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38 Cigarette or Active Thunder 37 ?


38 Cigarette or Active Thunder 37 ?

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As a loyal Baja owner, My next boat will be a 37 AVH. Nice paint jobs, great cabins, and best of all there fast!
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This was posted on the AT forum a couple of months ago.

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to share with everyone my boating experiences.
Although I only started Hi-performance boating eight years ago, I have been fortunate enough to be able to buy any boat I want.
I, like most of you have learned of the Dominance of Skaters so to no surprise, my third, forth and fifth boats were Skaters. Skaters are definitely the top of the food chain. At one point I owned three Skaters. Two for pleasure use and " Bodyguard " for racing with the SBI. As you have probably seen, we won the 2001 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS with " BODYGUARD "..
But even with owning all these, there was something missing. A boat my wife and I can spend time on, one she would feel comfortable in and one with good speed and reliability. I didn't think it would be possible to find such a boat.
Then along came ACTIVE THUNDERíS 37 AVH. My wife and I ordered one from PAT and STEVE without even going for a test run. I heard a lot of good things about this small company, so I decided to take a chance. Hell, if I wasn't happy with the boat, I would just sell it and cut my losses.
We got our 37 ACTIVE THUNDER AVH with HP500 EFIs fully loaded with everything including a diesel generator and A/C. Our first outing in the boat was on a major poker run in Virginia and we loved the boat from the start. The quality is superb and the speed is unbelievable. This boat will run 88 MPH in the saltwater and over 86 in freshwater (GPS speeds). Fellow boaters on the run couldn't believe the motors were stock. And the best part is they are under warranty.
Being an offshore racer for two years and the 2001 WORLD CHAMPIONS, I know when a boat is set up right and Active Thunder has their stuff together. This boat flies level in all conditions, how many other manufactures can say that. I have been out in true 4 - 5 footers running over 70 MPH with no tabs (unless the wind is blowing hard)and the drives running parallel. This boat will shock you on how it eats up the rough stuff, flying perfectly level. Even when out for a Sunday cruise, it has NO porpoising problems at any speed -- a problem so many other boat manufacturers struggle with.
Last note, the after-sale service from these guys couldn't be better. Pat, Steve and their crew are not a company that will sell you the boat then forget about you. They bend over backwards to KEEP you happy.
The only way I will get rid of my ACTIVE THUNDER is to upgrade to one of their new 42's when they are finished.
Thanks ACTIVE THUNDER for making such a superior boat and treating customers as good as you do....
Mark House

Nice testimonial from a 37AVH owner!

I looked at a couple of Cigarettes, was in the market for a Bullet for a while, and they are truly great boats.
I bought a 28 AT in the end!

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For ride and holding value I donít think you can beat a Cigarette. I own a 35 TS and have been very happy with the performance of the boat with 500 EFIís. What I really like is how safe and solid the boat feels in rough water. My boat will run right under 83 on a good day, the 38 is actually faster. When I had my Cig built Neil H. was very good at customizing the boat any way I wanted. I had Dave Hunter do the paint, he does the best work I have ever seen.

AT sure does have a strong brand loyalty on OSO. I have ridden in a small AT t but never a 37 so I canít comment on the ride or how solid the 37 is. I can tell you that rigging on the 25 AT does not compare to either of the Cigs I have owned..

If I were you I would go to Florida and tour both plants and really review how the boats are put together.

As far as cabins go, I have the extended cover girl cabin with a sink and pump out head. This meets the needs of my wife and twin daughters. I donít ever plan on sleeping on my boat.
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Old 03-08-2002, 09:25 AM
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Considering there are like 5 million 38 Top Guns running around Florida and the 37 AVH has been out a while now... I would imagine there has to be at least a few out there that chose to pay up for the 38 Cig vs. the Active. Those are the people you might want to find. What did they find that made them want to pay up.... was it all for a name? I hope not--- John
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The 2000 and older 37AVH are different in some ways to the new models. Lamination sched. vacuum bagging, and materials are different as well as weight, about 600 pounds heavier and the step and pad keel has been slightly changed for a new and improved ride in the ruff stuff. Thats why they are at a bargin right now. Throw in the fact of the new millenium cabins along with the trick stuff that none of you guys have seen, will put this boat over the top in its league. Cigarette and O.L. at this time are not doing anything special or more than A.T.!!!! Cigs-relying on their proven heritage, which has been successful, somewhat overpriced, and O.L. which is stick built, a different theory, but has also proven its track record time and time again at poker runs. These are the only 2 other boats I would have consider buying, but, I chose Thunder, and you will have to wait a few more weeks before you see why. I wish everyone good luck, and we will see ya at some poker runs, LETS HAVE SOME FUN IN THE SUN!!!!!
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There are some great boats being made today. Nor-Tech, Hustler, Outerlimits, Cigarette, Formula, Powerplay, Active Thunder, etc., etc. However, it really comes down to personal opinion and no one can decide that for another person.

I submit that the Active Thunder is a well-built boat and the company is run by an owner committed to making his customers happy. As such, Pat, the owner has spent a considerable amount of time and money rethinking his boats, rigging, construction, interiors and most everything else. The newest boats built incorporating all of the feedback from his existing costumers and both prospective customers as well as those that bought boats from his competitors, are about to be completed. I would recommend that you ride both the Cigarette and the Active Thunder. However, do yourself a favor and wait until the latest version of the 37AVH is completed, the first one should be done in a few weeks, and see what everyone is so excited about. Then compare the AT to the Cigarette. I think if the price tag and the cabin are important considerations, then you will probably buy and Active Thunder. If you're more interested in the heritage and the classic lines and amazing vibe of a Cigarette, that should be where you spend your money. In either case you'll own an amazing machine.

I would also recommend that you ride in everything that you can and check out as many companies as possible. That way when you do decide what to buy you'll have allot of ideas of what you do and do not like and what you think some companies did that fit with your image of the ideal boat. Since you'll be ordering from a custom builder, you'll be able to incorporate whatever features you like from other designs as long as you are willing to pay for it.

Let us know what you decide and know that the newest Active Thunders are going to really turn some heads and make people rethink what they know about the AT line.
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Both companies will give you a great product. Cigarette has a good following, BUT it seems that Active Thunder has more of a following, why? Cigarette builds about 80-100 boats a year, Active Thunder is 20 or so. Maybe this new stuff they have coming out is going to be really nice, have you been to both plants? Have you been out in both? Are they doing some cool things like others are saying? I read on their site they don't use any wood, thats got to be valuable. Does Cigarette still use wood? Either way, you can't make a wrong choice, but you may get more boat for the money from Active Thunder. Keep us up to date!
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I agree with what the posts about the AT boats said. The 37 avh has always been a great riding and performance boat, none of that has changed. The new millenium cabin, plus the attention to details is what is going to throw the AT to the top. IMHO I think that the AT boats have always been the performers and great riding rough water boats but there cabins were not as plush or as desirable as the cigs or the Outerlimits. NOT anymore. I think that is why you see so many of us new AT owners talking about the boats, the ride is still awsome, and now the cabins are as well.
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Both of these are great boats, you are lucky to have to choose between the two. I'm just curious, the census seems to be that the Active Thunder is a better value. What is the actual difference in price between two equally equiped boats? I see on boattrader a new Cigarette is around $250,000+ with HP-500's how much is an Active Thunder?

Thanks Kirk
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KN..I was wondering the same thing about price. How much is the 37' AT fully loaded with 500 EFI's????

The boat looks sweet!!! Love to see some cabin pics.
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