yeah, deep down we all want to stretch and have the biggest, fastest boat on the's only human. But there's always going to be somebody with something bigger and faster. I've come to believe that no one needs to understand that more than the first-time boater. Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on what you need; listen to the sound advice the folks here have to offer and you should have a great summer.
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Even though this isnt my thread, I'd really like to say thanks to everyone that has contributed to the thread. Thesee are pretty much all my questioned laid out in front of me without me having to make my own post!!! So thanks to niceguy for posting up and thanks to everyoen for responding!!!!

Aside from Baja 24-28' what other manufacturers out there should I/We look at in that size range with a single engine setup?
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checkmate also makes a 24, 26, and 27 which i can vouch for as a good boat, ironically is owned by baja now
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