Prayer needed for racers

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Originally Posted by glassdave View Post
That has got to be the most asinine, tasteless and thoughtless article i have ever seen. unbelievable
I agree
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I would like to ask that only positive words be put here. I agree that the artical is in very poor taste but, it is taking the attention and purpous of this thread to an other direction.

And please let the paper know how you really feel about their staff writing.
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Originally Posted by Karaokemike View Post
My response to this article.......please write the editor even if just a few words because we dont need this for our sport.

[email protected]

To whom it may concern.......

The article that I have found on the internet about the boating accident that invloved two very good friends of mine was total crap. I have read many articles dealing with boats, good or bad, I have to say that what you wrote was the most misleading and poorly written story I have ever seen. I would ask that you get the facts straight before you say things like "Cigarette boats can cost upwards of $200,000 while charts are about $25. Most pricey vessels have computerized GPS navigational aids which the captain can use to guide their way without hitting sandbars." without any clue what you are talking about. I speak oh behalf on the familes when I say that I am insulted by what you wrote and hope that I never have to see that piece of trash you call a newspaper again. These to gentleman that you so poorly spoke about were two of the best boat drivers I have had the chance to know and this is what you call an accident not stupidty. My most favorite part of your website was the DWI section.....I see that all you care about is exploiting people for mistakes that they make not the good people can do. That is not news to me or many other people but again just misleading dribble that you have not a clue about..........good day.........
That article was a bunch of tasteless dribble. I say e-mail bombardment!
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This artical just adds insult to injury, it is takin focus off this thread and what it is about our Friends. I wiss my good friend Bobby a speedy recovery!!!!!!!, and I wish the Reiter Family my prayers and whatever help I can offer. Thank you Rob Freeman for all you are doing for Bobby and the Reiter Family

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oh **** all are in our prayers .
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A very sad event, which reminds us of the risk we take for are passion for speed. Prayers with everbody.
Lord, I pray as I race today,
Keep me safe along the way.
Not only me, but the others too,
As they perform the jobs they do.

I know God, that in every race,
I, the driver must set the pace.
Let not my desire for more speed,
Warp my judgement and turn
into greed.

From green to checkered, guide me

Giving me strength to know what
to do.
Remind me often in the race of life,
How to cope with all the strife.

Help me accept the wins I may
And all the defeats, most graciously.
Ride with me, don't allow me to lag,
Guide me all the way to the
checkered flag.
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I just wanted the family to know that these guys will be in my prayers.
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I spoke with Jim Black this morning and he is greatly concerned and hopefully will be in contact soon.....

Thank you for the prayer and AMEN.......
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Prayers to all of those involved.
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Originally Posted by t500hps View Post
I just spent 20 minutes writing a letter to the editor:
Wonder if it does ANY good!!!

I've found your site via a link to the article about the missing boater. The title of your article shows the low-level of your own intelligence and compassion while searching for a sensationalized header to grab attention. I've met the boat owner but do not know him. I do know that he is a sponsored race boat driver that, in part, makes his living driving these boats. While I was not there, hitting a sand bar in clear, calm water seems unlikely. Your attempt to bash the readers comments about a boat wave furthers my outrage at your magazine. You see, I have the exact same boat (38 Formula) as the race boat that flipped. My 4 years experience with this boat (17 year boat owner) probably does not compare to a racers experience, but turning and hitting waves from a 35 foot cruiser can CERTAINLY cause what is suggested. Hitting a wave during a turn can cause the rear end of the boat to "come-around" causing the boat to hit the next wave sideways, rolling violently, and throwing anything or anyone not tied down to get thrown out. This phenomenon has been documented many times in the past.

Get a avid boaters opinion, even a sail-boater's that has at least been on ONE powerboat.......and BTW: I see no mention in the coast guard article of what would be obvious signs of a boat "hitting" the sandbar.

Russ Carter
Richmond VA
Please post the editors email. I can't find it.
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Quick Reply: Prayer needed for racers

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