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Can we get Back to BOATS PLEASE!!!

Old 02-26-2002, 03:41 PM
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Default Jon~

Just to clear things up...I don't care to look at boobies!!!

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Old 02-26-2002, 03:53 PM
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Jon, I for one believe in free speech. You can attest to that after spending some time with Mary,I,and my friends. People always push things to the limits of thier ability and means and sometimes others will be offended.. This board was, and is a place to comunicate with people who share one common intrest.BOATS,BOATS and BOATS.Even sail boats in some cases. I responded to TOO OLD in a sense that reflected respect and curtiousy for him,So as to let him know that there are some of us(actually a majority)who prefer this board to be a place of boating support and communication. You are correct in your statements to keep this board on the level. Manufacturers and Suppliers do use this board to test and research product ideas. We should be greatfull jeffery has tha ability to provide us with such a forum.It truly is the same people who keep abusing this and they seem to feed off the more negativity it creates.Whoa, I'm rambling. Anyway I do not know near the people you do on this board but from my readings this is great forum and we should keep it that way.Thanks Guys, Mark B.
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Jon,for the most part i think you are right on the money.The last time I looked the site was called Offshore only.Offshore perversions?I think not.
If i want to sit with my daughter and read the posts,should I have to pre read everything first?I think not again.Theres nothing wrong with a swinsuit pic,heck,she sees that all summer long but the goat or sheep stuff,I think i would have some explaining to do.As for Miss Amy and Travis being offended,hell ya I am sure they would be.
diligaf,did some one relieve themselves in your cornflakes?whats with the attacks?you sound off as if what you are saying is freedom of expression above all else and then jump all over Jon for expressing himself,care to explain yourself?
OSO= offshore only,maybe we can all remember that.

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I seem to remember we had picture capability when we got the new, old was abused, and we lost it. Looks like some of us never learn......

Jon, I agree with the porn and personal pics......if you must show them, get a homepage to post them on, then link to it. That will give people the option to not look.....

To all in this thread that are jumping on Jon.......his opinion is just as valid/real as yours....they just differ....he shouldn't be attacked for his views. God knows there are some on this board that I do not agree with on MANY issues, however I do honor their right to express their views.....

Just my $ .02
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Old 02-26-2002, 04:42 PM
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I posted this response on the Administrator's Vulgarity thread, but since this subject is raging in two places I think it bears repeating:

Let's not forget that TooOld took acception to not only the lurid pics, but also the racist comments ('greasy little...' you get the idea). Everyone's responses to TooOld's thread refer to the pics and what to do about those. No one has addressed the racist comments that occasionally get posted here. Shouldn't we try to curb that as well?
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Old 02-26-2002, 05:22 PM
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Okay...I swore I was not gonna get involved in this thread......but since I have been referred to a few times, I gotta jump in here.

I am NOT upset about the picture that TeamBaja posted. YES, i was at first for two reasons. One, I was shocked to see it!! Two, I thought he was doing it to hurt me. It turns out that he had NO IDEA that the picture was of me. I asked him to delete it and it was. I thanked him. We have sent private messages to each other and are on good terms.

Yes, the picture was of me flashing....a pose for my husband's benefit........and apparently someone else's too! I am not denying that I did it and frankly it is nothing I am ashamed of. (just something that I don't think was appropriate on the board) It was all in fun and just part of a typical day in party cove.

Now the picture of Travis and the sheep....well, I can not speak for him, but I would him being upset about it.

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Old 02-26-2002, 05:39 PM
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Joe Krumske
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WOW. What a post!!!!! What contraversy!!!!! People buttin' heads!!!! I LOVE IT. That is by far the reason that I love this board.
I do not post much (as you can see) but I love the info I get from this site. I mostly check out "technical" but relm into "General" every once a a while, however, lately I have been REAL careful of what threads I go into. Mostly because my 7yr old son loves to sit with me by the computer. Is that a shame. YES. Does anyone care. Probably not.
I also love the posts like "Mug Shots" because it lets you get an idea of who you're chatting with, but with some of the posts I've seen I would not send my photo in because you never know who will do what with it. Is that a shame? YES. Does anyone care? Probably not.
I will (probably) never stop visiting this sight. I LOVE IT. But I will continue to be CAREFUL of what I open.

I agree with the idea of "the warning" on certain threads that contain "offensive" material (there is no other way around it because it will happen, and that's fine). And I don't think it is OSO's responsibility to moniiter it ALL THE TIME!!!! But,if there is ever any *****in about threads "with warnings" from people, then that would be BULL [email protected]#! on THEIR part.

If it has a warning and you don't like "offensive material" DON'T OPEN IT. I DON'T. It's that easy. Is that a shame. NO!!!!!!!!!!

MY .02

Joe K
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Old 02-26-2002, 11:37 PM
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Well I am glad to see that other then a few side tracks we were able to keep this on track. Missamy I am sorry that your picture got brought up again. I was trying to reference the post with out actually talking about it, guess it did not work. What I fear hear to sum up my opinions is that above all else this is Offshore Only. Some off topic stuff is totally cool with me. However as I have said and I will not go into detail I think a lot of it had NO business being on this board. Some obvious reasons like members being offended and other not so obvious reasons like the whole board being shut down because the server does not allow material like that to be shown. Who knows what could happen so why risk it? I think that over the years there have been some great friendships made on the board and I for one thanks this site for that. I however no longer think about running home to check the site and get excited to read all the posts as the information that I once found hear seems to have to some degree vanished. Did the people leave because of all the off topic stuff? Maybe. This is a money making site and with posts like what have been going on it does make it hard for Jeffrey to sell advertising vs. if the site was more "on track".

Anyhow I thank everyone that has taken part in this string. Both the guys that disagree with me and the ones that agree. I have much thicker skin then you think if you feel that anything that was said on this string bothered me. I do value all your opinions on this matter and there has to be some ground that can be agreed on. However untill that ground is found then maybe it is best to tone things down a bit. I have spent a lot of time wondering myself lately if this is still the place that I once spent days checking 3 or 4 times a hour to see what was up. Some of us original guys deserve some credit for getting this board were it is now. We are the ones that posted back and forth to one another and tried to get it all going. There have been a lot of bumps on the way and hopefully this is just one of them.

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You're still a post ho!
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