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Manatee Hearing Test! Not a Joke

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Thumbs up Manatee Hearing Test! Not a Joke

I thought some of the FL boaters would enjoy some scientific fact about the Manatees. Going slow can actually increase the chance of a collision. Here is a link to the site.
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An old man I worked with came from a village on the Southern side of Cuba,They had a lot of Manatees there Also. Had (key word here) Untill a Guy caught one and cooked the thing,Said it was real tasty.

Maybe we start a Rumor Manatee meat cures Impotence ,Baldness, Cellulite Or small Breasts That should do the job.End of Problem.

Best Regards
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Here's more data that shows Manatee Zones ARE DEADLY TO MANATEES!!! This is part of the evidence we presented at the Manatee trial last year.
There is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY, RIGHT NOW, THIS WEEK, to get some of this changed. There are two bills in front of the Fl. House and Senate this week and EVERY FL. POWERBOATER and H2OFront PROPERTY OWNER needs to call his district Rep. and tell them to VOTE YES on this legislation. This an e-mail I recieved from Rep. Harrington's office last week.

SB-1614 by Senator Posey passed 7-3 in Senate Natural Resources today with lots of hard work by Senators King, Latvala and Posey. Senator King and Latvala with Posey worked very hard to get a consensus vote. Senators Pruitt, Laurent, Sullivan, Dawson, and Cowin also supported the bill. Please express your appreciation to each of them and ask for their continued support on the Floor of the Senate. This was a hard fought for victory that we all can be proud of at this time. Next, my HB-1743 will go to the Floor of the House within a week or two. Begin to work members of each body for support on each of the bills. This will be the most trying times for the sponsors. All support possible is needed. Thank you all for your support.

Lindsay M. Harrington
St. Rep., Dist. #72

Here is the Email I sent to EVERY FL. STATE REP. last week!

Dear Representatives,
Please vote YES on this legislation Senate bill (SB1614) and the
House bill (HB1473) as it will HELP SAVE MANATEES, allow boaters to still
use the SOVEREIGN State of Florida water ways, Protect our Property Rights,
and force the Save-The-Manatee club, FFWCC and hopefully the USFWS to open
their mindset to different ways to PROTECT the Manatee, other than Manatee
Zones/sanctuaries. These bills will give the local communities/governments
more of an input into these decisions and I APPLAUD the Florida State
Legislative bodies for trying to give the power back to the PEOPLE!
Manatee No-Wake zones don't work BECAUSE Manatees CAN'T HEAR the
boats coming, especially the Barges/Tugs, and all the other commercial
vessels! These SAME Commercial vessels are mostly EXEMPT from Manatee
No-Wake zones . It's not recreational boaters who are killing Manatees,
it's the commercial tug/barge/boat traffic! One of the best solutions to
this WHOLE problem, is the Manatee Underwater Acoustic Warning device that
is proposed in the Acoustic Research Study.
The Acoustic Research Study, which as co-funded by
CFW Brevard and Standing Watch, CLEARLY shows that Manatee NO WAKE ZONES are
the worst possible thing for Manatees!! But the FFWCC, STM Club, and the
USFWS WON'T even look @ this Acoustic Study as a possible SOLUTION!
Plus the fact that, the POLLUTED warm water discharges from the
Power, Pulp, Sewage Treatment Plants through-out Florida., are TERRIBLE for
the Manatees. Are all these Chemicals and POLLUTANTS from these plants good
for the Manatee to live in? I doubt it very much!! Ask yourself WHY does
the FFWCC and the STM Club want to keep these warm water discharges going?
They will tell you that that Manatees will die by the scores if we cool the
discharges, BUT the fact of the matter is that Manatees die every year,
when we have COLD Snaps in the winter time! This approach is just
MAGNIFYING this problem and it is a DISASTER waiting to happen!!
Here in Brevard Co., we have Manatees DYING, (7, so far, I think)
and the biologists are finding Balls of WORMS in their stomachs and they
don't know WHY? Well, I think it's safe to say that having a Manatee sit in
WARM WATER AFFLUENT Discharge is probably a good source for these
"Worms/Larva" to come from. A simple law requiring that "ALL WATER RETURNED
WAS DRAWN OUT OF SAID SOURCE", should resolve this whole issue by allowing
the Manatee to return to it's NATURAL Migration Patterns, and also help the
rest of the aquatic life in the waterways.
The Endangered Species Act, (ESA) states it is ILLEGAL to
impede/change in any way, the MIGRATION PATTERNS of any Endangered Species.
Yet that is exactly what these plants do! How can the State of Fl. and the
USFWS continue to do this, and "By-Pass" ESA?! Plus, the overall question
of how can the Manatee still be considered ENDANGERED when it's population
has grown from roughly 700+ in the 1980's to over 3200 in 2001?! The
American Bald Eagle was removed from the Endangered Species List with LESS
of a % of recovery than the Manatee has attained!! This whole "Manatees
are on the Brink Of Extinction" issue is nothing more than a BIG FAT LIE
coming out of the mouths of the Save-The-Manatee club executives. They are
really MORE worried about their jobs and livelihood, than they are about the
The Save-The-Manatee club is nothing more than a lawsuit slinging,
Political lobbing, machine that started out with good intentions BUT has
grown into this out-of-control ECO-RADICAL Group that uses Bad, FALSE data
to protect their jobs! Let's use TRUE SCIENCE to help the Manatee, not
misleading propaganda, Lawsuits, false data, and fear-mongering from the STM
Please do the right thing for the Manatees and Vote yes on this
Thanks for your time,

Dean Ferry
1440 Centaurus Ct.
Merritt Island, Fl. 32953
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