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Is my streak of good luck coming to an end?

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This wire thief had a bit of difficulty...

You may want to wait until breakfast settles.
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Gino, Your builders Risk policy should cover the loss, that is if you got a policy. Here in Raleigh, when I take scrap aluminum from tear-offs to the yard they take down my plate #, photocopy my drivers license and have me fill out a form....guess their cracking down here!
Sorry to hear about this...but it is widespread.
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A good friend who is GC was recently ripped off on a new construction he was doing.... The thieves, who were subcontractors, stole all the copper from the rough in the house (wire, pipe, etc)....

Luckilly they were caught a few weeks later... It turns out the two guys were getting on jobs by being sub-contract painters.... Once the workers would leave they would raid the house.... They did it to a few houses in the area...
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Gino, Get a police report made, give a copy to your insurance co. If you have job site insurance or builders risk insurance it should cover it. I build residential construction for a national home builder and you would be amazed at what they will steal. We have been able to recover quite a bit of cost from these thefts lately.

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Passed a mexican looking fella and girl riding bikes on the way home last night. Around the handlebars of each bike was wrapped with like 100 ft of copper tubing. Wonder where they were going? Wonder who they robbed?

Last summer I came into work to fine tha a/c condenser robbed from the side of the building. !!!!!
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One of my customers had their ENTIRE KITCHEN stollen. I am talking Sub Zero refridgerator, Viking stove, Kitchen sink and fixture, you name it if it was in that room it got taken. Even the Granit Counters and cabinets!!!!

Had to be at leaste 6 guys because that crap is HEAVY!!!!
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I had four AC units stolen from my shop this spring. Now here is the sticky part, roofer hired AC company to remove them from roof (roof was being replaced), while on the concrete behind the building they were stolen, so who is to blame?? Roofer says its was the AC company who should replace them since they took them down, I said I don't care but it sure is hell isn't my fault. I paid for a new roof, my units being gone was not part of the deal, insurance won't cover it since they were not on the roof, Well 4 months and I still don't have AC. Oh to top it off, the roofer stiffed the AC company and they are threating to take me to court for removing the units, I told them I would pay in full when they put them back up. Oh and their bill includes the contracted time to put the units back up.

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Im an Insulation Contractor and have seen plenty of thefts of copper wiring and plumbing lately. Its commonplace for me to receive a call from one of my crews saying that they cant insulate the house because someone stole all the copper the night before. Happens at least once a week.

The theives hook a chain to the meter pan and service panel and all the wires and pull it out with a truck. You would be surprised how much wire will come out of a house that way. Seen it done dozens of times.

The only way to stop these guys is to limit where they can sell the stuff. The scap dealers have to know that the majority of their material is stolen. Go after them.

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Originally Posted by Chris Sunkin View Post
This wire thief had a bit of difficulty...

You may want to wait until breakfast settles.

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This is a problem in Oklahoma too. I have had scrap stainless and aluminum stolen from me numerous times. I have the punk theives on camera with face shot and the DA won't prosecute

Oklahoma passed a law that the scrap yards have to scan a copy of a drivers license and any copper or aluminum over $20 will be paid by check.

Our local methheads and gambling junkies were stealing air conditioners from churches for scrap
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