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Enough Snow!!!!


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Northern Michigan had a great snow year. Still snow on the ground, a great winter for us snowmobilers. I enjoyed it but I am ready to go boating now.
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Thank goodness for "Global Warmin".....Can't imagine how bad it would've been it weren't for that....

I grew up in FL, & always wondered why so many folks moved to FL during the winter.....Guess that answers that....
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Just to rub it in, 82 degrees at my house today!

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Originally Posted by Biggus View Post
It's been a long winter up here in Maine this year! Here it is March 26th and there's still three feet plus on the ground.

Here's a few pics for you southern guys. We've lost many buildings from the weight of the snow. A friends boat storage building collapsed with over 90 boats inside. Pretty much all destroyed.
Biggus -

Crazy - my family has a summer home on the coast of maine near South Bristol and my parents have been telling me how bad the winter has been. I feel for you guys up there....must be brutal and I know I could not deal with it.
Do you ever take your Cig out in the ocean up there or go to places like the Damariscotta river, Boothbay, Bar Harbor, Pemiquid bay etc ? I was thinking I might tow my boat up there for the month of July and do some boating but wanted to hear from someone local if go fast boats ever run around up there ?? I know the lobstermen would love that !!!!
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Originally Posted by BajaFresh View Post
Just to rub it in, 82 degrees at my house today!
Me too, Al. Damn ... gotta go mow the lawn again!
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Yeah - I'm getting a little schitzoid...two weeks ago, I shoveled 15" of that white crap outta my driveway. Last weekend I was in Raliegh NC for the NCAA basketball playoffs, it was in the 60's and 70' in back home Monday and was scraping ice off my windshield Tuesday morning. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
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Biggus I hope the crack heads stay out of there!!!!
Put your best foot forward!
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We've broken every record for snowfall here- monthly and seasonal. Seven feet of the shiite. Al Gore cannot be found; something like thirty debate requests declined. Broke my blowers and my shovels, and have resorted to piss ing on the stuff to get rid of it.
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Milwaukee had record snowfall since 1886. Break the ice.
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Quick Reply: Enough Snow!!!!

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