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Don Aronow Memorial Ocean Powerboat Race

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Originally Posted by glassdave View Post
Good point, that would be a great test run. Maybe i should put a full canopy on it
i got some old ww II helmets around here somewhere... that should be good enough...
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Congrats!! I hope you have a great turn out so this will be year to year race and maybe by next year I will be put back together and my boat to If you have a good turn out would you add lid and non lid boats cause a svl will kill a p5,6 boat or f1. Thanks good luck and how is the 28ss coming out. art ps I saw MIKE SNOW on sunday he looks in good shape. He loved his banana boats. art
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No outboard class???
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Yes,there will be outboard classes if needed !!Bring'em on,we would love to see the o/b vee,s and cats show up ! is offline  
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I need to clear some things up. Outboards can run, Canopy boats can run, open boats can run, turbine boats can run, single boats can run.

The classes have few limitations.

For example a Stock Outboard would run in the Modern twin engine not to exceed.

A SVL would run in Modern Single engine.

We want to keep this very simple, fun, enjoyable, safe, and memorable.
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peppers will be making the run. cant wait
mike stancombe
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Originally Posted by Sean H View Post
Don't ya have a 20 cig in the shop?
Now you're talkin'....
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HORBA has the exclusive rights to use the name of Don Aronow for this race. But, we are very pleased to be able to share the weekend with the OSS people and the great town of Sunny Isles Beach.

Our intent from the beginning of our existence, was to educate the public about the great and colorful history of this sport.

In keeping with that objective, the Aronow family has allowed HORBA to use the Don Aronow name, for this type of open ocean powerboat race, as this is the type of racing that Don did and they can relate to.

We are looking for sponsors for many areas of this race weekend. Any potential sponsors please contact me through an e-mail to the site,, or with a PM here.

Friday night we hope to have a gathering at the awards ceremony of a lot of the old racers that are still with us to hear some of the old war stories. Brownie, Mel Riggs, Bobby Saccenti, Odell Lewis, Richie Powers, Steve Sirois, Bobby Moore, Preston Henn, Rocky Aoki, Bill Elswick, Bill Wishnick, George Pironi, etc. etc. and hopefully John Crouse will be able to make it too.

We are looking for a sponsor(s) to put on a dinner for the old racers. We are looking for film crews that would be interested in covering the race and the old racer discussion and awards ceremony.

Proceeds will go to a charity. The Aronow family is reviewing a few of them now and will let us know their choice.

I can't say enough how much tenacity Brad Schoenwald has shown in seeing this thing through. We all owe him a great deal of thanks.

We want this to be an experience for all those who never ran this type of race before. We want it to be fun for all involved.
That is why we are trying to keep it as simple as possible and as open as possible so that anyone with an interest may experience it.

We look forward to the support of the many that have told us over the years...."If you ever run a race like that, count on me being there!" We hope they will enjoy airing out their hulls like we used to do, in the first photo.

The boat in the second photo was a 17 foot Formula that was "stretched" by a beak, to make the minimum 20 foot length requirement. The co-driver sat outside the boat on a bracket. The driver sat with his legs on either side of the engine under glass. This boat came in second in the Long Beach to San Francisco race. Oh yeah, Brownie rode in the co-driver seat one time, he can tell you what it was really like to be an outboard on a bracket.

Charlie McCarthy
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I get goosebumps just thinking about it.......
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I wish the best of luck and a safe race.

It would be cool to see this become an annual event.

Digital Photography & Video one BYTE at a time !
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