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If you Hit the Lottery...


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47 Apache Patriot

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Originally Posted by Cash Bar View Post
I don't think you can add to this since you own one of the baddest Mofo's ever built.

On the other hand you're right, it's all about buying crazy $hit. That means I would buy the house across the street form yours at the lake and launch water ballons at your place 24/7. I would even hire some illegals to keep doing it while I was asleep.
I'd pay for the illegals if that would mean the current residents were gone!

Under $600k, but he didn't say we couldn't have two! Sooo, I'd buy Double Take, AND the Performance Group Maximus, and keep them both in the back of that crib we talked about this morning.....behind the 175ft Feadship....which sits beside the Bell Jet Ranger chopper.......that sits on an elevated helipad....made of Platinum......when it's not on the boat......

Well, that'd get me through the first week anyway.
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Originally Posted by pshannon View Post
That is a clean boat I can understand that pick. I tried to think of a practical boat when I picked,something that I can overnight,fast,good rough water boat,etc...
If I won the lottery, overnighting in the boat would not be very high on my priority list
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Ginos Mercedes MTI for sure
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Probably this for me:


Or the 36RP posted earlier.
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Tough choice...

the Rum Runner
the F4 from the first post.
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I would keep what I have and add these two boats to my stable.

http://www.offshoreonlyclassifieds.c...o23122-en.html 2 Merc 700/nxt's

http://www.offshoreonlyclassifieds.c...o21899-en.html 3 350 outboards
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Originally Posted by NKissau View Post
Ginos Mercedes MTI for sure

i agree, plus the house cash bar is showing. How much is that house?
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This cig for me


Keep it up at my house on the water in CT during the summer and my house on the water in FL during the winter.
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Do I want to lead or follow.....? LEAD!!


A couple of KE motors in it and I'm still under 600K, and at the front of the pack.

Everything is for sale @ a certain $$
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