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??? about buying a boat

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Is using a transport company expensive? With diesel at 3.70/gal I wonder if it would be worth driving and picking it up myself? Is there a general way to figure cost? Like a usual price per mile?
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I would highly recommend looking at the boat in person, and possibly sea trial it too, while you are there. Remember, everybody's definition of "PERFECT" is different . I flew to look at one boat that the owners sent me many pictures. When I got there, I asked "where's the boat in the pictures?" The pictures were 4 years old! They failed to tell me that! If you try, you can probably find same day round trip tickets to where you want to go, or relatively close, for a reasonable cost, compared to the $$$ of the boat. I have bought some of the boats that I flew to look at, and several others, just shook my head, having had taken a day or two off work to go look. Small price to pay, compared to the suprise you may get buying without seeing it personally.
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Originally Posted by niceguy View Post
Is using a transport company expensive? With diesel at 3.70/gal I wonder if it would be worth driving and picking it up myself? Is there a general way to figure cost? Like a usual price per mile?

now .... prob 2.00-3.00/mile
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I found mine in West Palm, Florida through the internet. I sent a deposit with a contingency offer. made prior arrangements with a surveyor, shrink wrapper & transporter.

Flew from NY on a Monday morning into West Palm completed the survey, sea trial. Tuesday the boat was shrink wrapped and loaded onto my transporter's trailer, paid the owner by certified bank check. I jumped on a plan and home tue night, the boat was in my driveway Thur night. very smooth... Just takes good planning.

Definitely, sea trial the boat and try to be there with your surveyor. my $.02

Good Luck,
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With all expenses, it will probably cost you about half of what a transporter will cost you.

1000 miles there at 15mpg will cost you about $250
1000 miles back at 10mpg will cost you about $375

By yourself, it'll probably take you 3 days/2nights. Figure $100/nt for hotel and $50/day for food, etc. Thats another $350.

Looking at roughly a $1000 to do it yourself and 3 days of your time. A transporter will do it for around $2500.

As far as the money thing. Set up an account with national bank that has a branch in the same city as the boat. Have the money in your account and then go to the bank with the seller and pay him in cash, transfer or bank check. Its that or a wire transfer. I also would not buy a boat without seeing it.
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Like everyon said. See the boat and try it if you can.
AS far as funds. Several options. YOu can take a certified Check with you all or a partial amount. Research if there is a bank that you use in the location where the boat is. If you like the deal, you can get a cert. check from your bank and it's done. If you can't travel, get the check or fund to the bank the seller is using. Do not transfer funds. You can put funds in an escrow account and release it whan you are satisfied.
Get a local lawyer where the boat is. Have him hold the title and papers untill you pay for it (or pay the lawyer) Once funds are exchanged the lawyer can release the papers and/or the boat.DOn't take cash. THere arealso bank checks, money orderes, per-paid credit cards, you can use many optins but do not wire $. Once you wired it's gone, and you hope you get what you want.
BUYER BEWARE. good luck. Where is he boat anyway?
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Whatever you do, make sure that you go see and run the boat thoroughly before you release the money, and satisfy yourself that you are getting what you want. I guarantee you it will cost you much less in the long run if you satisfy yourself that what you have been told is correct. The survey prior to going will help you determine if it is worth your time to make the trip, but I wouldn't take the survey to be the gospel, especially where engines are concerned unless the survey includes a certified leakdown and compression test among other things. If you get everything lined up with your bank, you can have the wire sent in the morning hours and the money will clear within an hour or so in most cases.

The reason I say this is that I bought a boat with a survey that did not have an extensive engine check (my own fault), and I let the seller meet me 1/2 way with the boat to exchange the funds, as I also had a limited amount of time to be away from my businesses. He had doctored the motors up to the point that it was able to make about a 15 minute run. One engine was missing upon initial startup, and by the end of the run, both engines wouldn't idle, but I let him talk me into believing all it needed was the carbs adjusted. He was a great salesman, I thought I was getting a great deal, I was 800 miles from home with a limited amount of time to get back and I fell, hook, line and sinker. (This was all my fault mind you, I'm not blaming anyone but myself) Well the result was an additional 20 grand to rebuild the 2 failing engines before I ever got to the water the first time. If I had just slowed down, taken my time, examined the situation thoroughly, I would have saved myself thousands of dollars, and maybe this will keep someone else from being as over zealous as I was and get the deal that won't cost them a lot after the fact.
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Check out the boat. Wire transfer is instant but he has to wait for the funds to clear for 3 business days. You must see the boat though that is KEY
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Thanks guys for all the responces.... I would never buy a boat without a visual inspection and a test ride, especially not for this kind of money.

Paradox, the boat I want is in New York and I am in Southest Texas. It's like 1600+ miles from me. I screwed up and really have my heart set on this particular one... and the worst part is I am waiting for my money to come through on selling my racecar.

So I am just trying to get a feel for what I'll be doing (hopefully) in a couple weeks.
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we have our own truck to pull our boat, but when w e bought the boat from Texas we thought it was better to hire a Pro i think it was 1 600 miles i hired a company called Dolan Transport 3 years ago they charged me $ 1, 600, FOR 1 , 300 miles i just didnt want to drive 3, 200 miles to go get it and back,
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