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Design Experts, Rough Water Question.


Design Experts, Rough Water Question.

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Found the pics I was talking about.

Sorry to get so off the original subject but TX2 brought it up

I am really a sailor at heart even though I love the classic offshore boats and days. I only have one interst in sailboats and that is in cats and classics but mostly cats and that stemmed from sailing in a 50 footer back in the 70s when everyone would say that anyone that went on one was going to FLIP OVER and DIE.

But to get back to the subject. A Tri is a novel idea and very fast in the sailing world but going there with a power boat just doesn't make sense in my book.

Why they did not just step up to a nice wave piercing cat with the room of a Winnibago like the Key West to Tortugas --Goldcoast design ?

Anyways waiting for your knowledgable comments on the subject of the Wave piercing Ideas out there.

And hers the pics from Paris.
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Girlfriend threatened to pay the $20,000 and have
me Shainghied onto the thing if I didn't shape up and stay out with her and her friends till the wee hours.

The smell of roasting Vomit was enough to turn my Sorry AZZ around.
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Originally Posted by BROWNIE
When I worked for Tom Gentry/Johm Connor on the Gentry TransaAtlantic project, we tested hull shapes to build a record setter across the Atlantic that would be truly noteworthy. We invited everyone who thought they had the right stuff to submit a design, and we would tank test it. Our tank was the New River in Ft. Lauderdale. We started with Harry Schoell's instrumented towboat, and a few models. All my stuff got knocked out in the first round (much like my boxing career). We had some really heavy hitters submit designs, and we tested every goddam one of them. I pulled models for nearly three years. Learned a lot. We finally ended up with a design from the former head of advanced ship design from the US Navy. We fiddled and fiddled with it, and ended up with a 184' long, 50' wide, 24' high, hard sided surface effect ship (skirts front and back). 1 million pounds, 100 knots. 38,000 hp, surface drives. It was a really crappy boat, but boy, was it efficient! We didn't bother with styling at that point, and it looked the box that Sonny Levi's boat came in. The picture is our second boxiest boat model. The day before we were starting to build a 1/5th model, Tom dumped his cat in Key West, and that was that. Dammit!
When I was a UPS driver, there was a place on my route called Advanced Hydronautics, that had a huge indoor tank with a scaffold and would run up and down the length of the tank, it could make any water condition. they did lots of testing for the Gov on diff designs, some I could watch them run, some I couldn't, it was very cool to say the least.
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Originally Posted by T2x
Thanks for the kind words, and yes the Lavin Foundation as you so accurately noted has saved a number of lives.

In truth all of us, Brownie, Peter Hledin, Linder, Peters, etc worked off of each other. As one built a hull another would watch and learn from it. The true innovators (and there are very few) took the state of the art and advanced it. Certain boats were examples of this: The first Cougar Cats, the Shadows, The Phillipine Cougar, The Popeye's Super Boat, Rolling Thunder, The Cougar Vee, Jesse James, Copeland's (Sirois') Outboard power head powered hull, Fabio's winged diesel vee, the 40 Skater....... All of these were departures from what came before and while they were evolutionary.... they also were examples of bold and unique change.

This is why I am so intolerant of the heel biting swine who "pop" designs and pawn them off as their own...when in fact they did nothing beyond make a mold and call themselves "original".

While I am grateful for your belief that the Conquest lines should have continued, and I believe that the Captain America design is as good as anything available today, I also believe that , had we continued, our direction would have changed in the years that have passed. My favorite design at present is one that we are about to get some really good data on. It has sat around for 40 years without any advancement or updating at all and it never had the benefit of any kind of engineering budget or financial support.....

I believe it has tremendous untapped potential.

Time will tell.........


Wipe the dust off this.
Some time has past. How are you doing with this T2x?
Have you had her out?

A 40 foot wing even woke Brownie up

My first boat was a 16 foot Switzer vee.
Great little boat.

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Im gonna guess the former us goverment boat designer was Donald Blount.
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