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Default trailering

i need all input from all you boat pulling offshore only boaters.
i am in the process of purchasing a 320 baja on the triple axel trailer. i have always had tandems. i park my boat on the side of my house and i jockey the boat up over the curb, i have a fairly wide street. i do not have much problem getting my 27' baja in this spot (depends if it is dark and how may beers i had that day)
send all experiences with trple trailers... i need input!!!

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I don't have any trouble putting my triple where I need it. When turning sharp it pivots on the center axle and scrubs the other two. You need to be careful of how sharply you turn it as it is possible to break off the wheel ( my brother in law discovered this the hard way!). Although the trailer manufacturer told him the axles weren't heavy enough and installed stronger ones. I like my triple. I just wish the boat had triples to match !!
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I went from a tandem to a triple. The only diff. is you have to "push" a little harder on sharp turns in reverse. Otherwise no diff. except smoother ride.
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I just try not to get in where I can't get out .(triple trailer)
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Triaxle is the way to go. Very stable when going down highway.You shouldnt really notice much difference when turning tight.Two axles will do all the work the third (either forward or back, depending on tongue hieght ),will just scuff around.
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Triple axle trailers are great for straight line stability. On an Interstate Highway passing semi's is where you will notice the bennefit over a tandem. As most have said the biggest downside is tight raduis truns. Like those you would make backing your trailer into a driveway etc. The trailers will typically pivot about the middle tire and scrub on the front and rear. This will also wear those tires at a noticeably higher rate.

For a time I had to back over a curb to get the boat in the drive. It did seem to put a lot of pressure on the wheel that had to jump the curb, but I never broke off a wheel. I built a ramp to relieve some of that stress (it also helped me hit the target).

I am not sure about the wheel breaking issue. On several occasions I literally had the thing jack knifed getting out of a precarious situation and have never had a wheel failure and I have got nearly 40,000 miles on the trailer.

With the weight of the 320, aren't you locked into a triple ? I have seen some 8,500 lb boats on tandem's, but those guy's went through a lot of tires. And those 16 inch "D" load range tires are expensive.

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Question trailering

go4broke i would be interested in learing what mfg. trailer your brother -in-law had where the wheel broke off. just want to make sure that i am not geting that one with this boat!!!

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Smile trailering

h20warior thanks for reply... so far everyone seems to think the same on the triple axle vs. tandem... i do have a pretty tight turn to make and it seems that i will drag the front tires.... maybe i will keep it a marina and just store it on the side of the house in the winter (covered of course)

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an easy trick i saw my neighbor use on there travel trailer is get the hose out and wet the street and driveway tires tend to slide a little better when doing the jimmy-jackknife move to get into a tight driveway
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