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Wilmington NC is killer (ocean and rivers) I lived downtown and had two projects on the water. Knoxville is killer (4 huge lakes) Lived on Norris and boated on Watts Bar, Loudon and Tellico. Chesapeake Bay is killer (VA or MD) Lived in VA at Fairview Beach on Potomac.

Favorite was TN.
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Originally Posted by masher44 View Post
...Lived in VA at Fairview Beach on Potomac.
Well that explains a lot then! I know the area.

Everyone thinks their spot is the best. Just some words on VA; and I don't think its the best spot, but I do live here.

Richmond is actually a booming place. Its just a matter of a couple short years before they have high-speed internet propagated down the whole corridor from Washington DC to Richmond. The same thing happened a few years ago between DC and Baltimore, and now its practically one big city. DC home pricing already extends about 2/3s of the way from DC to Richmond. Then you see a short 25-30 mile stint of "boonies" before you hit the Richmond extended area. (This also happens to be the unofficial buffer line between the "North" and the "South".) Currently, home prices are much more attractive in Richmond than DC; but I see that changing in the long run. I predict within the next 5 years the whole corridor between Richmond, DC, and Baltimore will be one giant conglomerate. The corridor from DC to Washington Dulles Airport is the #2 Internet center in the country behind Silicone Valley.

I'd advise taking a good look at the Fortune 100 list, and look at cities that have a good 3-10 of those companies based in the surrounding area. Then take a look at the cost of living and housing around those same areas. I'd venture to say Richmond would be an attractive location based on those attributes.

Oh yeah, plenty of boating in the Mid-Atlantic too.

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Hey Chip you're not related to a certain Fred are ya?
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Originally Posted by fantastixvoyage View Post
Hey Chip you're not related to a certain Fred are ya?
uh...yep...he's my uncle...i don't have any money....
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Have you looked at Lake Norman, NC yet? 30 minutes north of Charlotte and a great place to live. I relocated here 2003 from No. Va. Check out my website or give me a call 704.634.8431 for Real Estate around the lake. Now is the time to buy if you can.
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Originally Posted by glassdave View Post
Have you thought of something around one of the great lakes. We have fantastic boating up here on south western Lake Erie. The Put-in-Bay islands and Cedar point area to name a few.
I would have suggested the same thing.
I really liked it up there.

But Chip has a point. The cold really does suck.
The winters here are much more tolerable, and he's about 3 hrs South of me.
I'd really like to be somewhere out near Catawba/Port Clinton area.
Loved it out that way.
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I would not recommend the Boston area.
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Chip, you have it pretty good where you are. I can't wait to move to the Dale Hollow place full time. We have been to Center Hill Cumberland also at 25 and 60 miles away.....can't beat it. That's just me, I'd rather drive the boat than pull it.

Good luck to ya'll

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Originally Posted by getchasum111 View Post
Well me and the wife have decided it is time to move. And will be leaving soon. I just don't know exactly where we want to go. I am thinking of somewhere around the carolinas or surrounding states. I want the cost of living to not be sky high. It has to have water close by for boating. No less than 100k people but not more than 500,000 people give or take a few. I really need help. I am 42 years old and this is the last move that I want to make. So please any and all help is greatly appreciated.....Thanks....Chip Cecil....
I hear there is a real estate agent in Myrtle that sells boat stuff too...just kiddin dude, hell go back to destin, I'm lookin to retire there, blue hair specials, small, weather is 95% perfect, I'll take that 5% chance per year.
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Originally Posted by getchasum111 View Post
I grew up in Kenosha Wisconsin and yes I loved it there....My wife spent most of her life in Destin and we moved here from there...She doesn't do cold very well so much farther north from here isn't going to work...keep em coming guys...i'm glad I made this post...
Thats funny! I was going to say Dont Move to WI, To Cold but, YOU already know that........... Good luck!
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